Cacti Vietnam Photos
John Pearman
CP Group, Sep 67, Duc Pho. Standing left to right: SGT Burgess, PFC Bledsoe. Kneeling left to right: SP4 Rhea, SP4 "Doc" Bowden, PFC Campbell.
Left to right: Bencomo, Cooper, Boesker, Hinton
Left to right: Ramirez, Russell, Schumeyer, Moppin, DeSutter, Peters
SSG Olsen, Oct 67, Duc Pho
SSG Kimbrough, Aug 67, Duc Pho
LZ Dragon, Oct 67. Left to right: Lapinski, Hamilton, Firkus, Veasy, Valentine.
1LT John Pearman, Oct 67, LZ Dragon
Left to right: Pollock, Ekberg, Gardner, Brown, Jones, Jarvis
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