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For nearly five years, from December 1965 to December 1970, the 35th Infantry Regiment, known as the "Cacti" participated in near continuous combat on the fields and in the mountains of Vietnam.  These articles are dedicated to those who did not return and to those still living with their memories of those times.

"Stemming the Tide" By John M Carland: Chapter 11 covering the early Operations of the 3d Brigade. This excerpt was submitted by Marshall Jackson. The account is an excellent telling of the 3d Brigade's early contributions to the fight for the Central Highlands.  A very good read, full of detail of the overall actions taking place when Col Everette Stoutner commanded. Posted 26 Jun 05.

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History of the 2d Battalion 35th Infantry  This account of the history of the "Cacti" was prepared by (then) Colonel James Erickson, Commander.  It was probably written in very late 1966 or early 1967.  A "Must Read" for our Korean War Vets and for all of us who served in Vietnam as well. 

Operation Blue Light - 3rd Brigade Moves to Vietnam  This short account of the Brigade's move to Vietnam, December 1965, was written by Col. Everette Stoutner (Retired) in response to an inquiry from Dick Arnold (Dick has done invaluable work in researching the Cacti KIAs)  Colonel Stoutner was the Brigade Commander during this historic move of troops and equipment.  A short piece that furthers our search for information about the Cacti.

3d Bde, 25th In First VN Opn  19 January 1966  It didn't take the Cacti long to begin operations John Fielding Contributor

‘Operation Blue Light’ Moves Tropic Lightning  21 January 1966 article from Hawaii Lightning News John Fielding Contributor

General Westmoreland Visits Tropic Lightning - Pleiku  21 January 1966 General Westmoreland's visit with the 2/9th and 35th Inf troops in Viet-Nam John Fielding Contributor

Busy Day For Pleiku  Late February article that gives a little glimpse into life in Pleiku with the arrival of US troops  John Fielding Contributor

1/35th - First Battle - 15 Mar 1966  Alfa Co. 1/35th Infantry was involved in its first major battle. The men of Alfa Co fought courageously against a superior enemy force. In so doing she won the Valorous Unit Award. Special Thanks to Tony Bisantz, then Commanding Officer of Alfa Co, for this report.

1/35th - Valorous Unit Award  A Co 1/35th 15 March 1966. Text of the Valorous Unit Award

Everyone Got Sore When They Killed Sgt. Spears  3 April 1966 account of the day Sgt. Spears was KIA John Fielding Contributor

Broncos Return To Base After Weeks In The Field  29 April 1966 John Fielding Contributor

52nd Avn. Supports Tropic Lightning  29 April 1966  Cacti green receive support from 52nd Avn. John Fielding Contributor

3rd Brigade Fetes Montagnards  29 April 1966 Medcap mission to Montagnard village John Fielding Contributor

LZ 10 ALFA  On May 28 - 29 1966, Bravo Company 2/35th (Cacti Blue) CAed into an LZ known as 10A.  They arrived after the wrong LZ had been prepped with artillery. Catching the enemy off guard, it didn't take the NVA very long to regroup and initiate an attack.  Things soon got very hairy and  Company A 1/35th Inf (Cacti Green) arrived on scene to aid Bravo Company.  Together they fought off a multi-battalion force of NVA regulars. Postings include a greatly expanded report of the battle, personal accounts from those who were there, news clippings from the time and many not previously seen photographs.

A/1-35th - Presidential Unit Citation  Company A entitled to: Presidential Unit Citation (Army), Streamer embroidered PLEIKU PROVINCE (28-29 May 1966 DAGO 51, 1968)


B/2-35th - Presidential Unit Citation Company B entitled to: Presidential Unit Citation (Army), Streamer embroidered PLEIKU PROVINCE (28-29 May 1966 DAGO 51 1968)


"BRONCO BUGLE"   EIGHT Articles from the June 5, 1966 "Bugle" edition that closely followed the "Battle of LZ 10 Alpha".  Our thanks to Philippe Saunier, Bravo 2/35th 1965-67 for contributing these to our history base.

Cambodian Border Clash - Gis Battle North Vietnamese 30 May 1966  stateside article on the fighting at 10 Alpha. Of particular note are the comments of Gen. Stanlry "Swede" Larson at the end of the article. John Fielding Contributor

A/2-35th - Ron Ray MOH  19 June 1966  This article, written by Dick Arnold, provides greater insight into the actions of Ron Ray during this battle.  Well worth the read.

1/35th - Recon - 24 Jun 1966 Recon got into a hellish fight near the Cambodian border. These accounts are from two of the guys that were there. Mike Kellermeyer was an FO attached to Recon and Ed Hill was a rifleman in the platoon. Alfa Co. was brought in to help out Recon and Charlie Co. was brought in as a blocking force with a platoon of tanks. We hope to gather more information on their participation. In the mean time, enjoy these accounts.

"Stars & Stripes"  On 7 July 1966, a squad from Charlie Co. 1/35th was accompanied by a staff reporter, Gary Cooper. What follows is his account of the events of the day.

