Cacti Vietnam Photos
Dave Muxo, 1969-70
June 1969, orientation training. I am 3rd from left, and next to me on the end is James Fedney, Sr. who was in the rear temporarily.
James Fedney, Sr.
3rd Squad, 3rd Platoon, Bravo 1/35th. Center-front left to right: Joe (Jerry) Heiser, Dave Muxo, Bill Malley, Ray Hollermann.
Me, Dave Muxo
Joe (Jerry) Heiser
Bill Malley, Ray Hollerman, Jerry Heiser
Dave Muxo
William Malley
Jerre "Gopher" Gamble. Jerre had been wounded on July 2, 1969 during a dawn mortar/aw attack in which Lt. Edward Williamson was killed, as was Sgt Robert McGinnis.
Bob Clements, KIA on November 29, 1969 along with James McCarthy.
Lt Jeffrey Rogers holding the horn, and platoon sgt James Grider
Robert Hochadel
Greg Gomez, aka "Chief"
Dave Muxo, green squad leader
Unknown with a 50 caliber machine gun
Our bunker on a mountaintop at Chu Pa, I think.
Cobra gunship
Jerry Heiser in guard tower at Camp Radciffe, Ahn Khe
Dave Muxo
Looking south from the tower on the west side of Camp Radcliffe
Blackjack medivac taking out wounded after contact
It all looked so peaceful from up here
Building a bunker: Scott Williams?, Unknown, Unknown
8-inch self-propelled gun
Scott Wilson? I seem to recall that he was an artillery forward observer. He got us out of more than one scrape.
Scott and Dave
Basecamp. Radcliff, I think.
Richard Vinchur
Ft. Lewis, going home!
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