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NVA Die, Arsenal Captured

By SP4 John Rowe

OASIS — Five days of fighting In the Chu Prong Mountain Range by the 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry, accounted for 25 enemy deaths and the uncovering of a large enemy weapons cache by the battalion’s Reconnaissance Platoon.

Three of the battalion’s companies — Alpha, Bravo and Delta plus the Recon Platoon were engaged in heated contacts with NVA elements In the area northwest of Pleiku.

Locate The Enemy

Major Frank Adams of Brisbee, Ariz, battalion S-3, explained that the missions were "to locate the enemy with NVA elements in Chu Prong who have been harassing traffic along Highway 14. There is something up there they want to protect," said Major Adams.

He added that the Cacti Blue forces believe the enemy resistance has been coming from the 24th NVA regiment, the force which had earlier taken heavy losses In fighting on Chu Pa Mountain against elements of the Famous 4th Division’s 3rd Brigade.

Kill Ten

Alpha and Bravo companies credited with six kills each, while the Recon Platoon killed four enemy without a friendly casualty.

More than 100 enemy bunker complexes were found by the probing Ivymen and as a result were destroyed by gunships and artillery fire from B Battery, 2nd Battalion, 9th Artillery.

The enemy caches and materials recovered Indicated the presence of at least a battalion size enemy force in the area.

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