Cacti Vietnam Photos
David Arness, E (Recon) 2/35th
Taking a bath in the river
Slick and backpack
Returning to LZ Penny after a mission
105mm gun shooting a fire mission
4.2 in. mortar
4.2 in. mortar and gun crew
Getting resupplied
Doc and Monty
81mm mortar
Splitting up SP pack
Splitting up SP pack
Montegnard village
Montegnards in rice paddy
Crossing a river
Part of Recon Platoon
Hobbs and Stucky - 6/69
Lunch break - Bridge security - 6/69
Near Banmethout - 6/69
Banana trees
"Slick" - Camp Swampy - 6/69
Bob Shoen, Ranger Jim, Hobbs - checking our location 7/69
Montegnard village
Montegnard village
Crossing a river
"banana cat" - "slick"
Crossing Ia Drang River in the monsoons 7/69
Poncho Hooch
Truck that hit a mine
Truck that hit a mine
Truck that hit a mine
"slick" - 8/69
Firkins on LZ Meredith - 8/69
LZ Meredith - 8/69
4.2 in. crew sleeping bunkers - LZ Meredith - 8/69
Recon - "nice haircuts"
Bradley, Johnson, Riccardi, Tiny - Camp Enari - 9/69
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