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Denis  Eugene Abbott McConnellsburg PA A2 4/22/1966 Gettysburg National Gettysburg PA 3 1511  Gettysburg National Cemetery in Gettysburg, PA.  Section 3  Site 1151.  (When you ask at the visitors center they tell you that the grave location is in Section 3-L Row B Position 5 Grave number 1151.). The grave is actually easy to find.  Enter the main cemetery entrance (across the road from the red brick Visitor’s Center).  Turn to your right immediately after entering.  You will see several rows of upright markers on that side.  When you walk up to the markers turn back left (Towards the iron fence that separates the rear of the cemetery from a city cemetery).  When you reach the iron fence the grave is 2 rows in on your right and it is the 5th marker from the iron fence. (Visited by Jim Hall 10/17/04)
Timothy C Abrams Jr Tuscaloosa AL HHC2 1/3/1967 Cedar Oak Tuscaloosa AL      Cedar Oak Cemetery in Tuscaloosa.  Tuscaloosa is located about 60 miles southwest of Birmingham on I-20/59.  Take exit 73?? (Rt 69 south) off of I- 20/59.  Go south on Rt 69 for approximately 1 mile to Mimosa Park Road and turn right.  The cemetery should be within ¼ mile on the left.
Russell  Lee Adams Washington DC A2 10/23/1967 Arlington National Arlington VA 33 8926  Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, VA.  Section 33  Site 8926
 William  James Adams Iowa City IA D2 5/18/1969 The Boaz Chapel Fulton KY     The Boaz Chapel Cemetery in Fulton, KY
Steadmon   Adams Jr Cerro Gordo NC D2 3/15/1966 Hickory Grove Baptist Church Fair Bluff NC     Hickory Grove Baptist Church Cemetery in Fair Bluff, NC.  Fair Bluff is located in southeastern NC.  It is about 20 miles east of I-95 and about 3 miles north of the SC State line.  Take exit 2 (Rt 130 east) off of I-95 just above the SC State line.  Go east about 5 miles to Rt 904 east.  Take Rt 904 east about 15 miles to Fair Bluff.  The cemetery is located on Hwy 905 east at the junction with SR 105
Freddie  Lee Allen Ferriday LA A2 6/29/1967 Natchez National Natchez MS D 693 Natchez National Cemetery in Natchez, MS.  Section D  Site 693.
John  Willis Allen Houston TX A2 7/15/1967 Arenosa Arenosa TX     The handwriting on the VA headstone Application is very difficult to read .  It appears as though the cemetery may be called Arenosa? Cemetery.  There is no city given.  His Father’s name was Perry Allen.  A Perry Allen of about the right age died in Texas in 2003 and is buried in Victoria County, TX west of Houston where there is an Arenosa Cemetery. It is likely that he is buried there.
John  Jerald Almanza Santa Ana CA D1 8/26/1967 Fairhaven Memorial Park Santa Ana CA     Fairhaven Memorial Park/ 1702 E. Fairhaven Ave../ Santa Ana.  Santa Ana is a southern suburb of Los Angeles.  Take exit 103 (Rt 55 north) off of  I-5.  Go north on Rt 55 about 1 ½ miles to E. 17th St exit.  Go west on E. 17th St about ¼ - ½ mile to N. Tustin St.  Turn right (north) on N. Tustin and go about ¾ - 1 mile to Fairhaven Ave.  Turn left (West ) on Fairhaven and cemetery entrance should be about ½ mile  ahead at 1702 E. Fairhaven Ave.
Allan  Joseph Altieri Glendale CA HHC1 6/24/1966 San Fernando Mission Mission Hills CA     San Fernando Mission Cemetery at 11160 Stranwood Ave in Mission Hills, CA.
Julian  Martinez Alvarez McAllen TX A1 1/20/1967 Roselawn McAllen TX     McAllen, TX  in the Roselawn Cemetery / 1203 S. Main St.  He was buried by the Cabellos Funeral Home 1023 N. 23rd St. in McAllen.  McAllen is located in South /East Texas.  It is about 10 miles north of Mexico and about 70 miles west of the Gulf (About 240 miles south of San Antonio).  Visited on 10/21/04 by Refugio Garces)
Joseph  George Ambrosio Elyria OH HHC2 9/27/1968 Calvary Lorain OH     Calvary Cemetery;  555 N. Ridge Rd; Lorain, OH.  Lorain is located about 20 miles west of Cleveland right on the shores of Lake Erie.  To get to the cemetery take exit 145 (Rt 57 north) off of either the Ohio Turnpike I-80 or from I-90/Rt 2 (They parallel each other closely here).  Go about 1 mile north on Rt. 57 (Lorain Blvd) until you get to N. Ridge Rd E (May also be called Wilbur Ave).  Turn left (west) here.  Go about 2 ¼ miles until you get to Broadway Ave.  Turn right (north) on Broadway Ave.  Go about ½ mile to N Ridge W (May also just be called Ridge) and turn left (west).  The cemetery should be about ½ mile ahead.
John  Moses Ananian San Francisco CA B2 9/30/1969 Santa Rosa Memorial Park Santa Rosa CA     Santa Rosa Memorial Park Cemetery in Santa Rosa, CA.   Santa Rosa is about 40 – 50 miles north of San Francisco on I –101.  Santa Rosa Memorial Park  is located near the  center of the city area.   Take Exit 491 Steele Ln east off of I-101.  In about 1 mile it will intersect Franklin Ave.  Turn right onto Franklin Ave..  The cemetery will be in about ½ mile. 
Robert  Gary Anderson Minneapolis MN B2 5/21/1967 Ft. Snelling National  Minneapolis MN J 1278 Ft. Snelling National Cemetery in South Minneapolis, MN.  Section J  Site 1278
William  Edward Anderson Lancaster OH C1 2/9/1968 St. Mary’s Catholic Lancaster OH L101 7 St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery / 1500 S. Broad St./ Lancaster, OH.  The burial section is called “Help Us Christians”  Lot 101 Grave 7.  Lancaster is located about 30 miles southeast of Columbus.  Take exit 126 (Rt 37 south) off of I-70.  Go south on Rt 37 about 17 miles to Lancaster.  Continue on Rt 37 into the center of Lancaster until it intersects with Rt 188 (East main St).  Turn right onto Rt 188 and go to first stop lite and turn left onto  S. Broad St..  It is about 1 ½ miles to the cemetery.  The road will come to a Y in about a mile and it is confusing here but S. Broad is the left hand part of this “Y”.  After the Y the cemetery will come up on your left on less than a half mile.  Take the very first entrance into the cemetery and go past the first cemetery road on your right to the second cemetery road.  Turn right and go about 100 feet.  You will see a large upright stone on your right with the name “Anderson”  This is William and his parents..  (Vistied by Dick Arnold 2003 and Jim Hall 11/09/06) 
Richard  Gunnar Anderson Wauconda IL C1 4/15/1968 N/A N/A N/A     There is no cemetery or funeral home mentioned in the VA headstone application.  Presumably he is buried in or very near Wauconda.
Samuel  Frederick Ankney Flint MI C2 9/24/1968 Flint Memorial Park Flint MI     Flint Memorial Park. Flint, MI is located about 65 miles northwest of Detroit at the intersection of I-75 and I-69.  Take exit 131 (Rt 121) off of I-69.  Go North (west?) on 121 for perhaps ¼ mile to S. Linden Rd.  Turn right on S. Linden and go north for about ½ mile to cemetery at 3341 S. Linden Rd.
Asher  A Anthony Greensboro NC C2 7/11/1967 Concord Friends Greensboro AL     According to the Greensboro Daily News, he is buried in “a private cemetery behind the Concord Friends meeting House” in Greensboro.  Confirmed by “find-a-grave”.
Carl  Thomas Anthony  Springfield LA C2 3/21/1967 Bethlehem Albany LA     Bethlehem Cemetery in Albany, LA.  Albany is located about 35 miles east of Baton Rouge.  Take Exit 32 (Rt 43 south away from Albany)  off of I-12.  Go south on Rt 43 (also known as Montpelier Rd) about ¾ miles to 29350 S. Montpelier Rd.  The cemetery is behind the church.
Raymond  John Aquino Chicago IL C2 1/19/1970 Municipal Guaynabo PR     Municipal Cemetery in Guaynabo, PR
Eduardo   Aranda-Santos Santurce PR A2 3/31/1968 National Bayamon PR   E-250 National Cemetery in Bayamon, PR.  Plot E-250
Dan  Willie Archer Jr Memphis TN C1 7/15/1967 Forest Hill - East Memphis TN     Forest Hill Cemetery-East in Memphis (Shelby Co)
Joseph A Arimento Yonkers NY B2 11/23/1966 St. Joseph’s Yonkers NY S13-P96 11 St. Joseph’s Cemetery / Truman Ave. / Yonkers.  Section 13,  Plot 96  Grave 11.  His parents are buried beside him.
William Armstrong Evansville IN C2 2/6/1966 Oak Hill Evansville IN     Oak Hill Cemetery in Evansville.  Evansville is located in extreme southwest Indiana just across the Ohio River from Kentucky.  Oakhill Cemetery is located at 1400 East Virginia Street .  East Virginian Street (at the Cemetery) crosses US Hwy 41 about 3 miles south of the Evansville Regional Airport.
Edward  Ray Arnwine Chillicothe TX E1 8/24/1968 Alexander Jacksonville TX     Alexander Cemetery in Jacksonville, TX.  Jacksonville, TX is located in northeastern Texas about 120 miles southeast of Dallas and about 30 miles south of Tyler, TX.  It is at the intersection of Rt 79 and Rt 69.  At this time I cannot find an internet reference to the Alexander Cemetery in Jacksonville.  But this is the name of the cemetery that the US Government lists that there military Grave Stone was going to in their records.  There is an obscure reference to the abandoned “Arnwine Cemetery” in Jacksonville.  Also Jacksonville is many hundreds of miles from Chillicothe, TX where Edward is listed as being from.  The Funeral Home handling the arrangements was the Community Funeral Home / 431 N. Main St. in Jacksonville.  It might be best to stop there and ask where the cemetery is located
John  Dominick Arquillo Lorain OH C2 10/13/1969 Calvary Lorain OH     Calvary Cemetery in Lorain, Ohio.  Lorain, Oh is located on the shores of Lake Erie about 20 miles west of Cleveland.  The cemetery is located on the south side of Lorain.  Take I-90 exit 142.  Go west on Rt. 2 about 3 or 4 miles to N. Ridge Rd. W.  Go North/west on N Ridge Rd W about 1 ½ miles.  Cemetery is on the right.  Address is 555 N. Ridge Rd W.  (Photo No)  Note Joseph G. Ambrosio (A Co. 2/35th KIA 9/27/68) is buried in the same cemetery.
John  Michael Astley Des Moines IA A2 5/5/1967 Laurel Hill Des Moines IA     Laurel Hill Cemetery/ 3600 E. Court/ Des Moines.  Des Moines is located in South central Iowa on I-80 at I-35.    Take the University Ave (Rt 163 east) exit off of I-235 southeast of Des Moines.  Go east on Rt 163  about 1 ½ miles to Rt 46 (E. 31st St) south.  Turn right (south) on Rt 46 and go about ¾ mile to Dean Ave.  Turn left on Dean and go about ½ mile to 36th St.  Turn right on 36th and go a block or so where it should “T” with E. Court Ave.  Turn left on E. Court and the cemetery should be within a block or two
Robert Allan Ater Canton OH C2 8/17/1970 Sunset or Forest Hills Stark Co OH     Robert is buried in either the Sunset Hills Burial Park Section 17 Lot 523  Space 1 which is  located in Stark County near Canton. (Phone number 330 494-2051.)  Take Exit 109 (Everhard Rd NW) west off of I-77 on the north side of Canton.  Go west on Everhard Rd for about 8/10’s  miles to the first cemetery entrance (presently across the street from an Arby’s Restaurant).  Turn right into the cemetery and you will immediately see a “ Section 14” sign.  Continue on until the cemetery road curves off to the left. A little more than half way around this curve you will see a large statue of Jesus on your right. (This is actually located in Section 19 )  Just past this statue on the left is “Section 17” and you will see a white marble bench with the name of “McDougal” on it.  Go about 20-50 feet past this bench and then go downhill about 8 rows to find Robert’s grave. (Visited by Jim Hall 11/11/2010).
Juan  Pascual Aviles-Aviles Lajas PR C2 3/21/1967 Municipal Lajas PR     Municipal Cemetery in Lajas, PR
Wilfredo   Ayala-Reyes Rio Grande PR C2 6/17/1969 Municipal Canovanas PR     municipal Cemetery in Canovanas, Puerto Rico
William  Francis Ayres New Gretna NJ A1 2/27/1966 Hillside  New Gretna NJ     Hillside Cemetery just East of New Gretna.  New Gretna is located on Rt. 9   5 or 6 miles west of exit # 50 of the Garden State Parkway (East Central New Jersey).  The cemetery is located off of the intersection of Hillside Lane and Old New York Rd.  Old New York Road intersects Rt. 9 about 2 miles east of New Gretna.  Turn south  (left if headed towards New Gretna or right if headed back towards Garden State Parkway) on Old New York Rd and go about 3 – 5 miles to intersection with Hillside lane.  Turn left on Hillside Lane and cemetery is a quarter mile on the right.  The grave marker is about 3/4th back on the right side entrance. (Buried beside his Mother , Edna Krick who has only a temporary grave marker) (Visited by Jim Hall in Nov 2002 and Nov 2005)
Thomas  Alan Backy Festus MO C1 2/9/1968 Catholic Crystal City MO     Catholic Cemetery in Crystal City, MO.  Crystal City is located about 20 miles south of St. Louis off of I- 55.  Take exit 174 (Rt 67 north)  off of I-55.  Go north about 2 miles to Crystal City.  Crystal City is a small town and the exact location of the cemetery should be easily discovered locally.
Salvador M L Banaga Jr Holtville CA C1 2/9/1968 Mt. View Calexico CA     Mt. View Cemetery in Calexico, CA.  Calexico is located in southern California on the Mexican border about half way between San Diego and Yuma off of I-8.  Take exit 118 (Rt 111 south) off of I-8.  Go south on Rt 111 about 10 miles to Calexico.  The cemetery is located at 895 Scaroni Rd, which is actually Rt 111 in Calexico
Lawrence  Benjamin Banek Cumberland RI D2 9/27/1968 Mt. Calvary Cumberland RI     Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Cumberland, RI.  Cumberland, RI is so small as to not be on the road atlas.  It appears to be a subdivision just southeast of “Cumberland Hills”, RI.  This is located just north of the beltway for Providence, RI.  Take exit 10 (Rt 122) off of I-295 (Beltway around Providence).  Cumberland Hills is about 3 or 4 miles.  Cumberland should be just off Rt 122 very near Cumberland Hills.  Both towns are very small and anyone should be able to point out the cemetery.  (Visit by Pete Birrow 2004)
Bruno   Baran Chicago IL B2 3/15/1969 St Adalberts Niles IL     St Adalberts Cemetery at 6800 Milwaukee Ave in Niles, IL.  Niles is a northwest suburb of Chicago.  Take Exit 39 A & B (Touhy Rd west)  off of I-94.  Take Touhy Rd west for about 2 ½ miles to Milwaukee Ave.  Turn left (Rt 21 (south On Milwaukee Ave.  Cemetery is on the right in about ½ mile.
