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The Fighting Fourth

Welcomes You

MG Charles P. Stone

On behalf of the officers and men of the 4th Infantry Division, I wish to extend to you a cordial welcome to the Fighting Fourth here in the Central Highlands of South Vietnam.

The first elements of the division to arrive in Vietnam landed in July 1966. The entire division was engaged in combat by the middle of October. Since that time we have conducted continuous operations against well-equipped and well-trained North Vietnamese regular army units and against determined Viet Cong forces. Without exception, Ivymen have scored hard, fought for victories and have exacted from the enemy a heavy toll of men and material.

Success in combat is never cheap men of the 4th Infantry Division have given their lives in the course of these battles. In May 1967, the division base camp was officially dedicated as Camp Enari in memory of First Lieutenant Mark N. Enari, the Ivy Divisionís first posthumous Silver Star recipient. It is fitting that our base camp bear the name of this dedicated soldier, since he is symbolic of all that we of the Free World believe in and fight for so valiantly.

In addition to our combat operations, the division actively participates in many programs designed to help the Government of Vietnam win the support of its people and improve their overall living standards.

The Fighting Fourth Infantry Division is proud of its accomplishments in Vietnam. While a great deal has been accomplished, each of us recognizes the magnitude of the task which lies ahead. The officers and men of this combat division are fully prepared to accomplish the mission of defeating communist aggression and giving the people of South Vietnam the opportunity to live in peace and freedom.

As you have the opportunity to see and work with the men of the division in action, I am certain that you will gain a new respect for the men who proudly wear the Ivy Patch. Please feel free to call upon me or any of my staff for any assistance that you might need.



Charles P. Stone

Major General, USA


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