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9 March 1969 Ivy Leaf

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BAN ME THUOT The Reconnaissance Platoon of the 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry routed enemy troops from a bunker complex and captured a quantity of ammunition and medical supplies.

A scout dog leading the platoon was shot by the enemy as the Ivymen followed a trail into the NVA bunker complex.

"We had all grown attached to that dog and hated to lose him, but he probably saved a bunch of us," said Specialist 4 Thomas M. Helton of Kingston, Tenn.

"We formed a skirmish line and started to move into the bunker complex," reported First Lieutenant Charles R. Winn of Anaheim, Calif. "As we moved into it, a B40 went off right over us in the trees. We fell back and let air and artillery hit them."

Return Next Morning

The Recon Platoon, along with Alpha Company, returned to the bunker complex the following morning where they found enemy equipment.

"Everything was packed and ready to go. I think we only got part of the stuff. I Imagine they took a lot with them," said Lieutenant Winn. "The vegetation was not too thick so they could get out fast. Unfortunately we could not stick around to make a thorough search for bodies."

The captured enemy equipment included one RPG machine gun, over 11,000 rounds of 7.62 mm ammunition, nine B40 rockets, four 82 mm CS mortar rounds, sixty 60 mm mortar rounds, 9 75 mm recoilless rifle rounds, 300 rounds of 7.62 mm long (SKS) and five drums for Chicom DPM machine guns with ammunition.

Also found was a quantity of medical supplies. In addition, the enemy in their flight abandoned 180 pounds of salt and 40 pounds of rice.

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