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20 Aug 67 Ivy Leaf

Hanoi Hannah Sends VC Wrong Way

DUC PHO — Charlie’s increasing interest in modern conveniences may be an attempt to make his meager existence a little more pleasant, but can also get him into trouble.

Moving out to a night ambush sight recently, Company C, 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry stopped to take a break after hiking about three kilometers, Captain James W. Lanning, company commander, heard music playing.

Everyone began whispering "Hey, who’s got that radio? Turn that thing off!" A nearby squad spotted two armed Viet Cong coming down a trail toward the company’s position playing a radio.

The "Cacti Blue" team opened up and nailed the communists. Besides capturing the VC’s weapons and web gear, a new transistor radio was produced.

One soldier suggested that Hanoi Hannah really led the VC down the wrong trail.

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