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20 Jan 67 Ivy Leaf

Search Of Villages Nets 15 Suspects In Paul Revere V

Operation Paul Revere V has been renamed Operation Sam Houston, it was announced yesterday afternoon. (Ed Note: I'd heard of Operation Paul Revere V and now know from where it came)

(MACV)— Operation Paul Revere V continued during the past week in Pleiku Province with no enemy contact reported.

A company from the 2nd Brigade of the 4th Division conducted a search January 10 of four villages south of Pleiku along Highway 14.

The search netted 15 detainees. Twenty-two air sorties were flown in support of the operation during the day.

Total enemy losses in the combined ground-air operation, which began January 1, include 63 detainees, 28.25 tons of rice captured and 122 huts and 54 bunkers destroyed. Pilots have flown 222 sorties to assist the 2nd Brigade troops.

In Phu Yen Province the Ivy’s 1st Brigade continues Operation Adams which was initiated October 26.

Friendly casualties in both Revere V and Adams remain light.

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