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21 Apr 67 Ivy Leaf - Regards 14 Feb 67 contact

1/35th Platoon Leader Receives Silver Star

Bong Son Lieutenant Ronald G. Davis (Norfolk, Va.), a platoon leader in Company A, 1st Battalion, 35th Infantry, has been awarded the Sliver Star.

Lieutenant Davis was cited for his actions when his reconnaissance patrol from Company A ran into a Viet Cong force armed with automatic weapons February 14.

With several of his men wounded in the initial contact, Lieutenant Davis immediately maneuvered forward until he positioned himself in front of the fallen soldiers.

While exposed to enemy automatic weapons fire, he delivered a base of fire that kept the enemy pinned down long enough to allow the wounded to be evacuated.

When almost out of ammunition, he maneuvered his way back for more ammo, stopping only to fire back at the enemy and keep them off balance. Again he advanced forward and was able to drag more wounded troops to safety.

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