B/1/35th 3 July 1966  This account of the days events was submitted by Thomas Giorgi, US Army Retired. Bravo Company lost a great many good men this day. Thomas was one of the few to survive from his platoon.

2/35th - The Ia Drang - 31 July 1966  Company A, 2/35th, while on an assignment to assess the results of an arc light mission, made contact with an estimated battalion size force in the Ia Drang Valley in the Kontum Mountains west of Pleiku. This account was excerpted from the Annual Historical Supplement for 1966This action took place at the end of Operation Paul Revere I.  

2/35th  - LZ 36J - 2 Aug 1966  At the beginning of Operation Paul Revere II, Company A, C, and Recon Platoon went back to the area of contact from 31 July, 1966. This account was also excerpted from the 1966 Annual Historical Supplement (found below in its entirety).  The battalion had just moved to LZ 36J (YA 973053).

A/2-35th - Valorous Unit Award  Company A entitled to: Valorous Unit Award, Streamer embroidered PLEIKU PROVINCE (2-3 Aug 1966 DAGO 17 1968)


2/35th - Cu Dar - 27 Oct 1966  On 27 Oct 1966, during Operation Paul Revere IV, Company B, 2/35th,  was patrolling near the battalion CP when it became involved with the NVA.

2/35th - Hill 292 - 28 Oct 1966  On 28 Oct 1966, as part of Operation Paul Revere IV, Company C, 2/35th was attacked by an estimated two companies of NVA.  Withstanding attack after attack, this is the story of that day.

"COME THE FOXES"  On 28 Oct 1966, Company C, 2/35th was repeatedly attacked by two companies of NVA. This account was excerpted from the book West to Cambodia by S. L. A. Marshall. Captivating reading for everyone, whether you were there or not. A must read book for those who served in the Central Highlands in 1966.

3rd Brigade - 1 Aug to 31 Oct 1966  Quarterly Operation Report (Edited) for the 3rd Brigade. Information on Paul Revere II and Paul Revere III. 1/35th and 2/35th Infantry Regiments.

2/35th - Annual Historical Supplement - 1966 Another "Must Read" for members who served in 1966. This report covers OPERATION TAYLOR, GARFIELD, LONGFELLOW, PAUL REVERE I, II III and IV. Some extremely hard fought battles took place in the hills west of Pleiku.  This report reads more like an after action report.

1/35th - LESSONS LEARNED 1966-1967  Maj Garold Tippin authored this overview sometime in late 1967. Provides some insight into lessons learned during early operations in Vietnam. Submitted by Ron Leonard - 25th Aviation


2/35th - 2 Jan to 31 Mar, 1967  This report was written as an After Action Report but more closely resembles an Operations Report.  It covers operations when the Battalion was still conducting operations on the Kontums and was participating in Operation Sam Houston.

Ivy Leaf  Search Of Villages Nets 15 Suspects In Paul Revere V 20 Jan 67 article most noteworthy because it refers to Operation Paul Revere V - With a name change to Operation Sam Houston. Contributed by the 4th Division Museum

Ivy Leaf 1/35th Platoon Leader Receives Silver Star  14 Feb 67 contact in which Lt Ron Davis, A Co 1/35th wins the Silver star. Contributed by the 4th Division Museum

1/35th - 1 and 6 March 1967  Working off LZ Uplift, elements of the 1/35th were engaged in two battles as part of Operation Pershing. At the time they were working the Crescent Area just inland from the South China Sea in Binh Dinh Province. Includes a map section of the area and the reports as taken from the After Action Report for Op Pershing.

13 Viet Cong Slain Near Bong Son  6 March 1967  News from the 25th Division on Operation Pershing and Sam Houston.

Dick Arnold's Tall Tales. Musings, Reflections and Remembrances of Dick's Vietnam experience by one of our former association Presidents.  Dick served with A Co 1/35th in 1967-68. A good fun read. Three are posted now with more to follow as they become available. NEW #4 Posted

1/35TH Lieutenant Wins Silver Star  6 March 1967 Lt William Dalehite wins the Silver Star. If someone can identify the company and date of the action please e-mail me with the link below. 

Ivy Leaf  2/35th Troops Find Large Arms Cache 10 Mar 67 article about Charlie Co finding a large arms cache. Contributed by the 4th Division Museum

25th Infantry Unit Finds Hospital  11 March 1967  1/35th Infantry unit uncovers an NVA hospital complex.

