35th Infantry Regiment (Cacti) Association

Having served with the 35th Infantry Regiment, I hereby apply for membership or renewal and enclose my dues.     

NEW ____ RENEWAL_____

Unit:  Company: ___ Battalion_____: From: dd/mm/yy __________To: dd/mm/yy _____________


Name: _______________________________ Nickname:______________ Spouse: _____________

Address: _________________________________________________________________________

City: ___________________________________________ State: ___________ Zip: ____________

Phone: (______)_______-______________ AGE: _______ Birthdate: ________________________

Email Address: ____________________________________________________________________

MAY we provide your contact information to other members of this Association? YES___ NO___

MAY we list your unit, name and dates of service on our website roster? YES___ NO___ 

MAY we list your email address on our website roster? YES____ NO ____

NOTE: Your address and phone number will NOT be listed on the website roster.




Annual "Electronic Times" Membership Dues ($10.00 per year) ________________________________
Annual "Mailed Times" Membership Dues ($20.00 per year) ________________________________
Donation for Cacti Times Publication Costs ________________________________
Donation for Health & Welfare ________________________________
Donation for Scholarship Fund ________________________________
In Memoriam Donation ________________________________
Indicate In Memory of Whom if applicable ________________________________
Donation for Active 35th Infantry Troop Support ________________________________
TOTAL ENCLOSED ________________________________
Make checks payable to: 35th Infantry Regiment Association.

Mail to:
Doc Johnson, Secretary
35th Infantry Regiment Assn. 14516 Shenandoah Ave.          Baton Rouge, LA 70817

Print out this application and send it via the postal service. 

Please send checks or money orders only. No cash please.
Questions: contact Doc Johnson

Email:   donjohnsonbtr@bellsouth.net

Phone: (225) 247-9321

The 35th Infantry Regiment Assn reserves the right to request documents/records that verify an applicants qualifying service time with the 35th Infantry Regiment and its Battalions. Failure to provide the requested documentation can result in denial of membership in the Association.

DUES: Effective 1 January 2019, the following dues structure is adopted: PLEASE NOTE: Annual Memberships are separated into two categories: one for those members receiving the Cacti Times electronically over the internet, and one for members receiving the magazine by hard copy through the mail. A member may elect to change from the electronic version to the mailed hard copy by paying the prorated difference in Annual or Life Membership Dues to the then current Secretary. It is the responsibility of the Member to keep current his mail/email address. Send changes to the Secretary.

The membership year runs from January 1 to December 31. Annual Membership Dues shall be due and payable by 30 January of each year of membership. Dues received prior to or at the annual membership reunion shall be credited to that year's dues. Dues received after the annual membership reunion will be credited to the following years Dues. If dues are not paid by April 1st, the member may be dropped from the rolls. An individual may elect to pay Life Membership Dues in four (4) equal installments. Payments are all due within the year of application. 

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