Sept - Oct 1968

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Mighty Ninth Blasts

With Round 10,000

BAN ME THUOT - Since, moving to their present location bear Duc Lap, Battery B, 2nd Battalion, 9th Artillery, commanded by Captain James Starkey of Minneapolis, Minn., has compiled an excellent record.

In a 45-day period, during September and October, Battery fired over 10,000 rounds and accounted for 169 Confirmed enemy kills.

"When we first moved here, our battery was split up," said

Captain Starkey. "Out of six 105mm Howitzers in our unit we only had three. During a three day period these three guns fired over 1,000 rounds. After four days our other three guns arrived.

"We were in direct support to the 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry commanded by Lieutenant Colonel William C. Moore. But if anyone gets in trouble, we will always, help out."

Battery B has fired many counter-artillery attacks and has blasted numerous suspected enemy positions with astonishing results. They have tangled with the 20th and 95th C Regiments, which are part of the 1st NVA Division.

"Not only have we been busy firing in support of our units but also in building up the LZ," said Captain Starkey. "To look at this LZ now you wouldn’t believe we were in the jungles of Vietnam. Our men have worked hard and have done an outstanding job."


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