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History Index - Nogales through WWII  The History of the 35th Infantry Regiment, from its beginnings in Nogales, Arizona in 1916 through her participation in WWII in the Battle for Luzon, Philippines, 1945.  We've just finished posting the conclusion of the Luzon campaign.  The 35th Infantry Regiment helped set a record of 165 days of continuous battle serving with the 25th infantry Division, a record that wasn't broken until she helped break it, serving in Vietnam with the 3d Brigade.

History Index - Korea  NEW The text of our Korea History series is posted. Coming soon will be maps and photos from this period in our history. 

History Index - Vietnam  The 35th Infantry Regiment on the field of battle in Vietnam.  Official Army Documents, News Reports and Personal Accounts of the men who were there.  Two Battalions, the 1/35th, Cacti Green and the 2/35th, Cacti Blue, fought the NVA and Viet Cong in the hills of the Cambodian Border, to the coastal plains of Quang Ngai Province, in the hills west of Hoi An and back again to the border area.

Daily Journals   2/35th Inf Regt.  Cover hour by hour events for each Battalion.  This is the meat and potatoes of daily activity within the battalions.  All communications, intelligence reports and daily radio traffic is posted to the daily journals.  At present I am posting days on which major events took place.  If you have a request please contact me.

Maps Index  Combat Maps  Series L-7014 Combat Maps and Series 1501 Area Maps.  Timeline of major movement for the 2/35th, including Grid locations for FSB's and LZ's.  Also, How To Order Maps from USGS. Our battle maps are de-classified. Get yours today!

Medal of Honor

WWII William G Fournier* Lewis Hall* Charles L McGaha
Korea William R Jecelin* Billie G Kanell* Donald R Moyer*
Vietnam Stephen E Karopczyc* Ronald E Ray Kenneth E Stumpf

Cacti Men - Proud, Selfless and Worthy of our Respect and Admiration

  Distinguished Service Cross - Vietnam

2Lt Jasper D Sturdivant* Sgt Clifford R Totten  SSgt Gregorio M Garcia*
Pfc Gary G Rushing* LTC Robert C Kingston Sp4 Daniel F Perez Jr*
Sp4 Wendell T Meade Pfc Thomas Minogue* SSgt James H Hill Jr
Sp4 Ronald J Hopkins Sp4 Tomothy D Boris Cpt George C D'Avignon
Sp4 Jesus H Guevara SFC Dale F Rollins* Sgt Daniel M Noeldner*

Lineage and Honors  Throughout the proud history of the 35th Infantry Regiment, she has earned the honor and respect of her peers. "Take Arms"

Find a "Lost" Buddy  Search techniques that have been successful in finding a great many of you. Use them to locate your own "Lost" Buddy. Jim "Doc" Hall and "Tiny" Dodd contributed a great deal to this information.

Old Rosters  Rosters from various units of the 35th. Use these rosters, and the information provided, to attempt to find one of our "lost" guys. Let us know when you do. Got a roster? Type it up in Word or Excel and send it to us and we'll post it. 

The Cacti Library  Here you will find a listing of the Historical Reports that we have available for order. Thanks to people like Jim "Doc" Hall, Don Johnson and Richard Cazeault, we now have all of the 2/35th's 1967 Daily Journals, much of 1968 and over half of 1970.  All proceeds from the sale of these reports are put back into research  of the battalion. 


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