Cacti Misc Photos
That's our own Tim Peters on the far right.
Don Reh
Curtis Russell Frantz
Dan Dorsheimer
G Skyles
Ken Spradlin
Ralph Moore
Robert Rienke
Rick White
Robert Knoll
Ron Stuckey
Stanley Marion
Tim Rednell, Chuck Simmons, John Wayne Land, Collins.
William Francis Ayres, shotgun platoon.
Art Johnson
Ban-Me_Thout, 1968. Leroy Skalstad, Recon Plt on the left.
Ben Youmans
Ben Youmans and Ben Roberts.
Byron Eilertson
The Cacti football team, 1965.
Cacti sign in Korea.
Calvin Berry (on the radio, deceased).
Danny Casey
The last mass that Chaplain Hagen said for C, 1/35th. I still remember the whiskey and turkey loaf he brought out to us during Thanksgiving, 1967. When C, 1/35th limped back to the firebase after the fight of 2/9/68, he was standing at the concertina handing out drinks and Playboys. Jim Cooke
1968 picture of medic Danny Vasquez and an air force doctor named Walsh who treated Gary Lee and Tom Maloney when they were wounded.
Doc Penman
Don LaRoche
Glen Jenkins
Heartbreak Ridge Church Service
Jack Farmer
James Brennan (far left).
Jim Anderson
Jim Cooke
Joe Postiglione (upper left).
John Tower (deceased).
35th Aid Station, Korea.
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