Cacti Korean War Photos
John Smith
John Smith, Ft. Lewis, May or June 1955
Practicing the Manual of Arms in the Signal Corp
Holding a B.A.R. (Browning Automatic Rifle)
Rear position, climbing tower
Korean Sergeant attached to the US Army
Bombed out hospital with Chinese sign
Telephone pole put there by the Japanese during their occupation
Korean countryside
Korean countryside
Korean village
Corporal Tueme
Korean village
Korean village
Korean village
Lockheed F-86 Saber Jet. 1st US jet in combat
This fish was thrown out of a pond when a hand grenade went off in it
John Smith
Black Signal Corp or Infantry
John Smith on pass in Soul, Korea. The 45 sidearm was borrowed
John Smith in the snow, 20-30 miles south of the 38th parallel
Unidentified US soldier
Flooded-out bridge during the monsoons
John Smith receiving award, August 1956 at Ft. Lewis
Building with tank tracks up the steps.
I had gone up to the front lines to find an infantry unit to join, and I got out past the no-man's land
I found a unit with the 35th and joined the infantry
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