23 June 1969

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Uncover Enemy’s Arsenal

HIGHLANDER HEIGHTS — The Reconnaissance Platoon of the 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry discovered an enemy cache of AK47 rounds and other ammunition while moving to participate in a cordon and search of a village ten miles southwest of Kontum City.

Included in the find were 11,000 rounds of AK47 ammunition, six B41 rockets, 11 B40 rockets, 25 82mm mortar fuses and 16 82mm mortar boosters.

While approaching the village, the platoon discovered a bunker complex. The platoon leader, 1st Lieutenant Paul E. McGunningle of La Verne, Calif., put Private First Class Victor Figueroa of Santurce, P.R., out as an OP while the bunker complex was being searched by the rest of the platoon.

Private First Class Figueroa noticed two unusual looking holes near his position and decided to check them out. Poking. in one of them with a pole, he felt some plastic and, called Lieutenant McGunningle. Except for ten of the B40s, the whole cache was found in these two holes.


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