Cacti Vietnam Photos
Paul Rhodes, A & D Co, 2/35th, 1968-69
believed to be Chester
Awards or promotion
Barber at FB Saber
Believed to be Lt. Hunter
Believed to be outside FB Saber
Bunker-FB Saber
Chester at LZ George
D Co 2 35th 7-9 March 1969 RVN near FB Valentine
D Co 2 35th Near FB Valentine March 1968-RVN
FB Saber, 2-35th, 1968
FB Saber 2 35th 68 unknown
FB Saber, 2-35th, rvn, 68
FB Saber, Lt. Paul Rhodes 68
FB Saber, Lt. Paul Rhodes, Sgt. Martin, Unk, Little Doc., 1968
FB Saber, Lt. Paul Rhodes, unk, field 1st Sgt, RVN 68
FB Saber, road to village, 1968
FB Saber, rvn 68, names unk
FB Valentine, 2-35th, 1969
FB Valentine, 2-35th, March 1969
Far right Lt Paul Rhodes Co D 2 35th March 69 near FB Valentine
Females' names unk, Lt. Paul Rhodes, Lt. Terrance (Terry) Lindsey, Lt. John McCutcheon, X-Mas at George, 2-53th, 68-69, RVN
LZ George, X-Mas 68, Lt. John McCutcheon, Lt. Hunter, Lt. Lindsey, Lt. Paul Rhodes, 2-35th, RVN
Lt. Hunter, FB Saber, 1968, 2-35th, RVN
Lt. John McCutcheon, Lt Paul Rhodes, 1968, 2-35th, RVN
Lt. John McCutcheon, Lt. Terrance Lindsey, Lt. Hunter, Lt. Paul Rhodes, X-Mas at George, RVN. A Co. 2-35th, 1968
Lt. Paul Rhodes, 2-35th. 68-69, RVN
Lt. Paul Rhodes, 2-35th, RVN, 68
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