2/35th - Plei Djereng - 12 Mar 1967  This battle on the border of Cambodia west of Plei Djereng involved elements of Alpha, Bravo and Charlie Companies.  For his actions during this battle, 2LT Stephen Karopcyzc from Company A, received the Medal of Honor. Revised 3 Mar 05

12 March 1967 Cpt Ron Rykowski was the CO of Charlie Company on 12 March.  This is his account of the companies actions that day. NEW POSTING 16 JAN 05

"A Pacifist Medic Dies Beside a Soldier"  (March 12, 1967 Action between NVA Forces and Alpha Company, 2/35th)  "Just by pure coincidence, a staff reporter for the Kansas City Times by the name of Robert Pearman was at the Brigade Firebase when the contact (with Charlie Company, 2/35th) began. He asked for and got permission to join us in the field within hours of the battle ending. He interviewed a good number of us while everything was still fresh in our minds and wrote the following article published in the Kansas City Times, Thursday 23, 1967." (D. F. Butters)    MSG Butters was the Operations Sergeant for the 2/35th Inf and generously donated this article. At the year 2000 reunion he gave the original newspaper article to Art Johnson, A 2/35, 1966-67, who passed it along to us so that the Original Photos could be included)

"Hovering Off - Down in Vietnam"   by Joe Alsop, a columnist who supported the war effort. By chance he had an opportunity to write about the 21 March battle. Contributed by Ben Crosby New Posting 6 Mar 05

Ivy Leaf  2/35th ‘Cacti Blue’ Kills 61  7 Apr 67 article covering the action of 12 Mar 67 at Plei Djereng Contributed by the 4th Division Museum

2/35th - "Battle of One-Niner" - 21-22 Mar 1967  Company C, 2/35th Inf, while still operating in the Kontum Mountains along the Cambodian border, the men of the company, while surrounded, withstood repeated human wave assaults. Company A moved in to link up with the beleaguered men of Charlie company. This is that report.

The Battalion CP Group 21-22 March 1967 The actions of the battalion CP group were instrumental in saving the lives of many of the battalion's wounded. This account is by then Maj. Ben Crosby, S-3 for the 2/35th Inf and responsible for guiding medevac choppers into an almost impossible LZ. NEW POSTING 3 Mar 05

Ivy Leaf Soldiers Stop Mortar Attack On Fire Base 7 Apr 67 article about three soldiers aiding in counter-mortar efforts with the 2/35th. Contributed by the 4th Division Museum

Ivy Leaf 1/35th Soldier Experiences Unusual Ride 14 Apr 67 article. What do a young soldier and a Vietnamese deer have in common? Contributed by the 4th Division Museum

Ivy Leaf 25th Division’s 3rd Brigade Part Of Task Force Oregon 28 Apr 67 article on the move to Duc Pho as part of Task Force Oregon. Contributed by the 4th Division Museum

2/35th - Thach Thang (3) - 16 April 1967  Just about 10 kilometers north of LZ Montezuma, Co's A, B and C of the 2/35th and Troop B, 1st Sqn. 9th Cav came in contact with VC in and around the village of Thach Thang (3).  At the time we were OPCON to to 2d Brigade, 1st Cavalry Div (Airmobile) as part of Operation LeJeune.  At days end, 41 VC had fallen. The Battalion had just arrived in the AO, quite a welcome!

25th lnfantry Kills 45 Viet Cong  20 April 1967  1/35th kills 30 and Arty nets another 15. Need exact date and Company if you know it. (Jim)

2/35th - 1 May to 31 July, 1967 This Battalion level Operation Report from the 2/35th covers the months of May, June and July, 1967. These reports are very rare and cover the operations of the battalion in very good detail. Don't miss the sections on the lost LRRP's and "hole hunting" activities.  This was a very active period for the battalion in and around the lowlands of Duc Pho and Mo Duc AO! 

"Hole Huntin" Techniques  Those who served in the Duc Pho area, and throughout many of the other AOs will recognize these techniques from this Illustrated Brochure. Donated by Ben G. Crosby, S3 for the 2/35th 1967.

2/35th - LZ LIZ Mortar Attack - 12 May 1967  LZ LIZ came under mortar attack from 5 enemy positions. 

2/35th - Vinh Hien - 19-20 May 1967  This account was excerpted from the ORLL for the 2/35th. Both Companies "A" and "C" became heavily involved in this action north of LZ LIZ. 

2/35th - Tan Phong - 27-30 May 1967  This battle involved a number of elements of the 2/35th. In the end, our forces had prevailed over a determined enemy force. 

Ivy Leaf Cav, Infantrymen Battle North Vietnamese Troops 25 Jun 67 article covering the Battle of Tan Phong. Contributed by the 4th Division Museum

Ivy Leaf ‘Cacti’ Unit Turns Back NVA Force 25 Jun 67 article on continuing coverage of the Tan Phong fight. Contributed by the 4th Division Museum

Cacti Men Kill Thirty NVA  29 May 1967  Coverage of the Battle of Tan Phong, Recon and B Co 2/35th

Ivy Leaf 3rd Brigade Kills 81 Enemy In Task Force Oregon Battle 25 June 67 article of A Co 1/35th contact. Contributed by the 4th Division Museum

Ivy Leaf Lieutenants Plan To Wed After Tour In Combat Zone 16 Jul 67 article. Anyone who knows how this turned out let me know - ED. Contributed by the 4th Division Museum

Ivy Leaf Recon Platoon Finds Scarves 16 Jul 67 article on Recon 1/35th. Contributed by the 4th Division Museum

