Cacti Vietnam Photos
Dennis Dauphin, 2/9th FA, 3-10/67
The last stop before going home. These barracks in CRB were the holding point for troops returning home. Note the khaki uniforms instead of the camouflage.
Life in the rear areas: Use of Quonset huts and air conditioning. All foreign items to the men in the combat zones...including an Exchange barber shop.
The Officers Club in CRB. Note the wall of sandbags. CRB was the best duty in Vietnam...if you could get it.
Every Vietnam Veteran uses the same term to describe this picture. It is the long-awaited, much-desired "Freedom Bird"...the plane to take you home. (October, 1967)
The Northwest Airlines jet takes off from CRB. How do you describe being in combat for one year and suddenly you are in the comfort of a Boeing were "there" and now you are "here"...a roller coaster of emotions...the men you left behind...the job not finished. know you're on your way home...and that's what counts at this moment.
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