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10 Dec 67 Ivy Leaf

Cacti Escapes Enemy Trap

TAM KEY.— Specialist 4 Ronald Quinn machine gunner, Company C, 1st Battalion, 35th infantry, fully understood the meaning of preventive maintenance the other day, when an example of Charlie’s lack of PM possibly saved his foot.

As SP4 Quinn walked through a peanut patch, he was suddenly snatched by what men of the Cacti Green call a G.I. trap. The traps are known stateside as bear traps and are being utilized by the North Vietnamese Army north of Chu Lai to supplement their other booby traps.

SP4 Quinn hadn’t seen the trap, which was lying in the field and overgrown with plants. He said he realized at the last moment before it sprang shut that he had stepped on something unnatural but was still caught as he tried to pull his foot back.

The trap, luckily, was kept from closing completely by the sole of his boot and he was not seriously hurt. The very thing which had made the traps so effectively camouflaged, according to SP4 Quinn, also had left the trap in poor working condition.

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