Roger  Lee Barber Sun Valley CA A1 6/13/1967 Hollywood Hills  Forest Lawn Memorial Park Los Angeles CA     Hollywood Hills  Forest Lawn Memorial Park/ 6300 Forest Lawn Dr./Los Angeles.   Take Interstate-5 north of Los Angeles to junction with CA hwy 134 West.  Go west on CA-134 to exit 4 (Forest Lawn Dr.  Go 1.4 miles to entrance at 6300 Forest lawn Dr.  Roger is buried in the Mummering Trees section of the cemetery Lot 4441 Space 3. (Visited by Art Hughes 3/18/08)
Mark  Albert Barnes Wyandanch NY A2 9/27/1968 Long Island National Farmingdale NY 2B 1922 Long Island National Cemetery in Farmingdale, Long Island, NY.  Section 2B  Site 1922.  Take exit 49 N  off of I – 495 (The Long Island Expressway).  Actually even though it is 49 N you want to go south on Rt 3 which should also be Wellwood Ave.  Go south about 2 miles to 2040 Wellwood Ave and cemetery should be on your right.  (Visited by Jim Hall 5/27/06)
Charles  Wesley Barrett San Francisco CA B2 3/12/1967 Golden Gate National San Bruno CA 948 Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno, CA,  Section B  Site 948.
Michael  Owen Barrett Atlanta GA B2 7/1/1967 Marietta National Marietta GA     Marietta National Cemetery in Marietta, GA.  Plot U 304.  Cemetery Address is 500 Washington Ave. Marietta, GA.  Marietta is located just northwest of Atlanta.  The cemetery is on loop 120 just west of exit 263 of I-75. (Visited by Jim Beddingfield June 2004)
John  Franklin Barry Jamestown NY A1 5/29/1966 Holy Cross Jamestown NY     Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery on West Oak Hill Road in Jamestown, NY.  Jamestown is in southern west New York about 70 miles below Buffalo.  He is buried in Section 10, lot 66 south, grave # 4.Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery on West Oak Hill Road in Jamestown, NY.  Jamestown is in southwest New York about 70 miles below Buffalo. From I-90 take Exit 59 (Rt-60) east for 25 miles.  (or if coming off of I-86 take exit 12 (Rt 60 south) off of I-86.) After crossing I-86, there is a Mobil station on the right, The cemetery is behind the station.  (NOTE:  don’t be distracted by the large cemetery located just across the street from the mobil station.  Also note that in 2010 this was a mobil gas station with a McDonalds attached.  In years to come the type of station may change.) Just past the station there is a sign for the Airport. Take this right turn onto West Oak Hill Rd. The cemetery is on the left and closes at dusk. He is buried in Section 10, lot 66 south, grave # 4. Section 10 is marked with an upright sign and is on your right, The grave is half way up the hill in the center.  (Note) It may be difficult to tell where Section 10 begins and ends.  If you follow the path next to the “Section 10” sign toward the top of the hill and the large cross on top the grave will be half way up on your right.  The stone for John Barry is flat and not visible from the path but he is buried beside a large upright headstone with the name “Hetrick” on it.  (visited by Pete Birrow Sept 2005 and Doc Hall Oct 2010)
Gary  Eugene Bartz Cody Park WY A1 3/15/1966 Custer Battlefield National Crow Agency MT     Custer Battlefield National Monument located 2 miles south of the Crow Agency exit off of US 90 in Crow Agency, MT.  Section F Site 65.
Charles A Bazzinotti Dorchester MA B2 5/13/1970 Mount Hope Mattapan MA     Mount Hope Cemetery in Mattapan, MA.   Mattapan (Dorchester) is a southern suburb of Boston. Take exit 15 off of Rt 93 to Columbia Road east (north).  Follow Columbia Rd which takes a left at Andrew Square, through Upsham’s Corner, past the Strand Theater (1918) to the end where you will take a left onto Blue Hill Ave.  (If you go straight you will be in Franklin Park Zoo).  Your next right hand turn (at the Mobile station) will be onto American legion Parkway.  Continue down the Parkway until you get to the traffic light with a Wendy’s on the left.  Take that left onto Walkhill St.  Mount Hope Cemetery will be on the right (PH  617-635-7361  617-635-7361 )  As you enter the cemetery there will be a chapel on your right with Chapel Ave. behind it.  The grave is in the area of all the flat markers on your right.  Lt. Bazzinotti is in row #2 plot #23 (visited by Pete Birrow in Spring 2004)
Raymond   Beam Chatsworth GA A1 9/13/1968 Robinson-Kilgore Chatsworth GA     Robinson-Kilgore Cemetery/ Chatsworth, GA.  Chatsworth, GA is located in the northwest corner of  GA.  Take the S. Dalton bypass (about exit 329 or 330 off of I-75)  Take the bypass to the east of Dalton, GA and then take S.R. 52 east (for about 6 miles).  Chatsworth will be at the intersection of S.R. 52 and Rt 411. (You may have to turn south for a short period on RT 411 to reach the center of the town.)  The exact location of the cemetery is unknown at this time but the town of Chatsworth is only about 3500 population so just about anyone can point you towards the cemetery.  The grave location within the cemetery is described as “the new section opened about 1945”  Row 6 and the grave seems to be at one end of this row.
Kenyon  Elroy Bean  Williston ND A1 5/19/1967 Riverview Williston ND     Riverview Cemetery in Williston, ND. (Visited by Sidney McMahen Nov 2004)
Leon   Beard Richmond VA HHC2 1/30/1969 Richmond National Richmond VA     Richmond National Cemetery in Richmond, VA.   Richmond National Cemetery is located just to the east of the center of Richmond area.  Take exit 74 C towards the East (South).  This is SR 60.  (Probably also known as  E. Broad St and later will become Government rd near Chimborazo Park.  Take SR 60 for 2.5 to 3 miles to where Government Rd (SR 60) meets Williamsburg Rd.  The cemetery is located at 1701 Williamsburg Rd. He is buried at Plot 2-A 6268. (Visited by Dave Loudermilk in May 2004)
Daniel  Warren Beary Hardin MT A2 5/14/1967 Little Bighorn Battlefield National Garryowen MT     Little Bighorn Battlefield National Cemetery(Custer National Cemetery)  just south of Hardin, MT in Garryowen, MT (on the Crow Indian reservation).  Hardin, Mt is located at exit 495 of I-90 about 40 miles west of Billings, MT.  Garryowen is located about 20 miles south of Hardin off of exit 514 of I-90.  (Photo no)
James  Harold Beaver Bradenton FL E2 3/16/1968 Beaufort National Beaufort SC     Beaufort National Cemetery in Beaufort, SC.  Section 51  Site 87
Greg  Blaine  Belew Brigham City UT B1 2/7/1968 Brigham City  Brigham City UT     No cemetery is named on the VA headstone application.  The consignee to receive the headstone was Walter J. Hunsucker/ 206 S. 5th St. west / Brigham City, UT.  Brigham City Cemetery is located about 5 blocks east of this address at where W 300 S meets S 300 E.  (this is about 2 blocks southeast of the intersection of Rt 90 and Business I-15/84 in Brigham City.  This is most likely where he is buried.
Guye  Raymond Benson Kemp TX C2 3/21/1967 Shiloh Kemp TX     (Attached from 2/9th Arty) Shiloh Cemetery in Kemp, TX.
Clifton  Ballantyn Bergman Spotsylvania VA C1 10/14/1967 Oakwood Syracuse NY     Oakwood Cemetery/ 940 Comstock Ave./ Syracuse, NY.    Syracuse is located in Northern central New York.  Take exit 17 (Brighton Ave and S. Salina St exit) off of I-81 . Go a very short distance west until you get to State Road 11.  Turn right (north) onto SR 11.  Go 3 lites (about 7/10 mile) to Colvin St and turn right .      In a block or two Colvin will go back underneath of I-81.  When you go underneath I-81 the cemetery entrance will be on your left.  Take the first street on the left into the cemetery.  Inside the cemetery take the first cemetery road on the right.  You will note an apartment complex bordering the cemetery on your right.  Follow the cemetery road until you get to the far end of this apartment complex.  At this point the cemetery road will make a sweeping turn to the left.  About half way around this sweep you will see a large upright gravestone marker with the name of Moorhead, next to it will be a slightly smaller upright gravestone with the name of Cole .  then there will be a gap in the stones (which appears to be a passway for access to the rear graves)  and then another upright gravestone with the name of  Scott on it.  If you park there you can walk through this access way and 4 rows from the back tree area will be the gravestone for Clifton Bergman.  It is a flat military marker and is directly behind one of the  large bushs that are on either side of another upright grave stone.  If for any reason you need to visit the cemetery office then you can stay on Colvin until you reach Comstock (the first light that you get to.)   Turn left (north) onto Comstock and go about ½ mile to cemetery office.  Note the Oakwood cemetery is bordered on the east and the north by Syracuse University. (Visited by Jim Hall Oct 24, 2006)
Walter John Bernruether Macedon NY C! 4/5/1968 Allegany Olean NY     Buried in the Allegany Cemetery in Olean, NY.  Olean is located in southwestern New York about 50 miles east of  Jamestown and about 10 miles north of the Pennsylvania line (just north of Bradford, PA)  It appears that the 2nd funeral was held in Olean but the Allegany Cemetery is actually in the next town to the west which is Allegany.  To reach the Allegany Cemetery on Maple Street in Allegany take exit 24 off of Interstate 86 about 40 -50 miles east of Jamestown.  Take exit 24 off of I-86 (Allegany- St Boniventure exit) and go towards Allegany on Rt 417.  The cross streets as you enter Allegany are numbered streets beginning with 1st; 2nd etc.  Turn left (north) and go 3 blocks to a dead end.  This is Maple Street (there was no street sdign for this in Oct 2010) Turn right (east) on Maple and go about ½ mile (or a bit less) and the cemetery entrance will be on your left.  The first gate you come to will be an exit only street.  The 2nd gate (directly across the street from the entrance to the “Allegany-Limestone Elementary School”) is the main entrance road.  Drive approximately half way back on this road looking for a large grey headstone with a large grey ball (globe) on top and the name “Grimes” on your right.  Park there.  Then as you exit the car on the opposite side of this street from the Grimes headstone you will see about 50 feet back a large grey headstone with the  name of “Bernreuther” on it.  When you walk to this stone there are 4 small grey footstones in front of it and to the left of these footstones is a bronze flat VA marker for Walter John Bernreuther.
Ralph W W Blackerby Muncie, IN B1 5/23/1967 I.O.O.F. Marion IN     I.O.O.F.  (Odd Fellows)Cemetery in Marion, IN (Also known as the “Estates of Serenity” cemetery).  Marion is located about 70 miles north of Indianapolis.  Take exit 64 (Rt 18 west) off of I69.  Go west on Rt 18 about 6 miles to Marion.  Take a left (south) on S. Branson St and go about ½ - ¾ mile to E 12th St.  Turn left onto E 12th and it soon becomes Lincoln Blvd.  Go about ½ - ¾ miles to the “Estates of Serenity / I.O.O.F. cemetery” 
James Blankenship Independence MO D2 1/8/1968 Ft. Sill  Ft. Sill  OK     Ft. Sill Cemetery. Ft. Sill, OK.
James  Lee Blanton Jr Memphis TN HHC2 5/13/1969 Memphis National Memphis TN H 5157 Memphis National Cemetery in Memphis, TN.  Section H  Site 5157.
Anton Bloemhard Great Neck NY C1 2/24/1968 White Crest Baptist Church Mount Gilead NC     White Crest Baptist Church Cemetery in mount Gilead, NC.  Mt. Gilead is located about 50 miles east of Charlotte and about 50 miles south of Greensboro.  Take I-73/74 south out of Greensboro.  Take exit 3?  (Rt 24/27 west)  Go west on Rt 24/27 about 20 miles to junction of Rt 73.  Go south on Rt 73 for about 2 miles to River Road.  (Note mt. Gilead is still about 6 miles further down Rt 73)  Turn left on River Road and cemetery should be about  1 mile on River Road
Edward  Joseph Blotzer   Pittsburgh PA A1 10/9/1967 Calvary Pittsburgh PA     Calvary Cemetery in Pittsburgh. Cemetery is located in south central part of Pittsburgh.  Take I 376 to exit 7 south.  Go south on Brown Hill? Rd between ½ and ¾ mile to Hazlewood Ave.  Turn right on Hazlewood and cemetery will be on your left within ½ mile.  This is a very large cemetery with approximately 160,000 burials.  He is buried in the Veterans section,  Section 61 Row 14.  The Veterans section is all the way in the back of the cemetery and is the lowest elevation there.  Follow the chronological burial dates until you get to Blotzer.  Cemetery Office phone is  (412) 421-9959  (412) 421-9959 .  (Visited by Pete Birrow May 2006)
Richard  John Boehm Mandan ND B2 3/28/1971 Mandan Union Mandan ND     (Transferred to C Co 1/46th Inf 196th LIB Americal when the 35th went home).  Mandan Union Cemetery in Mandan, ND.
Roy  Robert Booth  Killeen TX B2 5/27/1967 Enon Baptist Church College Park GA     Enon Baptist Church Cemetery in College Park, GA (A southern suburb of Atlanta.  Actually the cemetery is located west of College Park and just north of Union City).  Take exit 68 (Spur 14 east also called Fulton Pkwy east).  Go east on Fulton Pkwy about 4 miles to Stonewall Tell Rd.  Turn right onto Stonwall Tell Rd and go about 4 miles to the cemetery.  The cemetery should be just before Enon Rd and is probably on the grounds of one of the 2 Enon Baptist Churches in that small area.   Dick e-mail 5/27/03  (Visited by Jim Beddingfield July 2004)
Paul  Clayton  Bovan Farwell MI E2 4/7/1970 Maple Grove Munising MI     Maple Grove Cemetery about 1 mile southeast of Munising, MI at the intersection of Cemetery Rd. and Lehnen Rd. at Alger Heights Rd.  Munising, MI is located on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on the shores of Lake Superior.  It is located about 50 miles east of Marquette on Rt 28.
Scott  Cannon Bowcutt Tremonton UT C2 3/21/1967 Riverview Tremonton UT     Riverview Cemetery in Tremonton.  Tremonton is located about 75 miles north of Salt Lake City.  Take Exit 379 (Rt. 13 north) off of I-84/15.  Take Rt 13 north about 1 ¼ mile and turn left onto W10400N.  Go about 1 mile to the cemetery.
Tommy  Ray  Bowman Detroit MI D2 9/27/1968 Christian Memorial Estates Rochester MI     Christian Memorial Estates;  521 E. Hamlin Rd; Rochester, MI.  Rochester, MI is a suburb jus north of Detroit proper.  Take exit 77 (Utica – Hall Rd)  off of I-75 (Going east).  Go about 6 miles east to Rt 150 (going north).  Go north about 1 ¾ miles to Hamlin Rd.  Turn right (east) and go about ½ mile to cemetery at 521 E. Hamlin Rd.
