Cacti Vietnam Photos
Marshall Jackson
Cpt Tim Crotty looks on troops
Orderly room B 1/35th
Downtown Pleiku 1966
Montagnards at Plieku 1966
Bottom side of what was to become base camp for the 3d Brigade TF at Pleiku
Near Pleiku airport
Frank Calhoun B 1/35 1st Platoon
PSG Joe Lucas in soft hat. And???
Unknown but how many GI's do you see in this photo? At least 10.
The first face you see on the left is Wilbur Robinson
Arthur SC and Jim Brassard
Left to right:SSG Sharpe, Ozisy McCroy, Ralph Blackerby (KIA 67), Robert Catling (KIA 3 JUL 66), SSG Jim Gunter, James Bellomy, Jim Brassard
Sgt David Stone, center with cigar in his hand. B 1/35
Joe Lucas in baseball cap
Left to right: SSG Jim Gunter, Frank Calhoun
3/4th Cav troops
Jimmy Parker, Ret, 1/14th INF from Great Falls, SC facing camera
Sp4 Haze Howard, Medic, KIA 3 July 1966
SFC Jack Boyd 3rd Platoon B 1/35 1966
Sp4 Haze Howard, Medic, KIA 3 July 1966
Marshall Jackson B 1/35 1966
Left is Pvt John Selvy, center is Hassell Price and right is Sp4 Frank Calhoun
Gary Stickles
Marshall Jackson bent over and Lee Johnson
David Turner standing
Marshall Jackson 1965. 18 years old
Lee Johnson, Sp4 Marshall Jackson with M-60 belts. B 1/35 1966
Hassell Price
4th man from right is Kenneth (KIA 3 JUL 66), 1st man from the right is SSG Jim Gunter, 2nd man from the right is Jim Barrett
Hassell Price
SGT John Alton is the first man on the right sitting in the back of 2 1/2
Wilbur Robinson
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