15 June 1969

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Recon’s Reflexes Are VC Downfall

By PFC Gerald Ducharme

OASIS—The quick, well trained reflexes of an infantry reconnaissance platoon were the downfall of a Viet Cong (VC) squad of eight operating 10 miles west of Camp Enari.

The recon platoon from Echo Company of the Famous Fighting Fourth Division’s 1st Battalion, 35th Infantry, discovered eight VC dressed in both green fatigues and black pajamas and equipped with weapons and rucksacks. The enemy squad, emerging from a woodline 100 meters south of the Cacti Green platoon, was traveling southwest along a stream bank.

Without hesitation the recon element reacted before the surprised VC could respond. Small arms fire was employed, resulting in four enemy killed and the detention of one VC suspect.

Captain James Scott of Coleman, Tex., battalion S-3, observed the conflict from a Light Observation Helicopter (LOH) and commented, "It was the alertness of the platoon members that enabled us to engage the enemy squad without taking any injuries."

"Our recon element noticed that the eight enemy suspects were walking into an open area," continued Captain Scott, "and they readied themselves before small arms fire was exchanged."


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