9 Feb 1969

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Medal Of Honor Awarded

CAMP ENARI—The Medal of Honor has been awarded to a platoon leader for his heroism while with the 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry

The posthumous honor was presented to the parents of First Lieutenant Stephen D. Karopczyc, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Karopczyc of Bethpage, N.Y., by Secretary of the Army Stanley R. Resor in a ceremony at the Pentagon.

The 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry is a post of the 4th Infantry Division, though it was with the 25th Infantry Division during the time of Lieutenant Karopczyc’s heroic actions.

Lieutenant Karopczyc was leading his platoon against an enemy force when he was severely wounded. Even though wounded, he continued to direct his platoon during several hours of heavy fighting. When a grenade was thrown near Lieutenant Karopczyc and two other wounded men, the officer left. his protected position to cover the grenade With his helmet.

The grenade exploded, mortally wounding the Lieutenant, but his action prevented further injury to the other men. He succumbed to his multiple wounds two hours later.

Secretary Resor said, "Even in this honored company, Lieutenant Karopczyc stands out. Few can appreciate or comprehend the inner spirit which inspired him. We do not ever in our lifetime face such a test of demonstrating our complete and total devotion to our friends. Lieutenant Karopczyc faced this test and was not found wanting."


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