Ivy Leaf Mortarman’s Foot Trouble Still Unsolved 16 Jul 67 article 'Bigfoot' 1/35th. Contributed by the 4th Division Museum

Ivy Leaf Advisory Team Puts Village On Its Feet 16 Jul 67 article on Civic Action. Contributed by the 4th Division Museum

1/35th - "Chargin' Charlies Charge"  15 July 1967  About 15km southwest of Duc Pho, Charlie Company 1/35th Infantry met the enemy in fortified positions. This quote for Capt. Cavender says it all: "This battle was won by the men, not artillery or airpower - but the infantrymen who were willing to close with and destroy the enemy. They did everything I asked of them and more. Once we stated our assault I knew it would soon be over, and victory was ours." Thanks to Ben Youmans for providing this report.

On August 1, 1967 the 3rd Brigade, 25th Division was assigned to the command of the 4th Infantry Division where it remained until its departure from Vietnam in 1970. This is also the time, mid-August, that the "Delta" Companies were formed and began operations.

Ivy Leaf 4th, 25th Divisions Switch Brigades 13 Aug 67 coverage of the assignment of the 3d Bde, 25th Div to the 4th Div. Contributed by the 4th Division Museum

Ivy Leaf Breather Hole Leads Platoon to Viet Cong 13 Aug 67 article covering Recon 2/35th action. Contributed by the 4th Division Museum

Ivy Leaf Hanoi Hannah Sends VC Wrong Way 20 Aug 67 article on 2/35th operation. Contributed by the 4th Division Museum

Ivy Leaf Lost PFC Uses C-Ration Can To Signal Rescuers In The Air 20 Aug 67 PFC Gilpin becomes separated from Charlie Co, 2/35th. Contributed by the 4th Division Museum

Ivy Leaf ‘Cacti Green’ Get 14-Year Old NVA Draftee 20 Aug 67 - Charlie Co 1/35th finds a new friend. Contributed by the 4th Division Museum

"The Fighting Fourth In Vietnam"  This pamphlet was published in mid 1968 by the 4th Inf Div Public Information Office. Commemorating the arrival of the 4th Division in Vietnam, and its first year of operations, it was given to members of the 4th. It is full of photos and information on all of the units of the division. This original is a rare find and we are fortunate that John Pearman, D/E/HHC, 2/35th, 1967-68, has kept it all these years. Thank you John for your contribution to this site.

2/35th - 1 Aug to 31 Oct 1967 This Battalion level Operation Report covers the period of August, September and October, 1967.  During this period two major conflicts were engaged in by the 2/35th. The Battle of An Ba, on August 8, 1967 and the Battle of An Thach, on August 20, 1967.  Both of these actions are described in detail below.

2/35th - An Ba - 8 Aug 1967  A running battle ensued between the 38th VC LF Battalion and Company A, C and Recon of the 2/35th and Company C of the 1/14th. Battle Sketches are included. 

2/35th - An Thach - 20 Aug 1967  An Thach Hamlet, Duc Pho District.  Tanks and Infantry work together in classic fashion. 

Ivy Leaf "Bronco’ Units Tally 53 Enemy Bodies During Hot Battle 10 Sep 67 article of the Battle of An Thach. Contributed by the 4th Division Museum

"Five-Zero-Yankee"  This published account of the Battle of An Thach was submitted by its author, Maj. Ben G. Crosby.  This article first appeared in the March-April 1969 edition of Armor Magazine.

Ivy Leaf ‘Cacti’ Search Holes As VC Intensify Hideouts 3 sep 67 coverage of Bravo 2/35th. Contributed by the 4th Division Museum

Ivy Leaf 3rd Bde To Form Expanded Units Published 10 Sep 67, this article covers the formation of the Delta Companies. This is where I arrived-ED. Photos included. Contributed by the 4th Division Museum

Personal Journal Entries of MSG David F Butters  This posting contains the personal journal entries of Master Sergeant David Butters (ret).  MSG Butters was the Battalion Operations Sergeant for the 2/35th from January 1967 until early January 1968.  We are very grateful to MSG Butters for allowing us to post these remembrances.  They do allot to fill in some of the gaps in our history.  MSG Butters has provided a number of reports that are posted on this site.  Without his efforts much of our history might have been lost.

9 October 1967  Alpha Company, 1/35th ran into a new enemy when they moved from Duc Pho into the Que Son Valley. An excellent account of the days actions by authors Dick Arnold and Tim Peters. NEW POSTING 25 APRIL 05

1/35th Inf 13-14 Nov 1967  Reflections by Dick Arnold, a member of Alpha Company when the battalion commander's, LTC Kimmell, C&C Chopper was shot down, killing all on board. Also included is a report from the 227th Assault Helicopter Battalion. NEW POSTING 22 FEB 05

3rd Brigade - 1 Aug to 31 Oct 1967  3rd Brigade ORLL (Edited) 1/35th - 2/35th Infantries  This report covers the period of August, September and October, 1967. Make sure to check out the Intelligence and Operations Sections.

