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3 May 1970 Ivy Leaf

Enari Turned Over to ARVN Reg.

By CPT Gary McKillips

CAMP ENARI -- Vietnamization became more evident in the Central Highlands when, on April 15, the 4th Infantry Division officially turned over Camp Enari to the 47th ARVN Regiment.

In a brief, impressive ceremony at the former division base camp, Lieutenant General Lu Moang Lan, commanding General of the II Corps Tactical Zone and Lieutenant General Arthur S. Collins, I Field Force, Vietnam, Commander, signed the agreement making the transfer official.

Witnessing the ceremony, which also saw the Fourth Division receive the Civil Actions Medal First Class, with Oak Leaf from the Government of Vietnam, were several Vietnamese and American military leaders, including Major General Glenn D. Walker, 4th Division Commander.

After both American and Vietnamese National Anthems are played and the flag of the Republic of Vietnam replaced Old Glory over the former 4th Division headquarters, General Lu Lan commented on the story-making event.

"The Vietnamese colors flying on the mast at Camp Enari mark another episode in American - Vietnamese operation here in the Central Highlands." The II Corps Commander further stated, "The people of the Central Highlands will remember you (officers and men of the 4th Division) as heaven-sent benefactors who brought them security, prosperity and happiness, and no monument to your achievements will ever be as eloquent as the look of satisfaction in the present and hope in the future you have brought back to their faces, and as durable as the affection and love you won in their hearts."

General Walker, in his remarks, called the event one "of great significance to all of us." He expressed confidence in turning over the camp to the ARVNs by saying "The Republic of Vietnam has demonstrated its ability to provide security for the people of the Highland Provinces."

The transfer became official 4 p.m. April 15. At noon on the same day, the 47th Regiment assumed responsibility for the defense of Camp Enari. And by 6 p.m. that evening a small number of advisors were the only American troops left at the camp.

HITORIC SITTING - Lieutenant General Lu Lan and General Collins sign the documents (Vietnamese and English) which effected the turnover of camp Enari (USA Photo II Corps IO)

The turn-over marked the end of almost four years in which Camp Enari, named after First Lieutenant Mark N. Enari, the first 4th Division soldier to be awarded the Silver Star posthumously, served as the center of division operations.

It was in late July, 1966 that the 4th Engineer Battalion arrived at the site, located 10 miles south of Pleiku City, and began to build what to this day a still considered one of the most functional base camps in all of the Republic of Vietnam.

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