2 Feb 1969

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Steal Away With Big Cache

‘Cacti Blue’ Find Weapons

BAN ME THUOT — During a sweep near their firebase, Landing Zone Loyal, Company A, 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry discovered a large cache along a stream bank.

The find included 41 B40 rockets, 14 Chinese-made Claymore mines, 10 60mm mortar rounds, two rifle adapters for rocket grenades, four carbines and two SKS rifles with telescopic sights.

Also four submachine guns, one BAR machine gun, two bags of B40 charges, one-half bag of small arms ammunition and two metal containers of 7.62mm rounds.

Hurt The Enemy

Pleased with the success of his men, Lieutenant Colonel Joseph F. Sulenski, of Chicago, 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry commander stated, "This find can only hurt the enemy in this area. The really significant aspect in stopping VC capabilities is the large number of B40 rockets and Claymore-type mines found."

The Third Platoon, led by First Lieutenant Edward L. Hoover of Newark, Del., was the point element as the company searched along the stream bank.

"We were on the river bank, Privates First. Class Michael A. Ruiz of Colusa, Calif., and Jerry J. Flieger of New York and I were up front. The cache was at the bottom of the bank, covered by a tin roof In plain sight. All three of us saw the tin cover," said Lieutenant Hoover.

"We took precaution to insure the cache wasn’t booby-trapped and the lieutenant opened it," said PFC Ruiz.

"Those-B40 rounds look a lot better lying there than coming in against our bunker line," added Captain Walter Corey, of Concord, N.H., Alpha Company commander.


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