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10 Sep 67 Ivy Leaf

3rd Bde To Form Expanded Units

By SP4 John F. Cole

(ED - And this is where I came in)

DUC PHO—Over 300 new soldiers, three new rifle companies, recently Joined the 3rd Brigade, 4th Infantry Division in an effort to add even more to the strength and striking force of the "Broncos".

Docking at Qui Nhon the new troops were flown directly to Duc Pho where they began a five-day program of processing and training at the brigade’s replacement training center at Landing Zone Montezuma.

WELCOME TO RVN - New arrivals landed at Qui Nhon where they were met by representatives of the Ivy Division's 3rd Brigade. They were then flown to the "Bronco's" tactical command post at Duc Pho (USA Photo by Sp4 Robert M Metz)

FIRST PATROL - During their week of individual training the new "Broncos" got their first taste of combat patrolling (USA Photo by SGT Allan Hyman)

Each of the present battalions, the 1st and 2nd Battalions, 35th Infantry and the 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry, will be assigned a third of the new arrivals. They will be integrated into the existing companies of the rifle battalions, and some, along with experienced veterans selected from the other three companies will form a new Company D.

MAP READING - Refresher classes in map reading are taught to new "Bronco Brigaders" by the brigade's veterans. Helpful hints are usually passed on and readily absorbed. (USA Photo by 1LT Paul P Armstrong)

ED Note - None of these are great quality photos but I couldn't pass up the chance to show myself in an Ivy Leaf article. I am in the photo second from left.

Ivy Division finance and personnel teams were on hand to process in the new "Bronco Brigaders" which look a day and a half. Following that, the troops began a training program designed to familiarize them with Vietnam.

Under the direction of Captain Ronald G. Chrisman, commandant, and Sergeant First Class Robert Gore, noncommissioned officer-in-charge, the program includes instruction in marksmanship, map reading, the principles of patrolling, defensive and offensive tactics and anti-guerrilla warfare.

FIRE! - Weapons familiarization, including the zeroing of individual M-16's, is part of a block of instruction given to replacements in the "Bronco" Brigade's training center. Classes on demolition, booby traps and enemy weapons are part of the same instruction bloc. (USA Photo by 1LT Paul P Armstrong)

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