Cacti Vietnam Pics
David Estes
Trash dump at the Oasis, with kids going through the trash cans
Me clowning around with the 50 caliber machine gun on my bunker at Maryette
The mortar battery. The two guys on the left are in my platoon
A friend of mine, taking pictures of each other. An 81mm mortar on the right
81mm mortar
Here I am in Pleiku
Some of the guys in my platoon at Maryette
Santa in sunglasses on Christmas Day
Same Santa
A modern village. The hooches are made out of tin
Trash dump and kids at Oasis
Three Montanyard beauties at Plei Djerang
Downtown Pleiku
Downtown Pleiku
Market at Pleiku
Just outside of Pleiku
Another village
A village I passed through on convoy going back to Maryette the first time I didn't get to go to NCO school
A village
The kind of helicopter I rode on
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