Donald  Ray Boyles Stigler OK HHC1 11/21/1969 Antioch Stigler OK     Antioch Cemetery in Stigler, OK
Charles  Frank Brandenburg Frederick MD B2 8/5/1967 Mt. Olivet Frederick MD     Buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Frederick, MD  Frederick is located about 50 miles north of Washington D.C. on I-70.  The cemetery is located on the south side of Frederick near the intersection of I-70 and I-270.  The cemetery office address is 515 S. Market Street. Take exit 54 (Rt 355) off of I-70 on the southeast side of Frederick.  Go north (toward Frederick proper) on Rt 355 for only about 1 block to Monocacy Blvd.  Turn left (west) onto Monococy Blvd and go 2 stop lights to Market St.  Turn right (north) onto Market and go about ½ mile (to where the street narrows from 4 lanes to 2 lanes.)  The cemetery entrance will be on the left at 515 Market St.  Turn left into the cemetery then turn left onto the cemetery road that parallels the fence line of the cemetery.  Drive all the way to the back to where this road turns right.  As the road turns right this is section “JJ”.  Make the first turn left (between “JJ” and section “KK” and drive about half way down this short road.  Park here and the stone will be on your left under a large tree (almost center of this small cemetery section.  He has a large grey gravestone and a flat military stone at his feet..  This section is directly across the street from the minor league baseball park in Frederick..    (visited by Jim Hall on 11/2/10)
Michael  Francis Branin Jr Kearny NJ C1 11/13/1968 Holy Cross Arlington NJ     Holy Cross Cemetery in N. Arlington, NJ.  N. Arlington is in North New Jersey just above Kearny (North of Newark).  The cemetery is located at 340 Ridge Rd. in North Arlington.  To get there take exit 15 W off of the west branch of the New Jersey Turnpike (I-95).  Go west approximately 3 miles on I-280 from the toll booth.  Exit at Rt. 21 and go north about 3 miles.  Take the Rt. 7 exit East (to the right).  Go approximately 1 1/2 miles to Ridge Road.  Turn left onto Ridge Rd.  The cemetery will be on your right in just under a mile.  Turn into 2nd entrance (Main Entrance past the Cemetery Office).  Take first cemetery road to left  which go around a large building.  Go to the 2nd road past the building and turn right.  This will cross a small stream and Section 47 will be at the intersection past the stream.  Turn left here and go to the other side of Section 47 and turn right at the next road.  You will then have Section 46 on your left and Section 47 on your right.  About 200 feet down on the right is an upright brownish colored gravestone in the 2nd row with the name of Catherine Branin.  She appears to be the grandmother of Michael Branin.  His military marker serves as a ‘footstone” to her headstone.  It appears that they are buried in the same grave.  The grave site address is Block  47 Section H Tier B Grave 8. (The addresses are stamped into the sides of most of the upright gravestones.)   ( (Visits by  Tim Baranyay in 2002 and Jim Hall in June 2005 & May 2009)
John  Leslie Bratton West Monroe LA D1 11/11/1968 Mt. Vernon Church Monroe LA     Mt. Vernon Church Cemetery on Old Fenner Road in Ouachita Parish, LA   Ouachita Parish surrounds Monroe, LA in North central Louisiana.  To find the cemetery take Rt 34 South west out of W. Monroe, LA through the towns of Brownville and Bawcomville.  Where Rt. 34 meets local Rt 557 turn left.  Within a couple of miles you will come to a crossing.  To your left the road is Fannin Rd. To the right it is called Mt. Vernon Church Rd (It appears that Mt. Vernon Church Rd and Old Fenner Rd is the same road.)  The cemetery should be a short distance down this road.  (Photo No)
William  Robert Bray Burlington NC A1 10/9/1967 Person Memorial Park Roxboro NC     Person Memorial Park in Roxboro, NC.  Roxboro is located about 30 miles north of Raleigh – Durham in Northern central NC.  Take exit 176??  (Rt 501 north).  Take Rt 501 about 30 miles north to Roxboro.  The cemetery will be just south of Roxboro about ½ mile before the junction with RT 157.  Rt 501 is also called Durham Rd and the cemetery address is 907 Durham Rd.
James  John Brennan New York City NY A1 2/9/1968 Long Island National  Farmingdale NY   2H-2514 Long Island National Cemetery in Suffolk County, NY.  The cemetery address is 2040 Wellwood Ave. / Farmingdale, NY.  Plot 2H 2514.  Farmingdale is on Long Island where Sr 24 and SR 110 intersect about 20 miles east of NYC.  (Visited by Jim Hall 5/27/06)
Curtis   Brockington Harbor City CA B1 7/3/1966 Woodlawn Compton CA     Woodlawn Cemetery in Compton, CA.  Compton is a suburb west and south of Los Angeles .  Take exit 8 (Rt 91 west) off of I-710.  Take Alameda Ave exit  (about exit 10) going north.  Go north on Alameda to W. Greenleaf (probably less than a mile).  It is unclear if you go right or left on W. Greenleaf but cemetery is at 1715 W. Greenleaf.  (USE caution.  The cemetery was closed for a while to visitors as it was in terrible condition with much vandalism.
Delbert  Roy Brockmeyer Ava IL C1 6/3/1968 Immanuel Lutheran Church West Point Campbell Hill IL     Immanuel Lutheran Church West Point Cemetery/ 1699 West Point Road/ Campbell Hill, IL.  Campbell Hill is located in southwestern Illinois about 50 miles southeast of St. Louis, MO.  Take Exit 54 (Rt 13 West)  off of I-57.  Go west on Rt 13 for about 22 miles to where it turns north and joins Rt 127.  Continue on Rt 13/127 for about 8 miles to the junction of Rt 4 west (northwest).  Turn left (northwest) on Rt 4 and go about 15 miles to Campbell Hill.  In Campbell Hill turn left (west) on Brick Plant Rd (which soon becomes Wine Hill Rd).  Go west on Brick Plant/Wine Hill Rd for about 4 miles to Shiloh Hill Rd (County Rt 1).  Turn left on Shiloh Hill/ County Rt 1 and go about 2 ½  – 3 miles to the junction with West Point Rd.  The church cemetery should be at this junction. (visited by Jim Cooke in Spring 2002)
Christopher  Eugene Brooks Kings Mountain NC B1 7/3/1966 Mountain Rest Kings Mountain NC     Mountain Rest Cemetery in Kings Mountain, NC.  Kings Mountain is located about 25 miles west of Charlotte.  Take exit 10 (Rt 74 west) off of I-85.  Go about 2 miles to Kings Mountain.  Cemetery is located off of US 74 Business and just west of NC 161.  Entrance is on US 74 Business.
Paul  O’Neal Brown Florence AL B1 11/20/1966 Shiloh Florence AL     Shiloh Cemetery in Lauderdale County just north of Florence, AL.   Directions to cemetery from Florence:  Go east on U.S. 72 to Killeen;  North on U.S. 43 to Green Hill;  West on County Rd.  344 to Shiloh Church of Christ.  Cemetery is on both sides of road.  It is unknown just where in cemetery the grave is.  It looks like he is buried beside his parents Frankie (Mother) and Louis (Father). (Per Alonzo Jones) (visited by Lee Ingram on May 2004)
James  Michael Brown Toledo OH A2 3/5/1968 Woodlawn Toledo OH     Woodlawn Cemetery/ 1502 W. Central Ave. / Toledo.  Lot number 108, Section 13. His grave is close to Front Drive in the cemetery, marked by brown marble head stone for two – (his wife will be buried next to him upon her death)  Take exit 19 off of the  north portion of I – 475 (near where it meets I-75)  This is Central Ave.  Go east on W. Central Ave to the cemetery at 1502 W. Central Ave. (Visited by Bill Henson 5/26/07)
Derris   Brown Bladenboro NC A2 9/27/1968 Poone  Abbottsburg NC     Poone Cemetery in Abbottsburg, NC.  Abbottsburg is located in south central North Carolina about 90 miles south and slightly east of Fayetteville.  Take exit 17 (Rt 72) off of I-95.  Within a couple of miles you will hit Rt 211 Take this east (south?) towards butters and Bladenboro.  Go through Bladenboro (25 –27 miles) and then another 5 miles to Abbotsburg.  Internet lookups do no show the Poone Cemetery but this is the cemetery listed on the military headstone application.  The town of Abbotsburg is very small so they can probably direct you.  The funeral home handling this was Peoples Funeral Home 405 S. Memeory St. in Whiteville, NC.
Harry  Dietrich Brueske East St. Louis IL A1 1/22/1969 Valhalla Burial Park Belleville IL     Valhalla Burial Park, In Belleville, IL.  Belleville, IL is across the river from St. Louis, MO.  Take exit 17 (Rt 15) off of I-255.  Go east on Rt 15 for 5 to 6 miles to S. 59th St in Belleville.  Turn right on S. 59th .  Cemetery should be within ½ mile.  It may intersect there with Frank Scott Parkway W.
Richard  Wayne Bryant  Sophia WV B1 6/28/1967 Hot Coal Sophia WV     Hot Coal Cemetery in Sophia, WV.  Sophia is located in the far southern central  part of West Virginia just west and south of Beckley.  Take (approximately) exit 42 (Rt 16 south) off of I-64/77 (WV Turnpike)  Go south on Rt 16 apprx 5 miles to the town of Sophia.  Go through the town center to the intersection with Rt. 5/14.  Turn left (east) on Rt 5/14 and go about ½ mile to Rt 29/6.  (This may be called Independent School Rd at this point but as you turn right on this road it will eventually be called “Hot Coal Rd.”.  Go over the railroad tracks and follow this road the cemetery is probably on this road within a couple of miles.
Curtis  Herman Bullard Wister OK A2 6/20/1966 Maxey Wister OK     Maxey Cemetery in LaFlore County, OK just a few miles west of Wister on Hwy 270/271.  Wister is located in Extreme east central Oklahoma.  It is about 30 miles southwest of Fort Smith, Arkansas.  Take exit 307 south (Rt 59) off of I-40.  Go about 20 miles south until you intersect Rt 271 (south or west)  Take this into Wister and then follow directions above to cemetery. 
Richard   Burbach West Allis WI B1 2/7/1968 Holy Cross Milwaukee WI     Holy Cross Cemetery in Milwaukee, WI
Eugene  Leroy Burbey Kenosha WI C2 9/22/1969 St. John’s Kenosha WI     St. John’s Cemetery in Kenosha, WI. 
Stephen  Frank Burlingame Glendale CA B2 3/12/1967 Glen Haven Memorial Park San Fernando CA      Glen Haven Memorial Park Cemetery / 13017 N Lopez Canyon Rd. / San Fernando, CA.
Dean  Harry Burns Sonoma CA A2 3/31/1968 Sonoma Valley Sonoma CA     Sonoma Valley Cemetery   (Actually called Valley Cemetery) in Sonoma, CA.  Sonoma is located about 60 miles north of San Francisco on Rt 12.  The cemetery is located at 550 Andreiux St and the grave is located in Section A (the “Old Cemetery”).  Take Exit 472? (Rt 116 east) off of Rt 101.  Go east on Rt 116 to Rt 121.  Turn left (north) on Rt 121.  Go about ½ mile to W. Watnaugh Rd.  Turn right (east) onto W. Watnaugh and go just over 1 mile to Rt 12 North.  Turn left (north) on to Rt 12 and go about 1 ¼ miles to France St. (Note it may be France St on the right and Andreiux St on the left or may just be France St.)  Turn left (west) on France/Andreius St and go about ¾ mile to cemetery at 550 Andreiux.
Sammy   Burrola Jr  Buena Park CA C2 9/25/1968 N/A N/A N/A     No cemetery or funeral home is mentioned in the VA headstone application.  The headstone was sent to the widow (Carolyn Burrola) at 6431 Los Robles in Buena Park, CA.  He is apparently buried in or near there.
John  A Burzawa Joliet IL D1 1/5/1968 Holy Cross Joliet IL     Holy Cross Cemetery in Joliet.  The cemetery is on the north side of Joliet.  Take Exit 257  (Plainfield Road) off of I-55.  Go southeast on Plainfield for about 3 miles to Weber Rd (also known as Rt 7).  Turn right on Weber Rd (Rt 7) and go about ¼ mile to Theodore St.  Turn right on Theodore St and go about ½ mile to cemetery on the left.kl
Harry  William Butler Detroit MI C1 6/3/1968 Ft. Benning Post Ft. Benning GA B2 42 Ft. Benning Post Cemetery in Ft. Benning, GA  Section B2  Site  42 (Visited by Jim Beddingfield 4/20/06)
Melvin John Byers Tustin MI D1 2/6/1968 Burdwell Township Tustin MI     Burdwell Township Cemetery/ Osceola County, MI.  The closest town seems to be Tustin, MI in Burdwell Township.  Tustin is located about 80 – 90 miles north of Grand Rapids in Northwest MI.  Take exit 168 off of RT 131.  Go east about a mile or so to Tustin.  It is a very small town and anyone there should be able to direct you to the cemetery.
Edward  A Cabrera Gallup NM A2 6/5/1967 Hillcrest Gallup NM     Hillcrest Cemetery in Gallup, NM  Gallup is located in the northern part of far western NM off of I-40 about 140 miles west of Albuquerque. I have been unable to establish an exact location in Gallup for the cemetery.  It appears that it is located on the west side of Gallup in McKinley County.  The Rollie Mortuary in Gallup handled the service.  They or any Gallup funeral home should be able to direct you to the cemetery. 
Merlin Francis Caldwell Pasadena TX A1 5/22/1967 Ft. Sam Houston National San Antonio TX   2B 0 3125 Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio, TX.  Plot 2B 0 3125 .  San Antonio is located in south central TX.  Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery is located at 1520 Harry Wurzbach Rd on the north edge of Ft. Sam Houston.  Take exit 163  (Harry Wurzbach Rd) off of I-35.  Go west to 1520 Harry Wurzbach Rd.
Richard  James Callen Los Angeles CA A1 8/8/1966 Resurrection So. San Gabriel CA     Resurrection Cemetery in So. San Gabriel, CA.  So San Gabriel is a suburb of Los Angeles directly east of LA and just south of San Gabriel.  Take I-710 to exit 20A (Rt 60 east).  Go about 4 or 5 miles to Exit 8 or 9? (San Gabriel Blvd North).  Go north on San Gabriel about ½ mile to Arroyo Dr.  Turn left (west) on Arroyo and go about ¾ miles to N. Potrero Grande Dr.  It is unclear if you turn left or right here but the address is 966 N. Potrero Grande Blvd.