Ivy Leaf ‘Cacti’s Kountry Kitchen Adds Tang To C-Rations 10 Dec 67 A co 1/35th relieves the boredom of C-Rats. Contributed by the 4th Division Museum

Ivy Leaf Cacti Escapes Enemy Trap 10 Dec 67 coverage of Charlie co 1/35th. Contributed by the 4th Division Museum

1/35th Annual Historical Supplement 1967  The journeys of the 1/35th from the central Highlands of Pleiku to the coastal plain from Phu Cat to Hoi An. Very good annual overview of operations. Submitted by David Fogg B 1/35th 68-69

2/35th Annual Historical Supplement 1967  This year end report discusses Operations SAM HOUSTON, BAKER, and MUSCATINE. Very good detail on Combat Operations for a number of battles the Battalion was engaged in during this period. The Battalion wrapped up its obligations in the Kontum area and began its move to the Duc Pho area in April.  The Battalion remained in this area until December when it began participation in Muscatine in the vicinity of Chu Lai. 

Charley Co, 2/35th, Christmas 1967  Short article written by Jim Anderson. 


3d Brigade - 1 Nov to 31 Jan 1968  This Quarterly Report (Edited) covers the time period from November, 1967 through January, 1968. Again, Operations as they concerned the "Cacti Green" and "Cacti Blue" are discussed.

Short Round?  17 January 1968 found Charlie Co. 1/35th calling in Arty for a little help.  A Btry. 2/9th Arty got in a good lick, but in an unusual way. 

Roger Ladd  "A Good Night's Sleep on a Mine"  In mid-January 1968, 1st Lt. Roger Ladd with Recon 1/35th found quite a surprise at the position he had been sleeping.

Crossing Viet River is Half of the Battle  On 26 Jan 1968, Delta Company 1/35th needed to cross the river to pursue the enemy. How to do it became quite an operation in itself.

1/35th - 9 Feb 1968  This account of the events that took place February 9, 1968, was lifted from the 35th Infantry Association's Newsletter, Spring 2001 Edition. Edited by Dick Arnold, with contributions from William Taylor, Don Reh, Lyle Shargent, and Victor DeMitchell, this is captivating reading for anyone. 

Scout Copter Crew Joins Battle, Gives Good Account  10 February 1968 

Ivy Leaf  Battery Fires 500,000th Shot In War  10 Mar 68 Article commemorating the 500,000th round fired by A Btry 2/9th Arty. Contributed by the 4th Division Museum

Ivy Leaf Pocket Becomes Mascot’s Hiding Place  Griswald becomes mascot of 2/35th unit. Contributed by the 4th Division Museum

3d Brigade - 1 Feb to 30 Apr 1968  Quarterly Report for the 3rd Brigade TF. Edited for 1/35th and 2/35th participation.

2/35th - Recommendation for the Meritorious Unit Commendation  This is the entire text of the Recommendation for the "Meritorious Unit Commendation" that the 2d Bn 35th Infantry received for the period 1 Nov 1967 to 30 Apr 1968.  Annex B of the enclosure contains some very good highlights of the Combat Operations that took place during this time period.  Map sections of the Battalion's AO are also included.  Like many of the awards that were received by individuals, many of us did not even know that the Battalion had been recommended for, let alone had received, this award.  It was approved by the Department of the Army 18 February 1969, almost one year later.  For those that were there, be proud of your accomplishments.  They were hard fought.

2/35th - Meritorious Unit Commendation  This is the text of the AWARD of the MERITORIOUS UNIT COMMENDATION, DA, General Orders Number 565, 18 February 1969.

4th Division - 1 May to 31 July 1968   4th Division; Operation MacArthur (Edited)

Ivy Leaf 3rd Brigade Moves Again 11 Aug 68 article covering the move of the 3d Bde from Kontum to the Oasis. Contributed by 4th Division Museum

Ivy Leaf Chaplain Haggin Takes Leave Of ‘Sons’ At Forward Bases 11 Aug 68 article. If you knew this man I would say you were lucky - Jim. Contributed by 4th Division Museum

Ivy Leaf Medic saves Montagnard’s Life 11 Aug 68 article. Some things never change. Contributed by 4th Division Museum

Gen. Abrams Gives DSC To Ivyman  8 September 1968  SP4 Timothy Boris awarded the Distinguished Service Cross  Roger Stitt Contributor

Hard Head  8 September 1968  And this is why we wear steel pots...  Roger Stitt Contributor

Elephants Make A Small Circus  8 September 1968  2/35th is entertained  Roger Stitt Contributor

Ivy Leaf Ivymen Hug Live Grenade 15 Sep 68 article on two soldiers of the 1/35th. Contributed by 4th Division Museum

Ivy Leaf Rots ‘o Ruck 22 sep 68 1/35th soldier has close call. Contributed by 4th Division Museum

