19 JAN 1969

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Scouts Aid ‘Cacti Blue’ In Ambush

BAN ME THUOT  - The discovery of an NVA bunker complex by troops of Company A, 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry, led to the killing of four enemy soldiers, the detention of a fifth, and the recovery of four individual weapons.

The unit, commanded by Captain Walter L. Cory of Concord, N.H., discovered the complex on the first day of a two-day patrol some 21 kilometers northeast of this Central Highland city.

The complex contained an assortment of equipment, including fatigues, black pajamas, quantities of food, documents and three AK47s.

Scouts Advise

Since the complex showed signs of recent occupation, the Kit Carson scouts attached to the unit advised the commander that the NVA would probably return to his abode. Captain Cory immediately deployed the unit in ambush formation to wait for the enemy.

Early the following morning, six NVA soldiers returned to the bunker to spring the ambush. Four NVA. soldiers were killed and one wounded.

Later in the day, with the aid of a scout dog team, led by Staff Sergeant Bill A Parsons of Lexington, Ky., the wounded NVA was found. In the woods a few meters from the ambush site.

He was given medical treatment and extracted by. helicopter for Interrogation.

Captain Cory attributed the success of the ambush to the discipline of his men. "They did a real fine job," he said. "They kept their cool and held their fire. Noise and light discipline were outstanding."

The captain also had great praise for the Kit Carson scouts saying, "They did an excellent job telling us where to put the Claymores. They were right on the button."


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