35th Infantry Regiment (Cacti) Association

35th Infantry Regiment (Cacti) Association

Membership Dues, Renewals, Donations and Reunions: Please fill in all personal information below along with the items you are ordering . NAME and ADDRESS are required.

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The Association will provide your email address to other Members of the Association. If you do not want your email address provided to other members check "Do not Share" below.

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If you are a new or renewing member, check either "Electronic Cacti Times" or "Mailed Cacti Times" as a membership option. Then enter the number of years of membership and the total. If you are a member already then skip this step.

Cacti Association Membership Electronic Cacti Times @ $10/yr Mailed Cacti Times @ $20/yr
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Reunion Registration: In order to attend the 2021 Reunion in Minneapolis, MN, you must be a member or guest of the 35th Infantry Regiment Association. If you are not a member or guest of the association, you must select your membership above now and then proceed with the Reunion Registration. Cancellations will be accepted until September 15, 2021 with full refund, after that a refund will be based on circumstances and a review by Reunion Committee.

Use this section to list your military nickname, your Spouse's name if she is attending the reunion, and Guest names. If you are a Guest of the Association, please fill in the "Guest of" box. Each Member's Reunion Registration is $10. Each Guest, including Spouse, thereafter, is $5.

Member Nickname: Spouse Name if Attending: Guest of:

Reunion Banquet: Adult and Child Dinner selections may be made below. Adult Dinners include: Chicken Breast with Toasted Almond Piccata Sauce ($40), Blackened Flank Steak with a Garlic Wine Sauce ($40), or Penne Pasta in Alfredo Sauce with Grilled Assorted Vegetables ($40). All Dinner Entree selections include: Salad, Rolls and Butter, Desert, Chef's Choice of Starch and Vegetable, Seattle's Best Coffee, Decaf and Tea Service. Children 4yrs-12yrs $18.95. Children under 4 yrs are FREE. Child meal includes Plated Chicken Fingers, Vegetable, French Fries, Fruit Cup and Milk.

If you have Special Dietary Needs or children under 4 years old who will eat at the banquet, list them here.

Dietary Needs/Childeren under 4:

Reunion Guests and Banquet Meal Selection: In this area enter the number of guests to be registered and then select the meals for you and your guests. Enter a quantity for each type of meal. For example, if you and one guest would like Chicken Breast, and one guest would like the Flank Steak, then enter "2" for Chicken and "1" for Flank Steak.

Member Reunion Registration Cost $10.00 Quantity Total $
Guest Reunion Registration Cost $5.00 Quantity Total $
Chicken Breast Cost $40.00 Quantity Total $
Flank Steak Cost $40.00 Quantity Total $
Penne Pasta Cost $40.00 Quantity Total $
Child Plate 4-12 Years Cost $18.95 Quantity Total $

Donations: To make donations enter an amount next to the name of the donation category. The minimum amount for Scholarship Reserve is $100.00

Hospitality Room: Used to offset the cost of providing free alcoholic beverages, soda and snacks at the Reunion. Total $
Health and Welfare: Used to assist Cacti in need upon application and approval of the H&W Committee. Total $
Cacti Times: Used to offset the cost of printing and mailing the Cacti Times. Total $
Scholarship Fund:Funds used to grant scholarships each year to Cacti children and grandchildren. Total $
Active 35th Infantry Troop Support: Used to support active duty troops and programs. Total $
Scholarship Reserve Fund: Used in the event the Scholarship Fund falls short in a given year of being able to fund four scholarships. This fund is based on pledges of a minimum of $100 per year for a five-year period. Total $
In Memoriam: Used to offset Association expenses and programs. Unless otherwise requested, the memorial donor's name and in memory of whom will be published in the Cacti Times. Total $
In Memory of: Name

Grand Total: $

For Questions contact Don Johnson, Association Secretary at Tel. No. 225-247-9321 or send an Email to cacti.times@gmail.com.

The 35th Infantry Regiment Assn reserves the right to request documents/records that verify an applicant's qualifying service time with the 35th Infantry Regiment and its Battalions. Failure to provide the requested documentation can result in denial of membership in the Assn. The membership year runs from January 1 to December 31. Annual Membership Dues shall be due and payable by 30 January of each year of membership. If dues are not paid by April 1st, the member will be converted to Expired Member Status, no longer enjoying the privileges of membership. lt is the responsibility of the Member to keep current their mail/email address. Send changes to the Secretary.

Upon submission of this form you agree to the membership requirements.

Please review your entries carefully. If you are making application for the reunion and are not yet a member of the association, make sure that you have selected a Membership option and number of years. Review the right column to make sure that there are totals for any category that you have selected. Once you are satisfied with your choices, click the "Continue" button.