Ivy Leaf ‘Aloha Airlines’ Holds High Score—300 Kills 22 Sep 68 coverage of Aloha Airlines. Contributed by 4th Division Museum

Infantry Contacts Increase - US/ARVN Slay 97 Enemy  13 Oct 1968  2/35th at Duc Lap  Roger Stitt Contributor

Village Refugees Receive Ivy Aid  13 October 1968  Roger Stitt Contributor

Duc Lap Sweep Garners 200 Bunkers  13 October 1968  2/35th - Task Force Bright. Roger Stitt Contributor

High wire Expert: The Great Wallenda As A LRP  20 Oct 1968  C 2/35th Roger Stitt Contributor

1/35th Receives New CO  27 October 1968  LTC Buckner replaces LTC Mundie  Roger Stitt Contributor

Bees Assault MEDCAP Team  3 November 1968  Another 'Bee' story  Roger Stitt Contributor

Ivymen Rout NVA From Volcano  10 November 1968  Duc Lap volcano  Roger Stitt Contributor

‘Magic Bus" Runs For Help  10 Nov 1968  Cacti Blue Civil Affairs at Duc Lap  Roger Stitt Contributor

Mighty Ninth Blasts With Round 10,000  24 Nov 68 article covering the 2/9th Arty. Don Blankin contributor

2 companies Take President’s Honors  1 December 1968  Alpha 1/35th and Bravo 2/35th recieve Presidential Unit Citation for action at LZ 10 Alfa, May 1966.  Comments from two that were there in 1966. Roger Stitt Contributor

Four Ivymen Receive Cross Of Gallantry  22 December 1968   1/35th members Receiving the awards at Firebase Joan were Major Robert C. Woodworth of Maple Shade, N.J., Captain John A. Sans of San Jose, Calif., Specialist 4 David M. Bowman and Specialist 4 Joseph McCullough, both of Chicago. Roger Stitt Contributor

Escape and Evasion  1968 Five tales of Escape and Evasion. None of these guys were 35th Infantry Regiment but nevertheless, pretty interesting!

4th Division - 1 Aug to 31 Oct 1968  Aug, Sep, Oct 1968.  Operation Binh Tay- Mac Arthur.  Division level report with sections on Intelligence, Summary of Significant Battle Contacts. (Edited)

Ivy Leaf ‘Cacti Green’ Down Tiger 29 Dec 68 Delta Co 1/35th bags a tiger. Contributed by the 4th Division Museum


Michael Tousey contributed many of the news articles found below. Mike was originally with Delta Co 2/35th then was assigned to work with the Ivy Leaf. His contributions truly help in our understanding of events in the first half of 1969. The dates posted are the published date of the article. When the actual date become known we will post it. Send your comments via the E-mail Me link below. 

"Remember When"  The personal reflections of Bob Maves, Bravo Companay, 2/35th 1969-1970. If you served in Vietnam from mid 1969 to mid-1970, this account from one of our own just might bring up some memories of firebase locations and events from your time. Our thanks to Bob for sharing his story with us.

LTC Sulenski Takes Command - ‘Cacti Blue’ Gets New Leader  5 January 1969  LTC Sulenski replaces LTC Moore  Roger Stitt Contributor

Scouts Aid ‘Cacti Blue’ In Ambush. 19 Jan 1969

Allies’ Village Cordon Nets 59 VC Suspects  26 January 1969 Mike Tousey contributor 

VC Are Forced to Diet  31 Jan 1969 Mike Tousey contributor 

Cited Posthumously - Heroic PFC Awarded 2 Feb 1969 Jerry Jefferson Silver Star award Mike Tousey contributor 

‘Cacti Blue’ Find Weapons 2 Feb 1969 Mike Tousey contributor 

Ivy - Vietnamese Units Join In Successful Enemy Hunt  2 Feb 1969 Mike Tousey contributor 

His Meal Was Just an Oink Away  8 Feb 1969 Mike Tousey contributor 

Lone Enemy Walks Blindly To Dead End  9 Feb 1969 Mike Tousey contributor 

‘Cacti Green’ Patrol Recalls 20-Hour Ordeal  9 Feb 1969 Mike Tousey contributor 

Medal Of Honor Awarded  9 Feb 1969 Announcement of the MOH Award to Stephen Karopczyc Mike Tousey contributor 

Ration Postcards  9 Feb 1969 Mike Tousey contributor 

Plei Djereng Flares Up - Firefights Badger NVA Troops  9 Feb 1969 Mike Tousey contributor 

Friendly Villager Points Out Mine  16 Feb 1969 Mike Tousey contributor 

‘Cacti Blue’ Bags Huge Rice Store  16 Feb 1969 Mike Tousey contributor 

Chaplain Recalls Visiting Montagnard Missionaries  16 Feb 1969 Mike Tousey contributor 

Bisons Extract Troops Despite Jungle  16 Feb 1969 Mike Tousey contributor 

Pilots Add 2 Cents To Chaplain’s Mass  16 Feb 1969 Mike Tousey contributor 

Fourth Locked In Combat C & D Co 1/35th north of Plei Djereng  Roger Stitt Contributor

