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14 Apr 67 Ivy Leaf

1/35th Soldier Experiences Unusual Ride

Bong Son - Infantrymen in Vietnam experience various means of transportation, in helicopters, tanks, personnel carriers or trucks.

But the ride that Specialist 4 Jorge W. Marfisi received was not welcome or expected.

As the 2nd Platoon of Company B, 1st Battalion, 35th Infantry moved up to a thickly vegetated hillside, the men heard a noise in the underbrush to their left. They became tense and ready for battle.

Suddenly a deer bolted from the underbrush. With its head lowered, it ran between the legs of Specialist Marfisi, lifting him off the ground.

The ride was short, for the deer soon re-entered the underbrush as quickly as it had come out, and Specialist Marfisi was left lying on his back, slightly shaken, a little amazed, but unharmed.

Specialist Marfisi later said, "It happened so fast I never even saw the deer. I didnít even know what was happening until it was all over, and it was a ride that I could have gotten along without."

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