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10 Dec 67 Ivy Leaf

ĎCactiís Kountry Kitchen Adds Tang To C-Rations

DUC PHO- Company A,1st Battalion, 35th Infantry was stationed on bleak, muddy Hill 481 northwest of Chu Lai for over two weeks, subsisting on C rations and not liking it at all.

"We thought that there must be a better way," said Second Lieutenant Richard Duncan (Oxnard, Calif.), Weapons Platoon leader. So, acting upon this resolve, he gathered about him the combined culinary talents of his platoon to form Four-Zeroís Kountry Kitchen.

Staff Sergeant John A BoyIan (Riverside, Calif.) was appointed chief chef, while Specialist 4 Clifford Callaway (Covina, Calif.) served as chief KP.

Private First Class Norman Sawyer is responsible for procuring the necessary spices and ingredients. Since the restaurant is located in his bunker, 2LT Duncan is the proprietor major domo.

What type of meals does the country Kitchen turn out?

"Well," said SSG Boylan, "the other evening we had soup de jour which was a bean soup, followed by breast of turkey under bullets with a pecan and peach cobbler, coffee and cigars for dessert. Thatís just one of our meals, though. Weíve also had the foxhole dinner for two, tin can casserole, cease fire casserole and, one morning, we had eggs benedict."

Lieutenant Duncan says that this luxurious cooking does present a few problems though, especially obtaining the necessary spices, onions and sauces.

"And, every once in a while," he added, "we have had meals burn up when we get called out for fire missions. Itís well worth the trouble though."

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