Fast PFC Outdraws Slow NVA  23 Feb 1969 Mike Tousey contributor 

Cacti Blue Seize Tax Collector   2 March 1969  Roger Stitt Contributor

6 March 1969  Bravo 1/35 and the 1st Bn 69th Armor clash with an aggressive NVA platoon.  Excerpts from the Daily Journal Reports from both battalionsMap Section of the area included. David Fogg contributor

‘Cacti Green’ Give NVA Wild Valentine’s Day  9 March 1969 - Action by 1/35th Louis Riccardi contributor

Cacti Blue Net Huge Ammo Pile  9 March 1969  Recon 2/35th Louis Riccardi Contributor

World War II Skyraider ‘Jack Of All Trades’  9 March 1969  The Skyraider, known as the 'Spad" was always a welcome sight. Louis Riccardi Contributor  Photos Included

SP4 Named Soldier Of Month  9 March 1969 David Mara named Soldier of the Month Louis Riccardi Contributor

NVA Officer Reveals Life In Hanoi  9 March 1969 Part 1 of 6 in a series on how the NVA felt and fought. Worth the read if you want to know what was going through the mind of an NVA Officer. Louis Riccardi Contributor

Lieutenant X And The Road South  23 March 1969  Part 3 of the story on an NVA Officer's role in the fight against the Americans. Mike Tousey contributor 

Enemy Officer Tells Of Daily Life  30 March 1969  Part 4 of an NVA officer's fight against the Americans. Mike Tousey contributor 

LT X; Reconnaissance Mission  6 April 1969  Part 5 of the Story of Lt. X Louis Riccardi Contributor

Lt X Tells Personal Thoughts  13 April 1969  The 6th and final chapter in this series Roger Stitt Contributor

Cacti Green Kills Six In Late Night Contact 23 March 1969  Bravo Co 1/35th  Roger Stitt Contributor

‘Fire Mission!’ 9th Arty Is Ready  23 March 1969  "Mighty 9th"  Roger Stitt Contributor

NVA Die, Arsenal Captured  30 March 1969 Chu Prong Mountains Louis Riccardi Contributor

Weapons Cache In Cacti Blue Hands  30 March 1969  Recon 2/35th Louis Riccardi Contributor

Famous Fourth’s Third Brigade - Locks On NVA 24th Regiment  6 April 1969 Louis Riccardi Contributor

Walking Point Important Job, Calls For Complete Alertness 6 April 1969 Louis Riccardi Contributor

Cacti Blue Soldiers Use Cave As Hideout, Return Unscathed  6 April 1069 Ivy Leaf   Don Blankin, contributor, served with the 2/9th Arty, "The Mighty Ninth", and with "Charlie Company, 2/35th as its FO in 1968-69. Don has always considered himself a "Cacti". We do too.

King And Queen, 4th’s Trump Ace  6 April 1969 Ivy Leaf  Don Blankin contributor

Hospital Uncovered By Famous Fourth   6 April 1969 Ivy Leaf Don Blankin contributor

General Cao Van Vien  6 April 1969 1968 Don Blankin contributor

Division Spelunkers Keeping In Practice  13 April 1969  2/35th in Chu Prong  Roger Stitt Contributor

Quirte Surprises Colonel, Not cacti Blue  13 April 1969  'Quirte The Wonder Dog'  Roger Stitt Contributor

Cacti Blue Pitching - 7 NVA Strikeout Victims  20 April 1969 Mike Tousey contributor 

Cacti Blue's Role Big In Mountains  27 April 1969 Ivy Leaf  Don Blankin contributor

Cacti Blue Takes A Break  4 May 1969 Mike Tousey contributor 

Cacti Blue Awarded Unit Citation Honors  4 May 1969 Announcement of the Meritorious Unit Commendation from 1967-68 Mike Tousey contributor 

Charlie Loses Rice To Cacti Blue Hunt  11 May 1969 Mike Tousey contributor 

Cacti Blue’s Alpha Company Ransacks VC Supply Depots  11 May 1969 Mike Tousey contributor 

Allies Welcome Enemy Soldier  18 May 1969  B 2/35th surprised by Chiu Hoi Roger Stitt Contributor

Cacti Green Hunts Bases  25 May 1969  1/35th on 500 man CA south of Oasis  Roger Stitt Contributor

Specialist Shaw Stops Enemy Sapper Attack  1 June 1969 Mike Tousey contributor 

Boosts ‘Yard Morale - Plei Do Villagers Repel VC  1 June 1969 Mike Tousey contributor 

