Cacti Vietnam Photos
Joe (Doc) Baker
175 on LZ Liz
A dangerous man
A soldier's pass-time
A view from LZ Liz
A view of the road on Liz
Bike riders
Bringing home dinner
Burning the pot
Chicken man
Chopper dust
Christmas morning
Church at Duc Pho
Come and get it Charlie
Delivery for Liz
Doc Baker and another medic
Doc Baker and company
Doc Baker chillen
Doc BAker on the job
Doc Baker
Doctor Hill, battalion surgeon
Don't hurt yourself
Fillen the bags
From the road
Gooks doing what gooks do best
Hanging ammo
Hey GI, wanta buy some weed...
Hiding the CO's jeep
Home sh*t home
HQ bunker at Liz
Inside medic bunker
Joe (Doc) Baker
Liz after mortar attack
LZ Liz shower stall
Mamma san and GIs
Mass transit
Monsoon on LZ Liz
Mortar attack on Liz
Montanyard village Central Highlands
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