2 Feb 1969

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Ivy - Vietnamese Units Join In Successful Enemy Hunt

BAN ME THUOT ó A week of cooperative effort between the 45th ARVN Regiment and 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry, was successful both in furthering the war effort and in building mutual friendship and respect between the men of the two units.

"It was a very good cooperative effort," said Colonel Joseph S. Sulenski of Chicago, commander of the 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry. "The ARVNís were successful in killing seven and detaining several, and we recovered a large cache of weapons and ammunition.

"The entire action was successful in keeping the VC off balance in this area."

Some elements of the two allied units worked very closely together, even setting up a combined firebase, Landing Zone Loyal. The officers and men of Company A, Company C, and the 4.2 mortar platoon had an opportunity to meet their allies on a sustained basis.

"They are extremely good on these 105s," said Specialist 4 Thomas Jones of Detroit, referring to an element of the 232nd Artillery, ARVN.

"It was just like having Americans with us," continued Specialist Jones who is in the

4.2 mortar Platoon. "One man played the guitar well and knew a lot of American songs. The fire support was some of the best."

Captain Le Huu Thach of Saigon, commander of the 232nd Artillery, emphasized that his men also enjoyed sharing the firebase.

"The commanding officer and enlisted men all helped us with many things Your platoons helped clear our battery area. Some enlisted men came here and talked with us.

"We shared equipment. We even cooperated in formations to gather up the trash."

"I have never seen a more security conscious group," said Captainí Walter L. Corey of Concord, N.H., commander of Alpha Company. "There was perfect military courtesy and friendship at all levels of officers and enlisted men.

The. forward observer attached to Alpha Company, First Lieutenant Russell T. Owen of St. Louis, Mo., had a number of opportunities to observe the ARVN artillery in action.

"Battery C," stated Lieutenant Owen, "is as efficient, fast and accurate as most comparable American units I have seen in Vietnam."


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