26 JAN 1969

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Allies’ Village Cordon Nets 59 VC Suspects

By SP4 Michael Tousey

BAN ME THUOT—One of the largest cordon and search actions ever carried out by the 4th Infantry Division led to the detention of 50 Viet Cong suspects north of here.

Elements of the 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Joseph S. Sulenski of Chicago, Ill., combined with ARVN National Police units to complete the mission.

The search by National Police forces yielded 59 detainees. Twenty-four enemy soldiers also rallied to the South Vietnamese Government under the Chieu Hoi program.

The village of Quang Nhieu was sealed off before dawn. No enemy resistance was encountered during the pre-dawn cordon action, or the search which began after daylight.

Delta Company, commanded by Captain Vaughn D. Brauer of Twin Falls, Idaho, and the Reconnaissance Platoon, led by First Lieutenant Charles R. Winn of Anaheim, Calif, assisted.

Following the search, the battalion civic action team, led by First Lieutenant Harry F. Bernard of Pittsburg, Pa., entered the village.

"We treated 250 of the villagers for different ailments and gave out food, candy, and soap to an additional 70," said Lieutenant Bernard.

Colonel Sulenski emphasized the. importance of the cooperation of Colonel Lan Quang Phong, Darlac Province Chief and his advisor, Lieutenant Colonel Peter J. Hirsh of Medford, Wis., to the success of the mission: "Coordination of the Darlac Province National Police with our own unit was very effective."


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