Thomas  David Campbell Thomasville GA A1 5/29/1966 Sunset Hill Valdosta GA     Sunset Hill Cemetery in Valdosta, GA.  Valdosta is in south central Georgia just about 16 miles above the Florida State line.  Take exit 16 off of I-75 (Rt 84 east).  Take Rt 84 East to N. Oak St.  Turn left onto N. Oak.  It is unclear as to the exact location on N. Oak but the cemetery is described as being 75 acres in Central Valdosta on the west side of N. Oak St.  It is also described as being a historical place so should be prominent. (Visited by Jim Beddingfield 11/14/06)
Tommie  Joe Campbell Anderson IN B1 7/3/1966 Anderson Memorial Park Anderson IN     Anderson Memorial Park Cemetery in Anderson, IN.  Anderson is located about 50 miles northeast of Indianapolis.  Take exit 22 (Business Route 9 also called Pendleton Ave)of of I-69.  Go North on BR 9 (Pendleton) about ½ mile to cemetery at 6805 Pendleton Ave.(visited by Dick Arnold May 2004)
George   Samuel Campbell Utica MI C2 7/26/1967 Cadillac Memorial Gardens East Mt. Clemens MI     Cadillac Memorial Gardens East/ 38425 Garfield Rd/ Mt. Clemens, MI.  Mt Clemens is a northeastern suburb of Detroit.  Take exit 69 (Metropolitan Parkway east) off of I-75 .  Go east on Metropolitan Pkwy about 10 miles to Garfield Rd.  Turn left (north) onto Garfield Rd and go to cemetery at 38425 Garfield Rd.
Jack  Edwin Campbell  Oella MD D1 1/22/1969 Good Shepard Ellicott City MD     Good Shepard Cemetery in Ellicott City, MD.  The cemetery is just west of the beltway surrounding Baltimore, MD.  Take I-70 from the Beltway I-695 on the west side of Baltimore.  Go about 5 miles to exit 87 (Rt 29) off of I-70.  Go south on Rt 29 for about 1 ½ miles to Rt 40.  Turn left (east) on Rt 40 and go about ¾ miles to Rogers Ave.  Turn left (north) on Rogers Ave and go about 1 mile to cemetery at 2805 Rogers Ave. (visited by Jim Hall in Sept 2003)
Emory  Stephen Cannon Plant City FL A1 1/11/1968 Turkey Creek First Baptist Church Plant City FL     Buried at the Turkey Creek First Baptist Church Cemetery in Plant City, FL.  Plant City is east of Tampa.  Take exit # 17 off of I-4 (Branch Forbes Rd.)  Go south on FL 92 (1st traffic light) turn east (about .5 mile)  Go to first traffic light, Turkey Creek Rd and turn west (Right).  Go about ¾ milesand Turkey Creek Baptist Church is on the left, turn into first driveway and go to Day Care Center area and park.  Gate to cemetery is right there.  Go in gate and turn right and walk towards flagpole.  About ¾ of the way down is a Grave Plot with a big swan on the headstone.  Turn left and go down 6 grave plots.  Emory is buried beside his Dad.  (visited by Ben Youmans in Nov 2003)
Charlie  Alfred Carden Plainfield NJ A1 5/29/1966 Coles Family Clover VA     He is buried in The Coles Family Cemetery in Clover (Halifax County), VA   Clover is located in south central Virginia.  Take exit 12 (1 S) off of I-85 about 50 miles SW of Richmond.  Take Rt 1 south 6 miles to Rt 58 west.  Take Rt 58 west towards South Boston to Rt 36.  Turn right onto Rt 360 (northeast) and go about 17 miles to Clover.
Richard  Buck Carlson Twin Falls ID HHC1 11/4/1966 National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific Honolulu HI H 649 National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in Honolulu, HI.  Section H  Site 649
Fred W Carpenter Hobart, IN B1 6/28/1967 Evergreen Hobart IN     Evergreen Cemetery on Old Ridge Road in Hobart, IN.  Hobart is located in North west Indiana about 30 miles east of Gary.  Take exit 258 (Ridge Rd) off of I-65.  Go east on Ridge Rd (also known as W. 37th St.) about ¾ mile to N. Liverpool Rd.  Turn right (south) on N. Liverpool.  Go about ¼ mile to W. 39th Ave.  (This is at the stop sign . Also called W. Old Ridge Rd).  Turn Right (west) on W. 39th / Old Ridge) and go about ½ mile to the cemetery at 3815 W. 39th  .  Turn left into the cemetery  at the main (2nd) entrance.  The cemetery office will be on your right.  Turn left at the first cemetery road (you will be paralleling the road that you drove in on).  As this road curves to the right stop at about the apex of this curve and you will see a large upright stone about 2 rows in on your right.  The stone contains the names of Fred W. Carpenter and his parents Fred B. and Edith Carpenter.  This is Section 3  Lot 41  Grave 12.
Kenneth   Robert Carter Lynn MA A2 7/31/1966 National Cemetery of the pacific Honolulu HI W 175 National Cemetery of the pacific in Honolulu, HI.  Section W  Site 175
Michael  Allen Casp Beaver PA HHC1 11/14/1967 Arlington National Arlington VA 31 6536  Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, VA.  Section 31.  Site  6536. (Visited by Jim Hall Nov. 11, 2004)
Andrew  Thomas Castelda Arlington VA A2 3/12/1967 Arlington National  Arlington VA 12 1356 Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, VA.  Section 12  Site 1356.  (Visited by Jim Hall  Nov. 11, 2004)
Robert  Philip Catling Woodbury NJ B1 7/3/1966 Eglington Clarksboro NJ     Eglington Cemetery in Clarksboro, NJ.  Clarksboro, NJ is located off of exits 16 or 17 of Interstate 295 (about 20 miles north of the Delaware Memorial Bridge in Wilmington, DE).  The Cemetery is just south of center of town on Kings Highway.  The grave site is located towards the very back right hand portion of the cemetery.  The section ( 27) is called “The Four Apostles” section.  The grave marker is 70 or 80 feet at a 45 degree angle from the 4 Apostle Monument towards the road.  The marker is 6 rows from the gravel road.  It is a flat marker and sunken so difficult to find. (visited by Jim Hall in May 2004)
Joseph    Caudillo Kerman CA C1 5/3/1967 Holy Cross  Fresno CA     Holy Cross Cemetery  264 M. Blythe Ave/ Fresno, CA.  Fresno is about 180 miles SE of San Francisco.  Take exit 134 (West Belmont Ave) off of Rt 99.  Take W. Belmont west for about 1 mile to S. Marks Ave.  Turn left (south) on S. Marks and go about 1 mile to W. Whitebridge.  Turn right (west) on W. Whitebridge and go about 1 ½ miles to N. Blythe Ave.  Turn right (north) on N. Blythe Ave and cemetery is in about ¼ mile.
George  Henry Chace Pepperell MA A2 10/21/1966 Hillside Townsend MA     Hillside Cemetery in Townsend, MA.  Townsend is located northwest of Boston.  Take exit 31 off of I-495.  Head west (towards Groton) on Rt 119.  Continue through downtown Groton, you will now be driving through classic New England countryside.  Some landmarks to guide you are an overhead railroad bridge that is now a railtrail, the North Middlesex High School that is 2.5 miles from Townsend center.  In the center of Townsend you will begin to see signs for Rt 13; take a right turn onto Brookline St. which is on the east side of the town common.  Rt 13 is on the west side of the town common.  At the stop sign turn right from Brookline St onto highland St.  Hillside Cemetery will be on your right with avenues numbered 1 through 8.  Go past Ave 7 and then turn right onto unmarked Ave 8.  The Chace Family plot is on your right at the beginning of row 2.  There are three small shrubs next to the small upright markers.  (visited by Pete Birrow in Fall of 2003)
David  Keith Chahoc Lakewood OH A2 9/27/1968 Holy Cross Cleveland OH     The cemetery is on the north side of the Cleveland-Hopkins Airport in Cleveland.  Two routes to the cemetery.  From Cleveland –Hopkins Airport, exit to Brook Park Rd.  Turn right (east) and travel approximately 1.5 miles.  The cemetery will be on the right.  Or from I-480, take exit 12 (130ty, 150th, Brook Park exit),  Turn right (west) at bottom of exit on Brook Park Rd.  Travel one to two blocks and cemetery will be on the left.  Cemetery is large and runs from 14600 – 14900 Brook Park Rd.  Enter the cemetery and turn left.  Stay to left on road to section 13.  The section is located 100 yards from St. Benedict Mausoleum, also on left.  Grave is located in the 3rd row from the road next to the second tree in a clump of three trees.  It is approximately 19 – 20 headstones from the beginning of Section 13(officially known as the north part of Section 13, Holy Cross Cemetery.
Roy  Warner Chamberlain Wayland MI A2 3/23/1967 Grandville Grandville MI     Grandville (Wyoming?) Cemetery in Grandville, MI.
Joseph E Champion Decatur GA C2 3/21/1967 Marietta National Marietta GA     Marietta National Cemetery in Marietta, GA.  U 299.  Marietta is located just northwest of Atlanta.  The cemetery is west on loop 120 off of exit 263 or I-75.  The cemetery address is 500 Washington Ave, Marietta, GA. (visited by Jim Beddingfield June 2004)
Thomas J Chandler Memphis TN A1 3/15/1966 Memorial Park Memphis TN     According to the newspaper Memphis Commercial Appeal he is buried in Memorial Park in Memphis.
Curtis  Edward Chase Hingham MA HHC2 5/6/1967 High St. Hingham MA     High St. Cemetery in Hingham, MA.  Hingham is a suburb on the southeast side of Boston.  Take exit 12 (RT 3 S) off of I-93.  Follow 3 S through Quincy and Walliston to Hingham (approx. 8 miles).  Then at the traffic lights turn right onto Lincoln  St.  (this is the extra leg of a 5 way intersection).  1 mile later you will be at Hingham Center.  Turn right onto Main St (RT 228).  Go about 1 more mile and as you go by Town Hall (Wherein lies a photo honoring Curtis) you will see the cemetery on the right.  To get to the cemetery entrance, pass the cemetery and turn right onto High St.  The entrance will be on your right on High St.  To find the grave take a left at the circle where the Chapel is and at the very bottom of the small hill, turn right and stop at 1/3rd the length of this section.  The upright marker is on your right, 2nd stone in, next to the family marker (His parents are buried there also.) (visited by Pete Birrow in Fall of 2003)
Charles  Joseph Chase San Mateo CA A1 6/11/1968 Golden Gate National  San Bruno CA   T-997 Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno, San Mateo County, CA   Plot T-997   Dick e-mail 5/27/03.  San Bruno is located at the south end of San Francisco.  The cemetery is at 1300 Sneath Lane.  Take I-380 south of San Francisco to Rt 101 south.  Go south on Rt 101 to San Bruno Ave.  Turn right (west) onto San Bruno and go about ½ mile to 2nd Ave.  Turn left onto 2nd Ave.  Sneath Lane should be within ¼ mile. (visited by Joe Farmer in May 2004).
Albert  Krisunas Christy Mercer PA B1 3/17/1966 Golden Gate National San Bruno CA 2C 2429 Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno, CA.  Section 2C Site 2429.
Raymond  John Churchill Lyndon Station WI A2 8/4/1966 Wood Wyeville WI      Wood Cemetery in Monroe County, WI.  The cemetery is located just outside of Wyeville, WI.  Take exit 143 (State Hwy 21 east) off of I-94.  Go east on Rt 21 about 4 miles to Eureka Road,  (note if you come to Rt 173 you have passed Eureka by about 1 mile).  Turn left (north) on Eureka.  The cemetery will be on Eureka just north of Rt 21.
Stanley  M Ciesielski New Britain CT C2 6/12/1970 Sacred Heart New Britain CT      Sacred Heart Cemetery in New Britain.  From I-84  take exit 39 which puts you on CT 9 south for 2.5 miles.  Next is the Ella Grasso Blvd exit ( #29), turning right at the end of the ramp.  You will go by Iwo Jima Park and the Central CT State University.  1.2 miles later turn left onto Farmington Ave. then right onto Biruta St.  Turn right again onto Burritt St.  and the entrance to Sacred heart Cemetery is on your left.  Go straight ahead and drive around the right side of the circle 180 degrees and then right up the slight hill.  Section D is now on your right and row 17 is half way up the hill.  Both are easy to find in good weather as the sections and rows are marked on the pavement..  As you look over to the right you will see a large flagpole and that is the Veteran’s Section that has grave #335 in it.  All of the stones are white uprights and all of these soldiers are intered chronologically.  There are even soldiers buried there that were in the Polish Army in WWII.  This is an all Ukranian Cemetery.  (Visited by Pete in July 2005
Cecil  James Clack Chester SC E1 1/1/1969 MIA / None         Cecil was drowned crossing a river in Vietnam and his body was not recovered
Steven  Eugene Clark Noblesville IN C1 2/9/1968 Crownland Noblesville IN     Crownland Cemetery 16th and Monument Ave in Noblesville, IN.  Noblesville is about 15 miles north of Indianapolis.   He is buried in the military section of the cemetery, to the furthest east.  The area is dominated by a large flag and a Gold Star Plaque. (visited by Dick Arnold in May 2004) 
Peter  Yazzie Claw Kayenta AZ A1 4/5/1968 Citizens Flagstaff AZ     Citizens Cemetery in Flagstaff, AZ.  To get to the cemetery take exit 198 (Butler Ave. west).  Go about 1 ½ to 2 miles then turn right on San Francisco St.  Turn right (north).  Cemetery is about 1 mile.  The address is 1300 San Francisco Street. (Visited by Tom Kehoe 2004)
Robert  Steven Clements Seattle WA B1 11/29/1969 Evergreen-Washelli memorial Park Seattle WA     Evergreen-Washelli memorial Park in Seattle (King County) WA 
Aaron Washington Cochran Birmingham AL A1 8/7/1966 Elmwood Birmingham AL     Buried in the Elmwood Cemetery in Birmingham.  Take exit 258 (Rt 18 - Dennison Ave west) off of I-65 south of the junction with I-20/59 in Birmingham.  Go west on Dennison Ave just under 1 mile to Martin Luther King Jr Dr.  Turn left (south) on Martin Luther King Dr and go to the cemetery at 600 Martin Luther King Jr Dr.
