Cacti Vietnam Photos
Don Keith
Need a ride?
Dig it up. We put in the road in 1967. Closed 1969. Too much risk.
Cpt on the radio?
How does it work, once more?
Base camp after 10 months
Attack by VC in the bush
Safe at home
How do you start it
One hole
Up town
Kit Carson
Drink up
It's the law
Been up there twice, not again.
Check it out
No VC, no VC. No shit old man.
Fire in the hole
Got something in my nose.
Bridge guard tonight
Dam. Damn if I know when where.
Guy Selon
That's not a cloud
They are in the hills, close.
So much for that hill
The one that didn't get away
What we are fighting for
Captain Barton
Off trail
Combat assault #42
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