2 Feb 1969

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Cited Posthumously

Heroic PFC Awarded

CAMP ENARI — The Silver Star has been awarded to Private First Jerry W. Jefferson of Paris, Ky., for his actions during a fire fight with a large enemy force, Nov. 30.

Private First Class Jefferson was assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry, at the time of the action.

The citation reads in part: "PFC Jefferson’s squad was deployed to a position northwest of Due Lap and assigned the mission of setting up an ambush in this area of known enemy activity.

"Private First Class Jefferson, the point man of the friendly element, was cautiously maneuvering through the dense terrain toward the proposed ambush site when he spotted an estimated company-sized North Vietnamese force advancing on his position.

"Immediately, he informed his squad leader, of the imminent danger and the small element tactfully deployed into an ambush defensive on both sides of the trail. As the enemy moved to within 20 meters of the ambush site, the friendly squad placed an intense volume of accurate automatic and small arms fire into the ranks of the advancing insurgents.

"Undaunted by the intense onslaught of enemy fire, PFC Jefferson maneuvered effectively to confuse and disrupt the. enemy, while at the same time directing a barrage of deadly fire on the hostile positions with his weapon.

As PFC Jefferson was moving in an effort to flank the enemy force he was mortally wounded by the heavy enemy fire, but not before he expended a tremendous volley on their position."


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