Louis  J Cofrancesco Jr Paterson NJ E2 9/15/1968 Holy Sepulchre Totowa NJ S1-L97 3 Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Totowa, NJ (Section 1 Lot 97  Grave 3)   The cemetery is west of the intersection of the Garden State parkway and I-80.  Take exit 55 (Union Blvd) off of I-80.  Go North on Union Blvd about ½ to ¾ mile to Totowa Rd. (You will see United Methodist Church and then a Walkers Hardware on your right at 294 Union Blvd just before the light where you turn.  The street sign for Totowa Rd is not real apparent.)  Turn right (east) onto Totowa Rd and go about 1mile to cemetery at 52 Totowa Rd.  (Note in about ½ mile you will see Laurel Grove Cemetery on your right.  Then Totowa Rd. will curve to the left sharply at the 2nd entrance to Laurel Grove.  Do not cross the iron bridge towards West Paterson.  Take the turn to the left (This is the continuation of Totowa Rd.).  In another ¼ mile or so you will see the cemetery on the left.  Pass the first (service) entrance and take the 2nd and main entrance into the cemetery.  After entering the cemetery go straight ahead.  You will pass the main mausoleum (a large one that contains sever4l hundred indoor burials) on your left.  Just past this is a brick maintenance building.  Go to the end of this building and turn right where the street sign says “Section 11”  Follow this road narly all the way to the fence that marks the end of the cemetery.  The last section on the left just before reaching the end cemetery road is Section 1.  Shortly before getting there you will pass through a double row of large cedar trees that almost form a tunnel that you drive through.  Just before Section 1 you will see a unique small mausoleum on your left.  It is made of brown field stone and is about 8 or 10 foot square.  It looks like a chapel.  This is the end of section 3 and across this cemetery street is Section 1   Louis’ grave is located about half way to the next (end) cemetery street and is 7 rows in.  This makes it close to the center of the section.  He has a large upright gravestone that looks like a book.  He also has a VA stone at his feet that is hidden by the stone in front of it.  It appears that his brother Glenn is buried in the same plot.  He is listed on the stone as being born in 1947 and died in 1948. (Visited by Jim Hall in June 2005)
Sheldon  Robert Cohen Chelsea MA A1 5/29/1966 Mishna Everett MA     Mishna Cemetery (a small portion of Everett Jewish Cemeteries) in Everett, MA.  Everett is a northern suburb of Boston.  From I-93 north out of Boston  go over the Tobin Bridge onto Rt 1 North  (This will be approximately Exit #26).  Take the Sergeant St exit (Revere exit) and go right at the end of the ramp proceeding under Rt 1 and follow to the end.  Turn right at the lights onto Washington Ave. and left onto Fuller St.  The cemeteries are on your right.  Enter through the second entrance which is after the monument company.  Proceed down the driveway and turn right at the only other street in this section.  On your left will be the Mishna of Chelsea section.  As you walk down the center aisle, count 26 rows on your left and then 9 stones in for Sheldon R. Cohen. (visited by Pete Birrow in Fall of 2003)
Robert  Earl Cole Carthage TX A2 3/30/1968 Bethlehem Deadwood TX     Bethlehem Cemetery in Deadwood, TX
Richard   Coleman Chicago IL A1 3/29/1966 Restvale Alsip IL     Restvale Cemetery located at 11700 S. Laramie Ave in Alsip, IL. Exit off of Interstate 294 south of Chicago onto Rt 50 (S. Cicero Ave) going north.  Go north (towards Midway Airport) approximately 1 mile to 118th St.  Turn left (west) on 118th St and go approximately ½ mile to S. Laramie Ave.  Turn right (North) on S. Laramie.  The entrance for the cemetery should be close to 117th St.  Note that there are many large cemeteries in a small area here.  Restvale Cemetery may be in very close proximity to Hazel Green Cemetery.  The phone number for Restvale Cemetery is  (708) 385-3506  (708) 385-3506 .
Larry  M Comis Garden City MI B2 3/24/1970 Cadillac Memorial Gardens West Westland MI     Cadillac Memorial Gardens West at 34224 Ford Rd in Westland, MI.  Westland is which is a western suburb of Detroit.  Take Exit 25 (Rt 153 / Ford Rd east) off of I-275 on the west side of Detroit.  Go about 3 ½ miles east on Ford Rd to cemetery at 34224 Ford Rd..  The location of Larry’s grave within the cemetery is “Garden of the Cross”  Section 15B
Francis  Bryant Concannon Forrestville MD B2 3/12/1967 Arlington national Arlington VA 46 1160 Arlington national Cemetery in Arlington, VA.  Section 46  Site  1160. (Visited by Jim Hall Nov 11, 2004)
Austin  Bruce Cook Alameda CA HHC1 7/17/1967 Chapel of the Chimes Oakland CA      Chapel of the Chimes at 4499 Piedmont Ave in Oakland, CA
James  Edward Cooley Baltimore MD D2 1/20/1970 Cherry Grove Darlington SC     Cherry Grove Cemetery in Darlington, SC.  Cannot verify location of cemetery.
Rudolph  Ralph Corona III Pacific Grove CA A2 5/20/1970 El Camelo Pacific Grove CA     El Camelo Cemetery in Pacific Grove.  Pacific Grove I located about 80 miles south of San Francisco (adjacent to Monterey).  Take Rt 1 to just east of Pacific Grove..  Take Lighthouse Ave exit west.  Take Lighthouse Ave about 2 miles west to the junction with Asilomer Dr and the cemetery. (visited by Joe Farmer in May 2004)
Aaron  Davis Cowan East St. Louis IL C2 10/28/1966 Jefferson Barracks National St. Louis MO     Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in St. Louis, MO.  Section H  Site 596.
David  Allen Crabtree Jamestown TN B2 11/23/1966 Springs Chapel Jamestown TN     Springs Chapel Cemetery in Jamestown, TN.  Jamestown is located in northern Tennessee about 100 miles east of Nashville.  Take exit 318? (Rt 127 north) off of I-40.  Take Rt 127 about 30 miles to Jamestown.  Jamestown is a very small town and you should be able to get directions to the cemetery fairly easily.  It may be located south of Jamestown near the small community of Banner Springs.
Terry  Dean Craighead Fulton MO C2 8/2/1966 Callaway Memorial Gardens Fulton MI     No cemetery is listed on his VA headstone application but the consignee who received the headstone is listed as David O. Hopkins, Supervisor Rt 2, Fulton so presumably the cemetery is in the town of Fulton.  According to the website “Find_a_Grave” he is buried in the Callaway Memorial Gardens in Fulton.  Fulton is located about 90 miles west of St. Louis.  Take exit 147? (Rt 54 south) off of I-70.  Go south on Rt 54 about 6 miles to Fulton.  Bypass Fulton on Rt 54 and then turn back to the left (north) on Business Rt 54 on the south side of Fulton.  The cemetery should be within a mile of this junction on the right hand (east) side of Business Rt 54.
Herman  Ray Cull Fountain City IN HHC2 6/9/1968 Willow Grove  Fountain City IN     Willow Grove Cemetery in Fountain City.  Fountain City is located on the western central edge of IN about 10 miles north of Richmond.  Take exit 151??  (Rt 27 north)  off of I-70 near Richmond.  Go north 7 – 10 miles to Fountain City.  When coming in from Richmond as you enter Fountain City you will see a baseball field on your left and then a playground on your right.  Turn into the playground and go to the back side where the road will cross a narrow stone bridge into the cemetery.  Take the first right inside the cemetery and follow this road until it turns left again.  Then about 75 feet before another road intersects from the left you will find Herman Cull’s upright military marker on your left.  It is about 3 stones in and stands beside a regular large gravestone that also says Herman Cull (his father apparently).  Note there is another cemetery along side of Rt 27 as you exit the town going north.  I believe it is called Mt. Comfort.  This is not the cemetery you will want..  (visited by Jim Hall Sept 2004)
Anthony  Thomas Culotta Shaker Heights OH C1 11/13/1968 Calvary Cleveland OH     He is buried in the Calvary Cemetery on 1000 Miles Rd in Cleveland.  Take exit 159A (Harvard Ave) off of I-77.  Go east on Harvard about 1 mile to Broadway Ave (Rt 14).  Turn right (South) and go about ½ mile to Miles Rd. (Rt 43).  Turn left (East) on Miles Rd and follow to Calvary Cemetery. 
William  Larry Cummings Jacksonville FL A1 10/21/1967 Evergreen Jacksonville FL     Evergreen Cemetery/ 4510 Evergreen Ave./ Jacksonville, FL.  Jacksonville is located in Northeast FL.  Take I-95 to center of Jacksonville.  Take exit 354?? (Alt Rt 1 east) off I-95.  Take Alt Rt 1 east about 1 ½ - 2 miles to Phoenix Ave.  Turn left on Phoenix and go about ¼ mile to E. 24th St.  Turn left on E. 24th St and go a couple of blocks to Evergreen Ave.  Turn right (north) on Evergreen and go to the end of the street about ¼ - ½ miles to cemetery entrance at 4510 Evergreen.
James  Joseph Curry East Boston MA D1 4/1/1969 Holy Cross Malden MA     Holy Cross Cemetery in Malden, MA.  Malden is a suburb of Boston just north of Boston proper.  Take Rt 1 “Eastern Expressway” north to Rt 60 (Eastern Ave).  Turn west on Rt 60 (Eastern Ave).  Go about 1 ¾ miles to Broadway.  You will see a group of cemeteries on your left as you approach Broadway (Rt 99).  Turn left on Broadway for about ½ mile to cemetery office at 175 Broadway.  Proceed into cemetery on Monument Ave which will eventually merge to the right.  Exit cemetery crossing Lynn Street,  re-ente Holy Cross Annex, take second right onto South Clement; on your left find row 49 (7th row from corner), grace D-36.(visited by Pete)
Lawrence   Dance Chester VA B2 5/15/1971 City Point national Hopewell VA     City Point national Cemetery /10th Ave. and Davis St./ Hopewell, VA  Section C  Site174B.(Served with the 101st at time of death)
James Donald Davenport Pell City AL A2 8/8/1967 Oakridge Pell City AL     Oakridge Cemetery in Pell City.  Pell City, AL is located in central AL about 25 miles east of Birmingham..  Take exit 158 (RT 231/ 53 south) off of I-20.  Go south on Rt 231 / 53 for about 1 ½ miles to center of Pell City.  Turn right (west) on Rt 4 (Cogswell Ave)  and go about 1 ½ miles to Old Wagon Rd.  Turn right on Old Wagon Rd and go about ¼ mile to 8th St. N.  Turn right on 8th St. N and go about ¼ mile to cemetery at 809 8th Circle N
Leonard Douglas Davis II Bisbee AZ C2 8/2/1966 Evergreen Bisbee AZ     Evergreen Cemetery in Bisbee, AZ.
William Louis Davis New York NY HHC1 1/20/1967 Long Island national Farmingdale NY V 6007EE Long Island national Cemetery/ 2040 Wellwood Ave./ Farmingdale, NY.  Section V  Site 6007EE. (Visited by Rich Nilsen 11/6/04  Jim Hall 5/27/06)
Harry Lee Davis Denver CO HHC2 4/4/1967 Fort Logan National Denver CO   P 1393 Fort Logan National Cemetery in Denver.  Plot  P 1393.  Ft. Logan is located in the south west part of Denver near the intersection of Rt. 285 and Rt 121.  This can be reached by going west at Exit 201 of I –25.  (visited by Russ Martin in May 2004) (Photo No)
Wesley Wayne Davis Queen Creek AZ B2 9/28/1970 Gardens of Peace Chandler AZ     Wesley was the last active Cacti killed in Vietnam.  According to his obituary he is buried at the Gardens of Peace Cemetery (Note the cemetery has been renamed Valley of the Sun Cemetery)/ 10940 E Chandler Heights Rd/ in Chandler, AZ.  Chandler is a suburb on the southeast side of Phoenix.  Note this information was taken from Wesley’s obituary but it cannot be confirmed that the cemetery exists.  The funeral was handled by Bueler Mortuary / 14 W. Hulet/ Chandler.  (visited by Tom Kehoe in May 2004) (picture No)
Robert Julian Davis, JR Galena MD A1 8/7/1967 Galena Galena MD     Galena Cemetery.  Galena is about 1/3 way down the Eastern Shore of Maryland about half way between Middletown, DE and Chestertown, MD. The cemetery is located  on Md 213 just north of the center of town adjacent to St. Dennis Catholic Church.  The grave is at the back of the center section within 30 feet of the Veterans Memorial  flag pole.  There is a large marker containing the names of “Julian”, his Mother, and his Father.  There is also a flat military marker.  (visited by Jim Hall in Nov 2003)  (Picture YES)
Edward   Day Flint MI C2 4/3/1968 Morris Brown Charleston SC     Morris Brown Cemetery in Charleston, SC.  Charleston, SC is in the southeastern portion of South Carolina on the Atlantic Ocean.  Take I-26 off of I-95 and go to the southern (eastern) end of I=26 where it intersects Rt 17 in Charleston.  Turn west on Rt 17 until it intersects Rt 78 (King St) (Just a few hundred feet).  Turn left (south) on King St and go about ½ mile to Morris St.  Turn right (west) on Morris St.  The cemetery is apparently attached to the Morris Brown AME Church at 13 Morris St.
Thomas   Dean Red Springs NC HHC2 10/6/1966 LaFayette Memorial Park Fayetteville NC     LaFayette Memorial Park in Fayetteville, NC.  Fayetteville is in Central North Carolina south of Raleigh.  Take exit 58 (Rt 401 South {west) off of I-95.  Go west on Rt 401 to Business Rt 401 south (also called Ramsey St.)  Turn left onto Ramsey (Business Rt 401 south)  and go to 2301 Ramsey.
Joe R Debault Pharr TX HHC2 6/15/1967 Magic Valley Las Milpas TX     Magic Valley Cemetery in Las Milpas, TX..  Las Milpas is located in Hidalgo County and is just below McAllen/ Pharr Texas which are located in the far southern boot of east Texas bordering Mexico.  (This is about 100 miles southwest of Corpus Christi)  Take Rt 281 south of it’s junction with Interstate 37 (exit 72).  Take Rt 281 as it passes between McAllen and Pharr.  When Rt 281 crosses Rt 83 south of McAllen/Pharr continue on approximately 5 miles? To the junction of Farm to Market Rd 3072 and the cemetery should be near this junction.
Jack Earl Deeter Meadville PA A2 11/24/1969 Denny Memorial Meadville PA 6 8 Denny Memorial Cemetery on Rt. 98 in Meadville.  Section 6, Lot 8.   The cemetery is west and north of Meadville.  Meadville is about 60 miles Northeast of Youngstown, OH and perhaps 75 miles north of Pittsburgh. Take Exit 147 (Rt 18 west) off of I-79.  Go 2 miles to Rt. 98 N.  Turn right onto Rt 98 N and go about 3 miles to Denny Cemetery.
