Sept - Oct 1968

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FIGHTING A HOT, DIRTY, insect-infested war is hard work, and the rewards and satisfactions often seem to be nonexistent. To the soldier in the field, progress is moving from one hill to another, crossing the dayís third blue line or chasing enemy soldiers from a bunker complex.

Minds are occupied with outsmarting and outfighting a determined enemy on the individual, squad, platoon and company level. There is no time to worry about the overall picture. That is the job of the major commanders.

Major commanders do consider the overall picture and yet, as indicated in a letter written in praise of the Famous Fighting Fourth Infantry Division by General Cao Van Vien, Chief, Joint General Staff, Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces, they also recognize the efforts of the individuals who do the fighting.

IN HIS LETTER to General Creighton W. Abrams, USARV Commanding General, General Vien said in part, "As operation MacArthur, Cochise Green, Walker, Bolling and McLain have come to an end with most encouraging results scored by the operating troops of the 4th Infantry Division, I should like to ask you to extend to all officers and men taking part in these highly successful operations the expression of my heartfelt appreciation.

"In these operations," he continued, "the valiant American fighters accounted for 8,689 NVA soldiers killed, 6,941 detained and 155 returnees. They also captured 276 crew-served weapons and 2,258 small arms.

"These remarkable results, it goes without saying, were obtained through the courage and fighting spirit of the men and the outstanding leadership of the officers."

In forwarding General Vienís letter, General Abrams asked that his "personal commendation for exemplary display of teamwork, dedicated service and mission accomplishment" be conveyed.

LIEUTENANT GENERAL CHARLES A. Corcoran, IFFV Commander, added his praise when he wrote, "The operations were, without exception, conducted with a degree of professionalism which commanded success. You may take just pride in these achievements."

Fourth Division commander, Major General Donn R. Pepke, commented on the praise given his men, adding, "I am sure that all members of the Famous Fighting Fourth Infantry Division will share my pride in the recognition afforded to our past and present accomplishments. I have no doubt that the Divisionís traditional fighting spirit will be passed from our presently assigned officers and men to those who will follow them."

Fourth Division soldiers, down to the last rifleman, can be rightfully proud of their accomplishments.


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