Cacti Return to Vietnam 2001
Joe Lucas, Don Duncan at Mekong rice wine party
Joe Lucas bargains with vendor
Joe Lucas, Vern Schwarze, Ed Mosey, Roger Suprenant, Don Duncan mapread at Rockpile
Lambro at Mekong Delta
Khe Sanh remnants
Living and cooking area on our tour boat
Mama and babysanh at Mekong Delta
Mekong flat fish luncheon
Low tide at Mekong tour boat
Mekong River tour boat
Mike Janeczko and tour guide
Mr. and Mrs. Phong at dinner party
Patrol from Candy Factory
Tiger beer break at Phu Bai
Tom Anderson, Roger Suprenant in destroyed church
Tom Anderson buys a trinket
Tom Mahon, Jim Anderson barter
Vern Schwarze, Mr. & Mrs. Phong and Kim at French dinner party
Tour guide, Don Duncan, tour assistant at Hai Van Pass
Tour guide and boat driver in the Perfume River in Hue
Vern Schwarze reads Vietnamese
The new Phong bathroom. Mr. Phong, former interpreter with HHC S-2/3, 2/35th 1966-67, shows off the new bathroom built thanks to the generosity of Cacti who recently visited Vietnam in March 2001. Mr. Phong also served with the 4th Div. MPs 1968-70.
Mrs. Phong in their new kitchen
The Phong house in Ho Chi Minh City
Another exterior shot of the Phong house
The Phong house in Ho Chi Minh City
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