Frderick R DeLange Lincoln Park NJ B1 2/12/1966 Holy Sepulchre Totowa NJ     Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Totowa, NJ    The cemetery is west of the intersection of the Garden State parkway and I-80.  Take exit 55 (Union Blvd) off of I-80.  Go North on Union Blvd about ½ to ¾ mile to Totowa Rd. (You will see United Methodist Church and then a Walkers Hardware on your right at 294 Union Blvd just before the light where you turn.  The street sign for Totowa Rd is not real apparent.)  Turn right (east) onto Totowa Rd and go about 1mile to cemetery at 52 Totowa Rd.  (Note in about ½ mile you will see Laurel Grove Cemetery on your right.  Then Totowa Rd. will curve to the left sharply at the 2nd entrance to Laurel Grove.  Do not cross the iron bridge towards West Paterson.  Take the turn to the left (This is the continuation of Totowa Rd.).  In another ¼ mile or so you will see the cemetery on the left.  Pass the first (service) entrance and take the 2nd and main entrance into the cemetery.  After entering the cemetery turn right and go all the way to the last cemetery road.  There will be a fence and a busy road in front of you.  Turn left and go past the 2 cemetery exits onto this road.  After passing the 2nd exit go about half way down the section on your right (between the road and the fence line)  Park and walk this section (these are all flat stones)  look for one immediately next to the cemetery road that says “Vacca”.  Frederick’s gravestone will be 4 stones closer to the fence from this stone.  It is lot section 1A  number 34 Grave number 4.  Note he shares one small stone with Maria Ivanczek 1900 -1960  This is apparently a grandmother (Visited by Jim Hall Dec 27, 2006)
Paul Allen Demaline Delta OH A2 8/17/1970 Zion Wauseon OH     Zion Cemetery in Wauseon, OH. Wauseon is located  in far Northwest Ohio on State road 2 near State road 108.  It is about 5 miles south of exit 34 off of the Ohio Turnpike. Take Exit 34 off of the Toll road and go south on State  Road  108.  it joins SR 2 and turns left and then turns back right  (south) again in about a half mile. The cemetery is located on County Rd 11 between roads D& E (It is a very rural area) Take Rt 108 south out of Wauseon to the southern edge of the town.  Turn left on County Road E.  (If you go by the hospital you have missed the road.) About 3 miles out on CR E  you will reach County Rt 11.  Turn right.  Cemetery will be before you get to County Rt D.   You will see the Zion Church on your right and the entrance to the cemetery is immediately past the church entrance. The grave site is located to the left just 7 rows after you enter the cemetery.  It is the 4th gravestone on the left.  It is an upright stone with a bronze military marker attached to it’s back.  (Visited by Dick Arnold prior to 2005 and Jim Hall Nov, 12m 2006)
Juan Diaz-Domenech Santurce PR B2 9/23/1969 National Bayamon PR   G 152 National Cemetery in Bayamon, PR.  PlotG 152
Robert Ernest Diehl Prospect Park PA D2 3/2/1969 St. Peter & St. Paul  Springfield PA     St. Peter & St. Paul Cemetery 1600 S. Sproul Rd (Rt. 320) in Springfield (Marple Township), PA.  Take Exit 5 (Rt 1 North) off of I-476 This intersects I-76 west of Philadelphia and runs to I-95 just south of Philadelphia.  Go less than a mile on Rt 1 North to the Sproul Rd (Rt 320 exit) Take the Sproul Rd (Rt 320) exit and go (left) on Sroul Rd (Rt 320) at the top of the ramp.  Take Sprould Rd for about a mile and you will see the wrought iron fence for the cemetery on your left.  Take the 2nd entrance (this is the main entrance) into the cemetery.  As you enter you will see a church loke structure directly in front of you.  Go to this building and turn right.  Go as far right as you can and angle off to the left along the road closest to the wood line .  Follow this road along the wood line until it bears back to the left  and towards the columbarium  (Building that holds cremated remains).  At the columbarium you will see a street like sign that says “Section 16”  Bear left here and go to the 2nd street to your right.  Here you will see a “street like” sign that says “Section 17” on your right.  Turn right here.  Count 9 double rows of cemetery stones on your right.  At the 9th set of rows count in 6 stones and this will be Robert’s grave stone.  It is a regular upright stone.  There is no military marker. (visited by Jim Hall in May 2004)
Darrell Gene Dorman Hackensack MN A2 5/29/1966 Lakeview Bena MN     Lakeview Cemetery in Bena,  (Backus, Cass County) MN
Michael Lee Dotson Ringgold GA B2 5/29/1967 Chattanooga National Chattanooga TN PP 145 Chattanooga National Cemetery in Chattanooga, TN.  Section PP Site 145.
Kenneth   Duggar Chicago IL A2 6/6/1966 Assumption Glenwood IL     WIA 6/6/66 died from wounds 5 years later on 11/6/71.  Buried in Assumption Cemetery in Glenwood, IL.  Glenwood is a southern suburb of Chicago.  To get to the town and cemetery.  Take exit 74/ 160 off of I- 294/80.  Take Rt 394 south about 3 miles.  Exit west on E. Glenwood – Lansing Rd.  Go west about 1 mile and turn South onto Cottage Grove Ave.  The cemetery will be about 1 mile on the right.  Address is 19500 Cottage Grove Ave, Glenwood, IL
James Robert Duncan Fremont CA D1 9/2/1967 Greenwood Bolivar MO     Greenwood Cemetery at 411.  S. Dunnegan in Bolivar, MO where his father lived.
Walter Earl Duncan Jr Beaver OH A1 5/20/1967 Owl Creek Beaver OH     The Owl Creek Cemetery  is actually in the country about 8 miles south and west of Beaver, OH out in the country.  Beaver/Owl Creek cemetery is about 100 miles south and a little east of Columbus, OH in Pike County, OH.  There are no large towns in Pike County.  Directions:  Take SR 23 south out of Columbus.  Chillicothe is about 50 miles south.  Continue on SR 23 through Chillicothe and go about 25 miles further to Piketon, OH.  Continue on about 2 miles south of Piketon to SR 32 / 124.  Turn left (east) on 32 / 124 and go about 24 miles to junction of SR? 335.  Turn right (south) on 335.  It is almost exactly 6 miles from where you turn off of Rt32/124 onto Rt 335 south (towards Stockdale) to where you reach County Road 22 (Dewey Extension Rd).  (Note that Rt 335 make many curves and turns over this 6 mile route.)  Just before you reach CR 22 Rt 335 will junction with CR 776 and turn sharply right.  Within ¼ mile Rt 335 turns sharply left again and at this point CR 22 goes straight in front of you (before you make that left turn).  Take CR 22 about 1 ¼ mile to CR 66 (Germany Rd).  Turn right onto CR 66/Germany Rd and go about 1 ½ miles to Owl Creek Rd.  Turn left on Owl Creek Rd and the cemetery will be less than a mile on your righ.  Turn into the cemetery approach road and go into the cemetery.  Drive to the end of the “U” shaped cemetery road and park.  Walter’s grave (along with his parents) will be just at the end of this “U” shaped  road on your right (the smaller section of the cemetery).  It is a bronze flat marker.  (Visited by Jim Hall 11/12/2010)  
Rim Michael Dungey San Diego CA D1 8/26/1967 Fort Rosecrans National Point Loma CA   PS-43B Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery at Point Loma, San Diego County, CA.  Plot PS 4 3-B
Timothy   Easley NYC NY C2 3/21/1967 Long Island National Farmingdale NY 2B 32B Long Island National Cemetery in Farmingdale, NY.  Section 2B Site 32B. (Visited by Rich Nilsen 11/6/04 Jim Hall 5/27/06)
George Julian Economous Jr Logan UT C1 4/15/1968 Elmwood Hammond IN     Elmwood Cemetery in Hammond, IN (1413 169th St)  (His parents were from Lansing, IL) Hammond is located in extreme northwest IN  Take Exit 5 (Rt 41 south)  off of I-90 (the Indiana Toll Road )  Go south on RT 41 for about 3 ½ - 4 miles to E. 167th ST.  Turn right (east) on E. 169th St about ¾ mile to cemetery at 1551 E. 169th St. E-mail from Dick 5/27/03.  OR take Exit #2 off of I-80/94 ((US 41 south/152 North)  Take 152 North for about 1.2 miles to 169th St.  Turn left on 169th St.  Go about ½ mile and you will come to a series of 4 cemeteries that adjoin one another.  The last of these cemeteries is Elmwood Cemetery.  Turn right into the cemetery and go past the cemetery office on your left.  Continue past the first cemetery road until you get to a sidewalk that goes off to your right.  This sidewalk separates Section 6 from Section 3.  The rows are a bit confusing here but he is buried approximately 16 rows up the sidewalk on the right and then 3 gravestones to your right.  Noticeable stones surrounding it are a large upright stone with the name “Derolf” and “Morgan”.  Section 6  Lot J  Grave site 3 (visited by Jim Hall 11/11/06)
George Edward Edden Avon MT D1 4/5/1968 Hillcrest Deer Lodge MT     Hillcrest Cemetery/  601 Missouri Ave?/ Deer Lodge, MT.  Deer Lodge is located in western central Montana about 35 miles north of Butte.  Take Exit 184 off of I- 90 north of Butte and southeast of Missoula.
Fredfor   Edwards Effingham SC A2 8/22/1968 Florence National Florence SC   C 578-A Florence National Cemetery in Florence, S.C. Plot C 578-A.  Florence National Cemetery is located on the west side of Florence just southwest of the intersection of I – 95 and I – 20.
Gary Stephen Edwards Hammond IN H1 1/20/1967 Chapel Lawn Memorial Gardens Schererville IN Eternal Love 33D-1 Buried in the Chapel Lawn Memorial Gardens cemetery in Schererville, IN.  Schererville is located in northwest Indiana just south of Hammond and Gary.  Take exit 253 (Rt 30 west) off of I-65 on the southeast side of Gary.  Go west on Rt 30 about 4 – 5 miles to Cline Ave south (note you will reach Cline Ave North a few hundred feet before you reach Cline Ave South.)  Turn left (south) on Cline Ave and the cemetery should be on your right within ¼ mile or so.
Glenn Randall Eisenhour Belleville IL B1 11/13/1967 Lake View Memorial Gardens Fairview Heights IL     Lake View Memorial Gardens in Fairview Heights, IL.  Fairview Heights is located across the river from St. Louis and just east of East St. Louis.  Take I-64 east from East St. Louis.  Fairview Heights is located at the intersection of Rt 159 and I-64 (Perhaps about mile marker 8 or 10).  Turn south on Rt 159 (this is N. Illinois St)  Go about 2 miles to 5000 N. Illinois St to the cemetery.
Herbert L Ellington Danville VA HHC1 5/19/1967 Schoolfield Danville VA     Schoolfield Cemetery in Danville.  Danville is located about 60 miles southeast of Roanoke, VA.  Take exit 12 (Rt 58 west) off of I-85 about 50 miles east of Danville.  Take Rt 58 east about 20 miles to South Boston and then another about 30 miles to Danville. The cemetery can be reached by taking Rt 265/ Rt 29 south (the Danville Expressway –about 1 mile west of the airport - off of Rt 58 in Danville.  Take Rt 265/ Rt 29 south about 7 or 8 miles to Business Rt 29.  Turn right (northwest) onto Business Rt 29 W. Main St (NOTE : there are a number of streets called Main St. in Danville)  and go  about 3 miles NW to the 1300 block of W. Main St.  Turn right onto Stokesland Ave.  The first street you will get to on your right  is Lanier but go to the Lanier St on your left and turn left.  In one block you will have to turn left again but then turn immediately right again onto Lanier.  In a block or two turn right onto Schoolfield Dr.  Take this road to the end where the cemetery is located.  (visited by Jim Hall April 2005)
William   Ellis Jr Summerville SC A1 6/24/1966 MIA / None         (Declared dead on 10/31/77 but missing as of 6/24/66).  He is the only Cacti to achieve true MIA status.  He disappeared under strange circumstances from a temporary casualty removal LZ.  No record of his being in captivity or his remains has ever been discovered.
Terry Michael Elshire Joliet MT B2 5/21/1967 Joliet Joliet MT     There is no cemetery or city listed on the VA headstone application but the consignee was VFW Post 5748 in Joliet.  Per Dick Arnold in October 2005 a relative has confirmed that he is buried in “ the Joliet Cemetery”.  (Confirmed by “Find-a-Grave” website he is buried in the Joliet Cemetery in Joliet, MT.
William Essie Embry Heyworth IL D2 12/4/1967 Long Point Wapella IL     Long Point Cemetery in Wapella, IL.  Wapella is located in central IL about 25 miles south of Bloomington and about 60 miles west of Champaign.  Take exit 135 (south Rt 51)  off of I-74.  Go about 25 miles to Wapella.  The town is less than 1000 population and about anyone should be able to direct you to cemetery.
Willis Wayne Emerton Dallas TX A1 10/9/1967 Laurel Land Dallas TX     Laurel Land Memorial Gardens is located on the south side of Dallas.  Take exit 420 (Redbird Ln / Laurelland Rd) off of I-35E (RL Thornton Freeway).  Go east on Laurelland Rd and the cemetery should be almost immediately on your right.
Charles Robert Emory Roanoke VA C2 3/21/1967 Cedar Lawn Memorial Park Roanoke VA     Cedar Lawn Memorial Park in Roanoke, VA.  Roanoke is located in south western Virginia.  Take exit 143 (I-581)  off of I-81.  Go south (east) on I-581 about 1 mile to Rt 117 south (Peters Creek Rd).  Turn right (south) on Rt 117 for about 1 ¼ miles to Cove Rd.  Turn right (west) on Cove Rd and cemetery should be within 1/4 mile on left at 5070 Cove Rd. NW.  Take the first entrance left into the cemetery.  Follow the cemetery road until it curves to right towards far end.  Charles Grave is located about 3 rows in just behind the beginning of a brick/stone patio type structure on your left (toward the outside edge of the end of the cemetery.)Visited by Jim Hall Mar 2005)
Wayne Lee Evitt Fitzgerald GA A2 6/20/1966 Evergreen Fitzgerald GA     Evergreen Cemetery in Fitzgerald, GA.  Fitzgerald is located about 75 miles south of Macon.  Take exit 82 (Rt 32 east) off of I-75.  Take Rt 32 about 3 miles to Rt 107.  Turn right on Rt 107 and go about 20 miles to Fitzgerald. (visited by Jim Beddingfield 11/13/07)
David Littlehale Farley Brunswick ME A1 10/9/1967 Varney Brunswick ME     Varney Cemetery in Brunswick, ME. From Rte 95 turn onto Rte 295. Take exit 31 (Rte 196) to Rte 201. Going over the river bridge, stay on Rte 201 South through downtown Brunswick. Turn left onto Rte 24 passing by Bowdoin College to the Pine Street Cemetery. Turn right onto Pine Street and continue down the street until you get to Varney Cemetery, on the left. You will see pillars at each gate that are marked with numbers. Turn in at #9 and on the left 50 feet from the entrance you will find the grave 3 rows in at plot 5B - plate 6 (Visit by Lee Mulligan – a friend of Pete’s from 1/14th   2004  Visited by Pete Birrow Aug 2006)
Michael Lee Farley Tipton IN C2 4/10/1970 Crownland Noblesville IN     Noblesville, IN at Crownland Cemetery 16th and Monument Ave.  Noblesville is located about 15 miles north of Indianapolis, IN. he is buried in the military section, to the furthest east.  This area is dominated by a large flag and also a Gold Star plaque.  (visited by Dick Arnold in May 2004)
William H Farmer Jr Fayetteville NC C2 5/29/1967 Lafayette Park Fayetteville NC     Lafayette Park Cemetery in Fayetteville.  The cemetery is located at 2301 Ramsey St. (Rt 401) in Fayetteville.    Fayetteville can be reached off of exit 56 of I-95 (This is BR I-95)  Go approximately 6 miles to Murchison Rd (Rt 210?) and turn right (west) onto Murchison.  Go about I mile to Ramsey St (Rt 401).  Turn right (north) onto Ramsey St.  Cemetery is about 1 ½ miles ahead at 2301 Ramsey.
Octavio   Febus New York City NY HHC1 6/24/1966 Municipal Fajardo PR     Municipal Cemetery in Fajardo, PR.
Richard Charles Ferdig Frederic WI A2 8/4/1967 Maple Grove Frederic WI     Maple Grove Cemetery in Frederic.  Frederic is located in far western WI about 75 miles northwest of Eau Claire and about 45 miles northeast of St. Paul, MN.  Take exit 143 (Rt 48 west)  off of Rt 53 (This is a main road that runs north from Eau Claire.)  Take Rt 48 west  about 40 miles to the intersection with Rt 35 North in Polk, WI.  Turn right (north) on Rt 35 and go about 7 miles to Frederic.  Frederick is a very small town and anyone should be able to give you directions to the cemetery.