Cacti Blue Training Helps Green Soldier  8 June 1969 Mike Tousey contributor 

Red Base Stormed By Cacti  13 June 1969 Wiley "Tiny" Dodd contributor

Cacti Blue LZ Attacked; 18 Enemy Killed  15 June 1969 Mike Tousey contributor 

Recon’s Reflexes Are VC Downfall  15 June 1969 Mike Tousey contributor 

Uncover Enemy’s Arsenal  23 June 1969 Mike Tousey contributor 

Sarge Drops Lone Enemy  29 June 1969 Mike Tousey contributor 

It’s Only A Bear  29 June 1969 Mike Tousey contributor 

Get Monsoon Relief  29 June 1969 Mike Tousey contributor 

Shop Is Easy To Locate  29 June 1969 Mike Tousey contributor 

Recon Pays Off  13 July 1969 Mike Tousey contributor 

Cacti Green Find Snake In the Grass  13 July 1969 Mike Tousey contributor 

Cacti Blue Soldiers Crash Enemy Meal  13 July 1969 Mike Tousey contributor  Stan Traeb, Bravo Co. CO has written a short remembrance of this day. The Action actually took place on 10 June 1969.

Cacti Blue Zap Enemy Platoon 20 July 1969  Roger Stitt Contributor

1st Battalion 35th Infantry 1968-1970  This brief historical report discusses what it was like to arrive "in country", the sending home of the Colors of the 1/35th on April 15, 1970, and brief accounts of operations in 1968 to 1970. Submitted by Rick Gallina, Echo Co 1/35th 1969-70.


8 March 1970  Personal reflections of Jim "Doc" Hall, Medic, B Co. 2/35th about the events surrounding the death of 1st Lt John Penman.

Ivy Leaf  And A Firebase Is Born  29 Mar 70 article on the creation of Firebase Hooper by the 2/35th Inf. Contributed by 4th Division Museum

Ivy Leaf Enari Turned Over to ARVN Reg.  3 May 70 article on the 15 April 70 turnover of Camp Enari to ARVN troops. Contributed by 4th Division Museum

Ivy Leaf Division Moves Base Camp 3 May 70 article of the move from Enari to Camp Radcliff at the end of March 70. Contributed by 4th Division Museum

4th Div’s 3rd Bde Returns Home  After 4 1/2 years of virtually continuous combat the 3rd Brigade returns home. Note: the 2/35th remained in Vietnam with the 4th Div)  John Fielding Contributor

Ivy Leaf Division Wins CA Award 3 May 70 article on the Award of the Civic Action Citation to all members of the 4th Division. Contributed by 4th Division Museum

2/35th Operation Binh Tay 1 - 6 to 13 May 1970  The invasion into the Se San River Valley of Cambodia by the 2/35th. Good account of each Company's role in the Operation. Our many thanks to Richard Cazeault,  Delta 2/35th, 1970, for providing so much material from the 1970's era of the 2/35th's participation in this war. Salute!

2/35th - Helicopter Crash - 13 May 1970  The account of this tragic accident includes the report on Helicopter 68-15837 and the personal account of Tom Mahon and Juan Pena, who were awarded the Soldier's Medal for their actions that day. George Heidt contributor

2/35th - Operation Putnam Paragon - 21 May to 28 Jun 1970  Continuing operations north of Camp Radcliff, the 2/35th continued search and destroy missions in pursuit of the enemy. Richard Cazeault contributor

2/35th - Operation Wayne Fast - 28 Jun to 14 July 1970  Operating 38 kilometers north of Camp Radcliff, the 2/35th alternated between FSB security and search and destroy operations. Richard Cazeault contributor

2/35th - LZ Welch to LZ Abbey - 14 July 1970  Documents the Battalion's move from Welch to Two Bits to Abbey. Richard Cazeault contributor

2/35th - Operation Wayne Span - 17 to 27 July 1970  Operations 40 kilometers north of Camp Radcliff in the Song Kim Son River Valley. Richard Cazeault contributor

2/35th - Operation Wayne Pierce -  29 July to 27 Aug 1970  Operations 68 kilometers north of Camp Radcliff in the fishhook region of the AN LAO VALLEY off FSB POWDER. Our thanks to Richard Cazeault for providing this report.

2/35th - Stand Down - 27 Aug to 7 Sep 1970  The 2/35th heads back to CAMP RADCLIFF for a stand down before its next operation. Richard Cazeault contributor

2/35th Operation Wayne Force - 8 Sep to 1 Oct 1970  The 2/35th is now working 85 kilometers SSW of CAMP RADCLIFF off FSB WASHINGTON looking for elements of the PHU YEN Provincial Forces. Richard Cazeault contributor

2/35th Operation Putnam Paragon 5 to 12 Oct 1970  The 2/35th rejoined the 2nd Brigade in Operation Putnam Paragon. This would be the last Operation in which the Battalion participated. In Nov 1970 the 4th Inf Div returned its colors to the US. Those men with significant time remaining were transferred to other units within Vietnam.  Richard Cazeault contributor

35th Infantry KIA Study  Dick Arnold has done a wonderful job in researching the KIA's of the 35th Infantry Regiment while in Vietnam. This study, authored by Dick, offers some insight into the statistical aspect of his "labor of love". Compares Battalions, Companies, Age, Province and much more. Worth the read! 


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