35th Infantry Regiment

The Early Years 1916-41

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NOGALES  July 1, 1916 to Aug. 1920  With tensions with Mexico rising, the 35th Infantry Regiment was formed to provide additional security at the borders in Arizona. Barely a year old, the Regiment is embroiled in its first conflict, "The Battle of Ambos Nogales." This chapter reflects on the 35th's early history from that time.

CAMP TRAVIS  Aug. 20, 1918 to Nov. 8, 1919  Camp Travis was the next stop for the men of the 35th Infantry. Assigned to the 18th Division, she was part of this new division, preparing for war duty overseas.

CAMP LEWIS  Nov.16, 1919 to Sep. 16, 1920  With the end to WWI, the 35th was sent north to Camp Lewis, Washington.

HAWAIIAN DIVISION  Sep. 25, 1920 to Dec. 7, 1941  The 35th was to become an integral part of the Hawaiian Division. Stationed at Schofield Barracks, the men enjoyed the tropical climes of Hawaii for over twenty years. On Oct. 1, 1941 the 35th was assigned to the newly formed 25th Infantry Division.

PEARL HARBOR  Dec. 7, 1941 to Nov. 25, 1942  Barely two months old, the 35th Infantry Regiment received its baptism of fire, while serving with the 25th, with the attack on Pearl Harbor by Japanese forces. Preparations for war soon were underway.

WWII 1942-45

GUADALCANAL  Nov. 25, 1942  The call to war came soon enough for the men of the 35th Infantry. On Guadalcanal, she would earn a Presidential Unit Citation with two of our own earning Medals of Honor.

VELLA LAVELLA  November 1943 to 11 January 1945  Spearheading the amphibious assault on the island, the 35th soon had Vella Lavella under allied control.

NEW CALEDONIA  November 1943 to 11 January 1945  Training at New Caledonia centered on building troop strength, morale, practice of amphibious landings and preparation for deployment. Excerpts from a forgotten History Report of the 35th.


The Campaign in the Plains

Landing and Preliminary Movements  11 January 1945 to 2 February 1945  The landing on Luzon went off without a hitch. 

The First Drive: Manoag to Umingan    The 35th was then poised to move to Manaoag and from there to drive on its first major objective: Umingan

The Battle at Lupao  2 to 8 February 1945  The Battle of Lupao was a tough one for the 35th. Pitted against a dug in enemy who was reinforced with tanks, the 35th prevailed, though at great cost. Charles McGaha earned the Medal of honor for his actions during this engagement. (see MOH section)

The Campaign in the Mountains

The Drive to Carranglan  8 February to 2 March 1945

The Second Battalion at Puncan  23 February to 5 March 1945

The Third Battalion at Digdig  1 to 5 March 1945

The First Battalion at Putlan  6 to 11 March 1945

The Old Spanish Trail  5 to 25 March 1945

The "Roller-Coaster Road" to Kapintalan  12 to 28 March 1945

Kapintalan  28 March to 28 April 1945

The Drive North East From Kapintalan  23 April to 12 May 1945

B Company with the 27th Infantry  27 April to 10 May 1945

The 3d Battalion with the 27th Infantry  27 April to 5 May 1945

The Mop-up North of Kapintalan  29 April to 15 May 1945

The Capture of Santa Fe - 2d Battalion Operations in the Bolong Area  15 to 21 May 1945

The 3d Battalion Operations on the High Ground Overlooking Santa Fe  21 to 27 May 1945

The 1st Battalion Drive Astride Highway #5  15 to 27 May 1945

The Old Spanish Trail  28 May to 10 June 1945


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