Lynn Michael Ferguson Russells Point OH B1 3/6/1967 Huntsville Huntsville OH     Huntsville Cemetery in Huntsville, OH.  Huntsville is located about 40 miles northwest of Columbus and about 30 miles SE of Lima.  Take exit 125 (Rt 117 {perhaps Rt 309}) off of I-75.  Route 309 should junction with Rt 117 very near the interstate.  Go south (east?) on Rt 117 about 25 miles to Huntsville.  The cemetery is located south of town on the main road.  Driving south enter the 2nd entrance and go past the “old pump” and trash can.  He is then to the south and in the middle.  He has a flat marker amongst mainly regular upright stones which makes it easy to miss. (visited by Dick Arnold in May 2004 and Jim hall may 2005)
Frank   Fettuccia Endicott NY D2 3/1/1968 Calvary Johnson City NY     Calvary Cemetery in Johnson City, NY.  Johnson City, NY is located in southern NY adjacent to Binghamton (on I-81 as you enter NY from PA).  Take (Rt 17 West) off of I-81 in Binghamton.  Take exit 70 (Rt 201/ Reynolds Rd. north). The cemetery is visible off to the right.  Take Reynolds Road north about ¾ miles to Fairview St.  Turn right on Fairview St. to the cemetery at 501 Fairview. The cemetery is on both sides of the street. Enter the gate on the right and stay to the right as you drive down the hill. Halfway down the hill there will be above ground vaults on your right. Turn here and you will see a large tree on your left. The grave is located three rows up from the tree and four stones in. It is an upright with Frank’s picture on it. Section 9-2 lot 466. Cemetery office closes at 4pm, gates at dusk.  (visited by Pete Birrow Sept 2005)
Daniel Lee Fields Wheat Ridge CO B1 7/3/1966 Crown Hill Memorial Lakewood CO     Crown Hill Memorial Cemetery in Lakewood, CO.  Lakewood is a western suburb of Denver.  Take exit 269 (Wadsworth Blvd south) off of I-70. Go south on Wadsworth until you get to 32nd Ave.  Cemetery should be on your right between 32nd and 26th. (visited by Russ Martin in May 2004)
James Elton Fisher Taylor MI B1 3/20/1968 Michigan Memorial Park Flat Rock MI     Michigan Memorial Park/ 32163 Huron River Dr./ Flat Rock, MI.  Flat Rock is located just south of Detroit between I-275 and I-75.  Take Exit 29?? (Gibraltar Rd west)  to Flat Rock.  Take Gibraltar Rd (May also be called Will Carlton Rd) west about 3 miles to Rt 24.  Turn right (north) on Rt 24 and go about ½ mile to W. Huron River Rd.  Turn left on W. Huron River Rd and go about 3 miles to the cemetery.
Joseph E Fitzgerald North Bridge MA HHC3BD 5/31/1967 Arlington Arlington VA     Remains were not returned until Feb 1997.  Buried in Arlington Cemetery in Arlington, VA.  When found his remains were commingled with those of Brian McGar and John Jakovac to the point where it was not possible to determine which fragments belong to whom.  These 3 men’s remains are buried together in Section 34  Site 1184.  (Visited by Jim Hall Oct 2005)
David Edward Fitzgerald Oaklawn IL B2 8/2/1969 Holy Sepulchre Worth IL S28-B16 36 Holy Sepulchre Cemetery 6001 111th St., Worth, IL.  Lot 36, Block 16, Section 28.    Oaklawn, Ill is a suburb adjacent to the south west border of Chicago.  Take Rt 50 exit (north) off of I-294. Take Rt 50 north about 1 ¾ miles to W 111th St..  Turn right the cemetery should be very close on your right.   The cemetery may actually be technically in Alsip, IL
Douglas   Flores Kaunakakai HI A1 7/5/1966 National Memorial Honolulu HI   W-58 National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific.    Plot W-58 Dick Arnold e-mail 5/27/03   (Visited by Jim Anderson Mar 04)
James Olin Fogleman Graham NC D2 5/18/1969 Mt Hermon United Methodist Church Graham NC     Mt Hermon United Methodist Church Cemetery?  Rt 1 in Graham.  Graham is located in north central NC about 20 miles east of Greensboro and just south of Burlington.  Take Exit 147 or 148 (Rt 54) south off of I-40/85.  Go about 3 miles to Rt 119 south and turn right.  Graham will be in about 1 mile.
Harry Burkley Forbes Lynchburg VA HHC2 6/29/1966 Forest Hill Burial Park Lynchburg VA     Forest Hill Burial Park/ 909 5th St. / Lynchburg, VA.  Lynchburg is in southwestern Virginia about 120 miles west of Richmond.  Take exit 175 off of I-81 and go about 6 miles east to Glasgow.  Pick up Rt 501 south to Lynchburg.  Take Rt 501 to Rt 221 east (Lakeside Dr).  Turn left (east) on Rt 221 and go about ½ to 1 mile to the cemetery (on left) on Lakeside Dr near the junction with Wyndale Ave.  (across the street from the Moose Lodge)Visited by Jim Hall Mar 2005)
Dale Richard Forsythe Nescopeck PA C2 1/19/1970 Elan Memorial Park Espy PA     Elan Memorial Park in Espy, PA. (actually the cemetery is between Bloomsburg and Espy and the yellow pages show the address to be 5595 Old Berwick Rd in Bloomsberg) The cemetery is located between Rt. 11 and Old Berwick Rd .  Espy/Bloomsburg is located about 70 miles southwest of Wilkes Barre  and 80 miles Northeast of Harrisburg just off Exit 240 of I-80.  Take the Rt 11 exit (approximately mile marker 240) west for perhaps 4 or 5 miles (through the town of Espy).  Just west of Espy turn south on Keefers Lane.  In about ½ mile turn east on Old Berwick Rd.  The cemetery will be on the right within about 1000 feet. Standing in front of the chapel to the left is a drive way, He is buried pretty close to the chapel.
Carey Allen Fosnaugh Willshire OH A2 1/23/1970 Willshire Willshire OH     Willshire Cemetery in Willshire, OH.  Willshire is located in extreme western Ohio about 40 miles west of Lima, OH and on the Indiana border.  Take exit 127 East (Rt 81 east) off of I-75 on the north side of Lima.  Follow Rt 81 east about 40 miles to Willshire.  The cemetery is on the Sout East side of town on Rt 33.  It is described as being “down the road from TJ’s gas station”.  The cemetery is on a list of “Endangered Cemeteries” for the state of Ohio.  There is apparently a lot of vandalism there.
Carl   Foster Belmar NJ B2 2/8/1967 Greenwood Brielle NJ     Greenwood Cemetery in Brielle, NJ.  Brielle, NJ is located on the eastern border (coast) of NJ. About mid state.  To get to the Greenwood Cemetery take Exit 98 off of the Garden State Parkway (This is about 1 mile south of where I-195 meets the Garden State Parkway).  This is SR 34.  Take SR 34 to its junction with SR 70  and SR 35 (about  4 - 5 miles).  Continue from this point straight ahead on Rt 35.  (Do not take the North 35 towars Belmar) the cemetery will be straight ahead about ½ mile.  The cemetery is located at the junction of SR 35 and Old Bridge Rd on the left hand side of SR 35.   You will need to take a “Jughandle” off to the right that will then permit you to cross back over Rt 35 at a traffic light for Old Bridge Rd.  The Old bridge Rd entrance to the cemetery will be immediately on your right after crossing Rt 35 again. To locate grave:  Enter from Old Bridge road gate.  Go to the middle of cemetery almost to the main office and Chapel and bear all the way left.  As you get opposite of the largest mausoleum on the hill (in the center of the cemetery) to your right the grave is on your left right next to the wooded property line.  It is a “white” flat military marker as opposed to the gray colored ones.  His grave is number 458 on the cemetery map.  (of note is that his stone erroneously says he was with the 38th Infantry (visited by Jim Hall in Oct 2002 and Nov 2005)
Clayton Eugene Fraley Gaithersburg MD D2 3/6/1969 Arlington National Arlington VA 53 371 Arlington National Cemetery.  Section 53  Site 371.
Willie   Francis Jr Franklin LA A2 6/21/1966 Lutheran Franklin LA     Lutheran Cemetery in Franklin, LA.  Franklin is located in extreme south central Louisiana about 50 miles southeast of Lafayette.  Take exit 103 (Rt 90 S)  off of I-10.  Go south on Rt 90 about 50 miles to Franklin.  The VA Headstone Application for Willie Francis says that he is buried in the Lutheran Cemetery in Franklin.  The exact location of this cemetery in Franklin could not be confirmed by internet sources.  (visited by Philippe Saunier in May 2004)
Rodney Gale Frank Bellevue W A2 3/5/1968 Washington Memorial Park Seattle WA     Washington Memorial Park/ 16445 International Blvd South/ Seattle, WA.  The cemetery is located just off of the northeast edge of Seattle-Tacoma Airport.  Take Exit 155?? (RT 518 West) off of I-5.    Go west on Rt 518 to Rt 99 South.  Turn left (south) on Rt 99 (International Blvd).  Take Rt 99 south about ½ mile to cemetery at 16445 International Blvd.  (visited by Bunny Holke Gangum in May 2004)
Harry Bernard Frank Jr Alpharetta GA B1 6/28/1967 Chattanooga National Chattanooga TN BB 93 Chattanooga National Cemetery in Chattanooga, TN,  Section BB  Site 93.
Curtis Russell Frantz Palmyra PA E1 11/21/1969 Gravel Hill Palmyra PA     Gravel Hill Cemetery outside of Palmyra, PA.  Palmyra is located just east of Hershey, PA on Rt 422.  Gravel Hill Cemetery is located between the junctions of Gravel Hill Rd & Ridge and Gravel Hill Rd & Eisenhower Rd.  To get there turn North on N. Railroad Ave in the middle of Palmyra.  N. Railroad  becomes Gravel Hill Rd at it’s junction with Ridge.  To find grave site go past last cemetery entrance to the church parking lot of Gravel Hill United Methodist Church.  Follow parking lot to behind church and it will let you enter the right hand most section of the cemetery.  Curtis’s grave is on the far right hand edge of the cemetery perhaps 10 or 12 rows in to the cemetery. (visited by Jim Hall in Nov 2002)
Robert   Freda Miami FL C2 9/14/1970 Vista Memorial Gardens Miami FL     Buried in the Vista Memorial Gardens/ 14200 NW 57th Ave,/ Hialeah, FL.  Hialeah is located in southeastern FL on the northwestern side of Miami.  Take I-75 to the end at Exit 0.  Continue on to Rt 924 (Gratigny Parkway) and go about 2 miles to Rt 823 north .  Turn left (north) on Rt 823 and go to cemetery at 14200 NW 57th Ave (Rt 823).
Jeffrey Alexander Freeman Lakewood OH R2 4/8/1970 Lakewood Park Rocky River OH     Lakewood Park Cemetery in Rocky River, OH.  Rocky River is a suburb of Cleveland and is located on the shores of Lake Erie just north of exit 161 off of I-90.
Robert Edward Freitas Merced CA B1 6/21/1969 Calvary Merced CA     Calvary Cemetery in Merced.
Juan Alberto Fret-Camacho Vega Baja PR C2 1/19/1970 Municipal Vega Alta PR     Municipal Cemetery in Vega Alta, PR.
William Joseph Frey Monroeville PA C2 4/3/1968 Penn Lincoln Memorial Park North Huntingdon PA     Penn Lincoln Memorial Park/ Lincoln Hwy./ East McKeesport/ North Huntingdon, PA.  East McKeesport / Huntingdon is suburb on the south east side of Pittsburgh.  Take Exit 14 (Rt 48 south) off of I-376 (Near the intersection of I-376 with I76).  Go south on Rt 48 about 5 miles to Rt 30 (Lincoln Hwy) east.  Turn left (east) on Rt 30 and go about ¾ miles to the cemetery at 14679 Rt 30.
Robert   Fritsche Jr Stockton CA C1 4/15/1968 Cherokee Memorial Park Lodi CA     Cherokee Memorial Park/ 2250 S. Cherokee/ Lodi, CA.  Lodi is located about 60 miles northeast of Oakland.  Take the E. Harney Lane exit off of Rt 99 (parallel road to I-5).  Go east on E. Harney Lane.  Cemetery should be within ¼ mile at S. Cherokee Lane.
Roger Alan Fulkerson Troy NY C2 9/25/1968 Oakwood Troy NY     Oakwood Cemetery in Troy.  Troy is located about 15 miles northeast of Albany. From I-90 take I-787 towards Troy for 5.5 miles. Take Exit 9E onto RT-7E for 1 mile. Turn left onto 10th St ( Rt 40 Oakwood Ave).  The main gate is located on your left after one mile. Enter the cemetery and drive past the house on the right and the crematorium on the left. Continue bearing left at every turn until you have driven down the hill to the office. The office and cemetery are open 8am until 4pm. The caretaker will direct you to the grave. This cemetery is very large and old; the grave will not be found easily without specific directions and a map. (Visited by Pete Birrow Sept 2005)
Johnny Thomas Fuller Dallas GA C2 9/30/1968 White Oak Dallas GA     White Oak Cemetery in Dallas, GA.  Dallas, GA is located about 10 miles west of Atlanta, GA.  Take exit 24 (Rt 61) off of I-20.  Go north on Rt 61 about 10 miles to Dallas.  The cemetery is actually located about 6 miles west of Dallas of of Rt 120 (Buchanan Hwy).  Take Rt 120 (Buchanan Hwy) west out of Dallas.  Go about 6 miles (You will cross over Rt 278) to White Oak Springs Church Rd.  Turn left at White Oak Springs Church Road and the church and the cemetery will both be on your left.
Joe Henry Furch Phoenix AZ A1 11/27/1967 Greenwood Phoenix AZ     According to his obituary he is buried in the Greenwood Cemetery in Phoenix, AZ.  The Greenwood Cemetery can be reached by taking (approximately) Exit 198??? (W. Van Buren St)  off of I-10 (near the intersection with I-17 on the southern side of Phoenix).  Go west on W. Van Buren to the cemetery at 2300 W. Van Buren St. (visited by Tom Kehoe in May 2004)(Picture no) (Harry K , Varner also buried here)
Fred Ausbun Gaddis Atlanta GA A1 11/4/1966 Zion Baptist Church Braselton GA     Zion Baptist Church Cemetery in Braselton, GA.  Brazleton is located about 30 miles northeast of Atlanta.  Take exit 129 (Rt 53 south) off of I-85.  You will see Zion Church Road almost immediately after exiting I-85.  Turn left (north) onto Zion church road and church should be within a mile at 401 Zion Church Road.  Presumably the cemetery is adjacent to the church. (visited by Jim Beddingfield Aug 2004)
Larry Louis Gambotto Dearborn MI B2 9/13/1968 Holy Sepulchre Southfield MI     Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Southfield, MI.  Southfield is a suburb just outside of the northern city limits of Detroit.  Take exit 10? (Rt. 24 south) off of I-696.  Go south about 1 mile to “10 Mile Rd”.  Turn right (west) onto “10 Mile Rd” and go about 1 more mile to the cemetery at 25800 W. Ten Mile Rd.  (Note there is another big cemetery in the 19000 block of W. Ten Mile Road.  Be careful not to confuse.
