Cacti Vietnam Photos - Rocco Doc DeRosa
1st Plt, B 2/35 4/66-4/67
Sgt. Whitmeir, Lorts, Saunier, Sgt. Burgos
Doc DeRosa, Lorts, Sgt. Burgos, Saunier
(Kneeling) Peterson, Doc DeRosa, (standing) ?, Sgt. Gibbs, Dodridge
Lt. Hornek, Doc DeRosa
Bond James Bond, Doc DeRosa
Doc DeRosa, Sgt. King, Wallace
1st Platoon, B Company, 1966
Saunier, Doc DeRosa
LT. ?, Sgt. Whitmeir, Reed, 50 Cal talking
Saunier out for a morning walk
1st Platoon, B Company, 1966
Doc DeRosa
Doc DeRosa
Castro, he was one of ours, don't shoot!
Lt. Hornek
General Westmoreland walking to camera
Sgt. Gibbs
Dodridge, ? Goodyear
Sgt. Whitmeir bought a Caddy with his hair cut money.
Home sweet home
Guest for dinner. He got Ham and Limas.
I never saw this woman I swear.
Hitching a ride
Sgt. King looking for a darn slit trench.
Reed, Peterson, Collins
Sgt. Burgos
Doc DeRosa
Doc DeRosa, Lorts
Lorts going to his AA meeting
Lorts always wanted to be a soldier. He got his chance.
Lorts swore he wasn't driving.
Lorts, Col. Feir.
Doc DeRosa, and my fan club.
Montanyard Playmates 1966
Pleiku watering hole
Blankenship digging his way out
Sgt. Whitmeir, Doc DeRosa, base camp
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