Cacti Vietnam Photos
B 2/35th
1st Platoon, B 2/35th.
1st Platoon, B 2/35th. Late May 1970. Bottom R-L: Jack Adami, Mitch Mitchell, Dutch Schultz, Robert Quinn. Next row: Unknown, Alan Olsen 3rd Row: Denis Burk, Ed Ingle, Danny Curtis, Herbie Sapp, Orvill Keese. Next Row: James "Doc" Hall, Rick Diamond, Phil Lorino, Steve Suzio. Next Row: Ron Sanders. Behind radio: Bill Shepler.
3rd Platoon, B 2/35th, 1970.
I ran across this photo while going through the Ivy Leaf papers I recently received from the 4th Div Museum. I sent home this same photo taken from the Stars and stripes. This is of B Co 2/35th. LT Spence on left, Johnson middle and Pyke as RTO. 'I' was in the hootch when the photo was taken doing the dirty work of checking out a hole inside. -- Jim Anderson --
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