15 June 1969

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Cacti Blue LZ Attacked; 18 Enemy Killed

By SGT Michael Tousey

HIGHLANDER HEIGHTS — Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry repelled a night attack killing eighteen enemy attackers ten miles south west of Kontum City near Landing Zone (LZ) Penny.

At 1:50 in the morning, an American reconnaissance team saw three individuals approaching the company perimeter. They waited until the three enemy soldiers were within eight feet and then opened up with their M16s killing all three.

These three NVA soldiers, however, turned out to be only a probe for the main attack which began one hour later when Bravo Company was suddenly hit with incoming.

"They were firing B40s and recoilless rifles from 25 to 30 meters out," said Specialist 4 Vaughan Connors of Cincinnati. "We turned everything we had on, and called in artillery, mortars and "Snoopy’ gunships. I. guess that was too much for them and they took off."

During the 35 minute fight, Bravo Company received an estimated 75 to 100 incoming rounds, as well as small arms fire.

A sweep outside the perimeter in the morning turned up eighteen enemy bodies, one AK47 rifle with ammunition, seven CHICOM grenades, and one new B41 launcher with five B41 rounds.


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