Gregorio Garcia Los Angeles CA A2 7/31/1966 Queen of Heaven LaPuente CA     Queen of Heaven Cemetery / 2161 Fullerton Rd. / LaPuente, CA.
Jose   Garcia Los Ebanos TX A1 11/10/1968 Los Ebanos Los Ebanos TX     Los Ebanos Cemetery in Los Ebanos, TX.  Los Ebanos is located about 70 miles west of Brownsville, TX near the Mexican border.  It is a very small town and the cemetery should be easy to find by asking locally.
William Hugh Gardner Jr Montgomery AL HHC2 8/2/1966 Cool Springs  Crenshaw AL     Cool Springs Cemetery in Crenshaw, AL. (Visited by Lee and Jan Ingram March 2008)
Boyd Grayson Garner St. Paul MN A2 3/12/1967 Elmhurst St Paul MN     Elmhurst Cemetery / 1510 N. Dale St. / St Paul.  Phone  651-489-1707  651-489-1707 .  Buried Grave :  Block 46, Lot 157, Grave 1. (Visited by Howard Johnson Nov 11, 2004)
Robert Eugene Garrett Atlanta GA HHC2 8/7/1966 Marietta National Marietta GA     Marietta National Cemetery / 500 Washington Ave./ Marietta, GA.  Section U Site 340
Roger Lee Garrett Lexington VA HHC1 5/15/1967 Green Hill Buena Vista VA     Green Hill Cemetery in Buena Vista, VA   Buena Vista is located in Western central Virginia.  Take exit 188 (Rt 60 east) of of I=81.  Go east about 5 miles to Buena Vista.  Services held at W.B. Harrison Funeral Home / 714 South Main St./ Lexington, VA
Raymond   Garth Tanner AL B1 11/13/1967 Northside Huntsville AL     Northside Cemetery in Huntsville, AL.  Huntsville is located northern central AL.  Take Exit 17 (Rt 53 – Jordan Rd Lane north)  off of I-565.  Go north on Rt 53 – Jordan Rd Ln about 2 miles.  You may see Nickle-Martin-Rathbone cemetery and Brandon Cemetery on your right just before Northside Cemetery is on your left.  You may also have to turn left on Sportsman Ln NW and then another left at Angler Way in order to enter the cemetery. (visited by Lee Ingram in May 2004)
Walter Thomas Geiger Glendale NY A1 5/19/1967 Long Island National Farmingdale NY V 1206 Long Island National Cemetery in Farmingdale, NY.  Section V Site 1206. (Visited by Rich Nilsen 11/6/04 Jim Hall 5/27/06)
Thomas Henry Gentinne Dearborn MI A1 5/12/1969 Acacia Park Beverly Hills MI Y 457-3 Beverly Hills is a suburb on the north side of Detroit.  Take exit 16 (Woodward Ave) off of I-676.  (Note this is just about 2 miles west of the junction of I-676 with I-75 on the north side of Detroit.).  Go north on Woodward Ave about 3 ¼ miles to the junction with W 13 Mile Rd.  Turn left (west) on W. 13 Mile Rd and go about 1.8 miles to Southfield Rd.  Turn right (north) on Southfield Rd and the cemetery will be about ¼ mile on your right.  The cemetery address is 31300 Southfield Rd/ Beverly Hills, MI
Thomas Patrick Gill III Pawtucket RI B1 12/7/1969 St. Francis Pawtucket RI     St. Francis Cemetery in Pawtucket.  (Note the next of kin was listed as “The Department of Social Welfare” in Pawtucket.  This may mean that he had no close living relatives.)  (Visit by Pete Birrow 2004)
Steven Martin Gillmer Tacoma WA C1 6/3/1968 Mt. View Tacoma WA     Mt. View Cemetery in Tacoma.  Space 8, Lot 66 Prayer Section.
Daniel Ward Gleason Bay City MI C2 2/23/1969 Floral Gardens Bay City MI     Floral Gardens Cemetery in Bay City, MI.  Approach this cemetery from just north of Saginaw, MI.  This is about 100 miles north of Detroit off of I-75.  Take exit 153 (Rt 13) off of I-75 on north side of Saginaw.  Go about 6 to 6 ½ miles north on Rt 13 to Cass Ave Rd.  Turn right (east) on Cass Ave Rd.  The cemetery is about 1 ½ miles ahead on Cass Ave Rd at 2215 Cass Ave Rd.(Visited by Joel Luethjohn May 30, 2005)
Michael Thomas Glynne New York City NY B2 5/28/1966 Laurel Hill Thomasville GA     Michael is buried in the Laurel Hill Cemetery in Thomasville, GA.  Thomasville is located in southwest Georgia about 30 miles west of Valdosta.  Take exit 16 (Rt 84 west) off of I-75 in Valdosta.  Take Rt 84 west about 30 miles to Thomasville.  In Thomasville take Rt 319 north  and cemetery will be on your right.  Take 1st entrance into the cemetery and wind past the maintenance  shed.  There will be a marker “Main Street” (or maybe “Main” ) .  You can turn left and park in the unpaved access.  The grave will be diagonally left back toward the street where you entered.  It is a flat marker adjacent to his parents.  (Visited by Jim Beddingfield 11/9/2010)
Edward   Golda NYC NY C2 9/30/1968 Long Island National Farmingdale NY K 18858 Long Island National Cemetery in Farmingdale, NY.  Section K  Site 18858. (Visited by Rich Nilsen 11/6/04 Jim Hall 5/27/06)
William Jacob Goldberg Miami FL C1 2/9/1968 Vista Memorial Gardens Hialeah FL     Vista Memorial Gardens/ 14200 NW 57th Ave,/ Hialeah, FL.  Hialeah is located in southeastern FL on the northwestern side of Miami.  Take I-75 to the end at Exit 0.  Continue on to Rt 924 (Gratigny Parkway) and go about 2 miles to Rt 823 north .  Turn left (north) on Rt 823 and go to cemetery at 14200 NW 57th Ave (Rt 823).
Aramis   Gonzalez-Perez San Germain PR B2 5/29/1966 Municipal San Germain PR     San Germain Cemetery.
Jerry Dale Gooch Detroit MI HHC2 7/25/1967 Flint Memorial Park  Flint MI     (actually from Flint, Mi according to relatives) Flint Memorial Park Cemetery located at 9506 N Dort Hwy, Mt Morris, MI  (note there is also a Flint Memorial Park Cemetery in Flint but this is not what you want).  Mt. Morris is located approximately 75 miles north of Detroit.  Take exit 131 (Rt 57 east)  off of I-75.  Go east about 3 miles to Rt 54 (this is probably N. Saginaw Rd but later becomes N. Dort as you go south)  Turn right (south) on N. Saginaw (Rt 54)  go about 3 miles to cemetery at 9506 N. Dort Hwy.
Larry Dean Good Chesaning MI A2 6/5/1967 Ridge Road Oakley MI     Ridge Road Cemetery in Saginaw County, MI  (Just north and west of the edge of Oakley, MI).  Oakley, MI is located in northeast MI south of Saginaw and northwest of Flint.   Take Exit 131 (Rt 57) off of I-75.  Go west on Rt 57 about 20 miles to Rt 52 south.  Turn left (south) on Rt 57 and go about 5 miles to Oakley.  As you enter Oakley W. Ridge Rd should be on your right on the north edge of town.  Turn right on to W. Ridge and go to cemetery (within 3 miles of town).  If you can not find stop and ask. It is a very small town.
Robert William Grant Park Forest IL D1 4/15/1968 Skyline Memorial Park Monee IL     Skyline Memorial Park at Rt. 50  in Monee, IL.  Monee Ill is in North East Illinois about 50 miles south of Chicago.  Exit 335 off of I-57 will take you to Monee (east of the exit).  Take Rt 50 north from Monee 1 mile to the cemetery entrance on the left (west) . After entering the cemetery take the first cemetery road to your right and park near the first tree on the right (30 feet).  The grave is 2 rows in and about 2 graves towards the right of that tree.  (visited by Jim Hall Sept 2005)
Billy Monroe Green Los Angeles CA HHC1 6/24/1966 Evergreen Los Angeles CA     Evergreen Cemetery / 204 N. Evergreen / Los Angeles.
Jewell Robert Green Blue Ridge GA D1 3/25/1969 Damascus Baptist Epworth GA     Damascus Baptist Cemetery in Epworth, GA.  Epworth is located in extreme northern (and west) Georgia very near the borders of both Tennessee and North Carolina.  Take exit (about 269?) (I-575 north) off of I-75.  Take I-575 north until it ends and becomes Rt 5.  Continue on Rt 5  (about 50 more miles) to Epworth.  There is no exact cemetery location.  It is said to be “off of RT 5 between Blue Ridge and McCaysville”  Epworth fits this criteria.  You should be able to find by inquiring in Epworth. (visited by Jim Beddingfield Aug 2004)
William Leonard Greenwell Johnson City TN D1 2/16/1968 Whitehead Butler TN     Whitehead Cemetery in Butler, TN  (Butler is about 20 miles due east of Johnson City just below the Virginia State line)  (Info from the Tetrick Funeral Home in Elizabethon)  Note the cemetery is not actually in Butler.  From Butler go south on Rt 67 about 3 or 4 miles until it intersects Rt 321.  Turn left (east) on Rt. 321.  Go 4.3 miles and you will see a small road (Cable Hollow Rd) off to your left.  (There is a small sign there that says Whitehead Cemetery). Turn left on Cable Hollow Road.  This is a very narrow road.  The cemetery is located at the very end of it 2miles from Rt 321.  (Note the road may appear to be ending before you get to cemetery as it appears to turn into a driveway or two but keep following to cemetery.)  William’s grave is located all the way back on the left (about 3 – 4 rows from the back and 5-6 graves from the left side,)  (Visted by Jim hall Oct 2007)
Robert Steven Grosshart Kansas City MO A1 6/11/1968 Glennville  Glennville GA     Glennville Cemetery in Glennville, GA. (visited by Jim Beddingfield 4/1/06)
Paul Daniel Guimond Lawrence MA A2 10/28/1966 Sacred heart Andover MA     Sacred heart Cemetery in Andover, MA.  Andover is located about 20 miles north of Boston.  (Visited by Pete Birrow)
Robert George Guinn Lincoln Park MI B2 6/4/1970 Ferndale Riverside MI     Ferndale Cemetery in Riverside, MI.  Riverview is about 15 miles SW of Detroit.  The cemetery is about ½ mile west of Fort Rd. on Sibley Rd.  He is buried about ¾ of the way towards the back and slightly left  (from the main entrance).  The marker is flat to the ground and difficult to find.  He is buried next to his Father who also has a flat marker.  His Mother Jean Guinn is buried 1 section further back and has an above ground marker. (Picture Yes) (visited by Jim Hall in 1987& 1997 and also by Tiny Dodd several times in 2002 -2004)
David Raymond Haefner Williamsport PA A2 12/26/1967 St. Boniface Catholic Williamsport PA     Buried in the St. Boniface Catholic Cemetery in Williamsport.  Williamsport is located in north central Pennsylvania (about 70 miles due north of Harrisburg and about 50 miles due west of Scranton).  Take exit 26 (Basin St) off odf Rt 180 on the southside of Williamsport.  Go to the bottom of the ramp and turn right (east) at the lightonto E 3rd St.  In 1 block turn left (north) onto Penn St.  Go about ½ mile on Penn St and you will see the cemetery on your right.  Just as you reach the cemetery fence turn right (east) onto Wyoming St.  There will be 2 gates into the cemetery but the 1st one will likely be closed.  Go to the 2nd gate and turn left into the cemetery.  Stop immediately inside the gate and park.  David Haefner’s headstone will be on the right against the fence (bordering Wyoming) about 4 rows back from the entrance road.  He is buried next to his paents who both died in 1981.
Robert Lawrence Hale Baytown TX A1 11/9/1969 Ellis Franklinton LA     Ellis Cemetery in Franklinton, LA
Durwood Michael Hallam San Antonio TX B2 9/8/1967 Ft Sam National  San Antonio TX     Ft Sam National Cemetery in San Antonio.  Plot 2C 0 394.  Ft Sam Houston Cemetery is located on the North edge of Ft. Sam Houston.  The address is 1520 Harry Wurzbach Rd.  Ft Sam is located about middle west side of San Antonio.  This is just west of the intersection of exit 163 off of I – 35.
Ronald Lloyd Hamilton Richwood OH C2 6/23/1967 York York Center OH     The York Cemetery is located in the very small town of York Center, OH.  York Center is located about 50 miles northwest of Columbus, OH.  York Center is located on SR 47 about 2 miles west of SR 31.  Take Sr 31 exit off of SR 33 in Marysville, OH.  Somerville, OH is 11 miles north.  Turn west on SR 47 for 2 miles to York Center.  In York Center turn right (north) onto Rt 739 and the cemetery will be about ¼ mile down on your left.  Enter the cemetery and go past the first cemetery road on your left until the road you are on begins to curve to the left.  Park here.  Off to your right will be a brick walkway.  Follow this walkway to the end (toward the right side of the cemetery).  As the walkway ends go about 100 feet further into the cemetery and Ronald’s grave will be about 5 rows in from the wood line on your left.  (Visited by Jim Hall 11/13/2010)
Ulys Ford Hamilton Spruce Pine AL B2 9/30/1968 Church of Christ Spruce Pine AL     Church of Christ Cemetery in Spruce Pine, AL.  Spruce Pine, AL is located in the northwest corner of Alabama about 30 miles south of Florence, AL.  From I-65 take Rt 24 out of Decatur, AL about 30 miles to Russellville, AL.  Turn left (south) on Rt 43 and go about 6 miles to Rt 13.  Turn left on Rt 13 and it is about 2 miles to Spruce Pine.  This is a very small town and about anyone can probably give directions to cemetery. (visited by Lee Ingram in May 2004)
Richard Earl Harrison Memphis TN A2 5/20/1967 Memphis Memorial Gardens Memphis TN     Memphis Memorial Gardens cemetery in Memphis. (formerly called Mount Vernon Gardens.)
Paul Raymond Harrison Medway OH A1 6/11/1968 Glen Havens Memorial Park Donnelsville OH     Glen Havens Memorial Park near Donnelsville, OH.  Glen Haven is located on old Rt U.S. 40 (National Road) which is apprx 2 miles west of Donnelsville, OH (which is apprx. 6 miles west of Sprinfield, OH.)  Block “O” Section 287 Grave #3. (visited by Dick Arnold in May 2004)
Eurey Lee Hatchett Indianapolis IN B1 7/3/1966 Crown Hill  Indianapolis IN 99 325 Crown Hill Cemetery of Indianapolis (Section 99 B Lot 325) W. 38th St. at Michigan Rd in Indianapolis. (Visited by Dick Arnold in May 2004)
Charles David Hatfield Milton FL C1 7/25/1966 Elizabeth Chapel Chumuckla FL     Elizabeth Chapel Cemetery in Chumuckla, FL.
James Coleman Hathorne Jr Louisville KY HHC1