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10 Mar 67 Ivy Leaf

2/35th Troops Find Large Arms Cache

Plei Djereng ó A large cache of explosives, ammunitions and weapons was found recently by Company C, 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry, while participating in the 4th Divisionís Operation Sam Houston.

The company was conducting a search and destroy mission in the dense jungle west of Nam Sathay River when the troops came upon a small hut that contained the enemy ordnance.

Included in the find were three 60mm mortars and four French light machine guns. All were coated with cosmoline and carefully wrapped.

Seven bangalore torpedoes, six cases of a plastic explosive resembling C-4, one can of blasting caps, six boxes of rifle grenades, 6,000 rounds of small arms ammunition and nine cases of mortar rounds were also found. Forty leather ammunition pouches, three shovels and 10 picks were among the field gear in the cache.

The find was too large to be carried along with the company as it continued its search and destroy mission.

Captain Ronald Rykowski, Company C commander, called for a "Huey" helicopter to haul the enemy ordnance back to the unit fire base. Because no landing zone was nearby the equipment was loaded into bags and attached to an 120-foot rope dangling from the helicopter.

Twelve trips were necessary to carry all of the captured material into the fire base.

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