Cacti Vietnam Photos
Jim Lang
Jim Lang, HHC 2/35th 1969. This first pic is me, I dont even remember where. A tank had been nice enough to push down some brush so we didnt have to cut it down, and he ran over a bamboo viper. We all took turns holding it for pics. Note that I am holding it with sticks. I wasn't taking any chances with a three step snake. Even if it was flat.
This pic is the guy in the 2/35th baggage claim room 68 to 69. Note the improvised ice chest. We traded the medic for the ice, don't remember what we gave them. Probably new socks or boots.
These are some guys from HHC 2nd/35th: Barfield, Spencer, me. Back is Fowler and I dont remember, maybe some one will recognize.
This is a guy from Arkansas named Jackson, me, and a guy named Sloan. We were doing our best imitation of Remington Raiders. We were all clerks but they made us play army every so often. It seemed like more often than not.
This is me, unknown, and Calderone at the enlisted club on Camp Enari, 12/31/69. I left for home the next day.
This is Wally from Ozzie and Harriet. He brought some girls from the world who were Miss America contestants.
This is one of the girls Wally brought. I forget where she was from. Ms Unkown.
This is I think Ms. Montana 68 or 69. I just couldn't resist. Everyone was getting pics made with her. When you see an opportunity, you have to seize the moment.
Montagnard children
A tree in Plieku City.
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