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3 May 70 Ivy Leaf - Regards March 1970 move

Division Moves Base Camp

By 2LT Robert Grenier

CAMP RADCLIFF - It is no easy task to move the nerve center of an entire division In the Republic of Vietnam. The 4th Infantry Division, however, has completed the transition with characteristic esprit and efficiency.

The mammoth move from Camp Enari east to Camp Radcliff was completed during the latter part of March of this year.

Ivymen considered Camp Enari a veritable city in the jungle. The former base camp provided all the men of the Division with efficient administrative services and extensive recreational facilities. The swimming pool was a spa for all.

QUIET QUONSETS - This was the scene at Camp Enari during the period of transition, after most of the staff sections had moved out. 

Photos by SP5 Stephen DiBiase

LONLEY PARCEL - For a few brief shining moments the unit mail clerks at Camp Enari seemed to soak up a good tan.

TOWER STRIKE - It may look that way, but this was only a temporary sight at Camp Enari's Hensel Field during the latter stages of the move.

The base camp was named in honor of First Lieutenant Mark Enari who was awarded the Divisionís first posthumous Silver Star in 1966.

Camp Radcliff, situated adjacent to An Khe, has already played host to two distinguished units. It was originally the home of the 1st Air Cavalry Division. The camp was named after Major Donald A. Radcliff, a member of the Cavís advance party in 1965. Major Radcliff was the Cavís first officer casualty during the Vietnam conflict.

Camp Radcliff was subsequently the base camp of the 173rd Airborne Brigade, whose members made numerous improvements on the already semi-urban establishment.

Ivymen have already found Radciffís facilities admirably rival those of Camp Enari. Of particular cultural interest is one of the largest unit libraries In South Vietnam.

An added convenience for all 4th Division troops will be the proximity of a large airfield which provides flights to all parts of the Republic of Vietnam.

It is indeed a tribute to the officers and men of the Famous Fighting Fourth that the intricate relocation was accomplished quickly and flawlessly.

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