35th Infantry Regiment

LZ 10 Alfa

28 - 29 May  1966

For the men who fought this battle... you are remembered

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In the following, you will read the personal accounts of the men who were there.  Often poignant, sometimes cryptic, nevertheless they are truly captivating.  One thing to keep in mind while reading any of the materials here is that the "Fog of War" does exist.  The view from one spot is totally different then the next.  You will likely note conflicts in remembrances.  Given the circumstances, that is to be expected.  The presentation of these accounts is put forth to help understand the Battle of LZ 10 Alfa and the men who fought it.  And to a man...... they fought.


Remember Them.... The men who fought the battle of LZ 10 Alfa gave a true measure of the fighting spirit of the United States Army.  Here you will find the names of our KIA's and WIA's.  They will not to be forgotten...
Wallace "Stan" Tyson COL Tyson has written a captivating account of the battle of LZ 10 Alfa.  As the Executive Officer of the 2/35th, he was put in charge of the force to reinforce Bravo Company 2/35th.  Through research and information not available at the time, he has added another dimension to the original report.   It is with great appreciation to COL Tyson that we are able to present this section.
Anthony "Tony" Bisantz CPT Bisantz was the Company Commander of Alfa Co. 1/35th. CPT Bisantz's company was inserted a few hours after the battle began with Bravo, 2/35th, in heavy contact with the NVA. Together the two companies held off a multi- battalion force of North Vietnamese Army regulars.  This account was prepared by CPT Bisantz while teaching at Fort Benning, GA.  Special thanks to CPT Bisantz for sharing these memories. 

The Personal Remembrances of the Men Who Were There

Philippe Saunier Sgt. Saunier was an FO assigned to Bravo Company 2/35th.  For his actions at LZ 10 alpha he was awarded the Bronze Star and Vietnamese Gallantry Cross. Not a man of many words, Sgt. Saunier is to be commended. 
Russell Miller Russell Miller was a part of the first lift of Bravo 2/35th to land at LZ 10 Alfa.  Things got "hot" before the birds even touched down.  
Charles Beauchamp Sgt. Beauchamp was a Squad Leader with the 3rd Platoon of Bravo 2/35th.  Arriving with the second lift on a hot LZ, Sgt. Beauchamp and some of his men got a bit of a surprise.  
Larry Connor Larry Conner was the Alfa Co.'s 3d Platoon Leader, 1/35th. He had  just taken over the 3d Platoon 26 days earlier and has some vivid memories of the events of the battle.
Richard Hunter Richard Hunter was a member of the 3d Platoon, Alfa Company 1/35th.  The 3d Platoon of Alfa got hit hard during the battle.  His story is one well worth the read.
Jim McTaggart Jim McTaggart was also a member of Alfa Company 1/35th.  Having fought all night against the NVA attacks, his squad was sent out to patrol the battlefield.  It wasn't quite over yet.
Mike Kellermeyer Mike Kellermeyer  was a member of HHC 1/35th, attached as FO for the 4.2 Mortars to Charlie Company.  Things weren't quite completely over when the company landed at 10 Alfa.  For not being a writer, Mike has given us a very good account.
Ronald Rabin COL Rabin was the Brigade S-2 at the time.  Was Bravo Company's original mission something other then a normal S&D operation? Entirely possible. This from a man that was in a position to know. 
Marcos Cadriel Jr. Marcos was also a member of the 3rd Plt, Alpha Company. 1/35th. After 43 years this is his account of the events from his perspective.
And a Few More Included here are more accounts from some of the men involved in LZ 10 Alfa. Some were there, some were there in spirit but not directly involved. All have added something to this account.

Citations, Reports, Photos and more...

PUC Bravo Co 2/35th Citation of the Presidential Unit Citation B Co. 2/35th Infantry
PUC Alfa Co 1/35th Citation of the Presidential Unit Citation A Co. 1/35th Infantry
S. L. A. Marshall Excerpt of the account of the Battle of 10 Alfa from the book "Battles in the Monsoon" William Morrow and Company, New York, 1967 pp259-268.  A few factual errors were made by this normally meticulous author. 
Paul Revere I This account is lifted from the Annual Historical Supplement 2d Bn 35th Infantry 1966.  It contains a good description of the operation and the events surrounding LZ 10 Alfa.
John Lorts Photos John came along to Bravo Company shortly after the Battle of 10 Alfa. He has sent along photographs of some of the men from Bravo who were there.
Daily Journals 1/35th Tony Bisantz has sent copies of the 1/35th daily journals from 28 May to 2 June. The patrols around 10 Alfa continued and contacts were frequent with smaller forces. Findings by the line companies shows just how large the NVA base area was.

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