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3 May 1970 Ivy Leaf

Division Wins CA Award

CAMP ENARI ó Elements of the 4th Infantry Division have numerous citations for valor but a very significant Vietnamese award was recently presented to the entire Ivy Division for distinction in the area of civil actions.

During ceremonies for the historic turn over of Camp Enari, the Divisionís former base camp. Lieutenant General Lu Moang Lan, II Corps Tactical Zone Commander, attached the streamer of the Civil Actions Medal, First Class, with Oak Leaf Cluster, on the 4th Division Colors.

The citation outlines the accomplishment of the Divisionís civil action projects during the period 1 October 1966 to 31 October 1969.

All personnel who were assigned or attached to the 4th Infantry Division during the period cited are authorized to wear the ribbon as a permanent part of their Class A uniform. Those that were not with the Division during that period may wear the ribbon only as long as they are assigned to the Division.

The dark green with light red striped ribbon with an oak leaf device and mounted in a gold colored frame, is worn over the right breast pocket to the wearerís left of the previously awarded Vietnamese Gallantry Cross with palm which, in turn, is worn to the wearerís left of any US unit awards.

The ribbons will be available for purchase in the PX in the near future.

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