Cacti Vietnam Photos
Don Reh, 1967-68
Bravo 6 (Reh) in the foxhole. Dec 25th morning, 1967. Along the coast, I Corp, probably east of Chu Lai. (The white sand looks like snow!)
Nov 9, 1967, I Corp area. "Tex" (Dickey is last name?) Bravo 6 (Reh), and Plummer.
Late Nov, 1967, Bravo 6 (Reh) and Plummer (posing cool).
Probably early Feb 1968, after a real tough night fighting Charlie trying to overrun our position. Bravo 6 (Reh), probably the RTO (name unkown) for the FO, "Tex" (Dickey, is last name?) the Medic (w/glasses)- name unkown, and the FO-name unkown.
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