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8 Feb 1969

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His Meal Was Just an Oink Away

BAN ME THOUT, Vietnam (Special) – A "quick pig" took advantage of Sgt Dale E Fronheiser, of Boyartown, Pa.

A Co., 2nd Bn., 35th Inf. had just completed an operation near a Montagnard village and was breaking for chow.

"We hadn’t eaten for quite awhile, and I was getting cheese burgers ready." said Fronheiser. "They were already sizzling. I had hot peppers, hot sauce, and some great cheese ready to spread all over the meat.

"I turned my back for just a second and one of the village pigs took the meat right off the grill.

"I wound up sitting through a night ambush hoping my stomach wouldn’t start growling.

"If we ever go back to that area it’s going to be ham and cheese sandwiches for the whole company." Fronheiser said only half joking.


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