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11 Aug 68 Ivy Leaf

3rd Brigade Moves Again

OASIS ó The trucks lined up, all bulging over with chairs, tents, dogs, duffle bags and a thousand other things a brigade headquarters company needs. The 3rd Brigade was moving for the fifth time in six months.

They set for about an hour and then without warning began to move slowly.

Smoke poured out of the vehicles.

This time the brigade was going to the Oasis near Pleiku.

Now Kontum was just another one of those places where you had been, just another place to talk about how good or bad it had been there.

The convoy meandered along the 80 some miles of Highway 14 for about three hours before it reached the Oasis.

The men of the 3rd Brigade are used to moving and as some say, "Itís no big thing."

The 3rd Brigade has had to take over the area of operation (AO) of the 2nd Brigade while maintaining its own AO at Kontum. Some Infantry elements of the brigade were left in Kontum while others moved to the Oasis.

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